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Denise Donahue - Photographer

Denise has been on the Boston Punk Scene from the beginning. She's seen a lot and taken pictures of much of it. In fact she married into it, in the form of Frank Rowe. Armed with only an Instamatic Miss Lyn's early BGN photos left...ah...a little to be desired. So, when Denise agreed to do some pictures for the mag the quality took a big step up.
As time goes on we hope to have this page reflect her whole output from 1976 to now.
Special thanks goes to Susan Rowe,curator, Rowe-Donahue Archives.

All photo links come up as a pop up window. If you have a pop up killer program make adjustments.

Felix Krull, Tommy White, and Tontilleo.
And twenty years latter the same thing.....Goons on Tontilleo

Denise and Frank came home to find their son had been stabbed and beaten with a crowbar...he's alright says Denise who took a picture to show us...James with wound

Seen at the Murphys St Pat. gig....Mark from the Unseen with girlfriend Natalie.

Pictures from the Sgt. Pepper recreation show by The Noise in 2002.

Hallowween at Cantones.

The Classic Ruins with Jonathan Paley

Great picture of The Rat in action-1979.

Moe and Blowfish. 1979

Drummer of the Nervous Eaters,,, Jeff Wilkinson-1979

Drummer of The Classic Ruins... Kevin Glashen-1979.

Paula Toomey and Mach Bell-1979.

Mary Jo Felice-1979

Miss Lyn-1979

Ben Fiorentino of the Lazers-1979 .

Here's how we got some trash. Miss Lyn and Blowfish listening to Randall of Baby's Arm.

A gig ends in an arrest. Wild Johnny gives the police a licking.

At The Rat.....Willie 1979

Shopping For A Friend.....Rich Parsons 1977.

She was hard to ignore....Crazy Jane at the Rat.

We were a friendly Cantones 1979.

Warm Leatherette and Phone....Frank Rowe.

The Tremendous Trio.....Billy Borgioli, Rich Parsons and Frank Rowe.

Lead singer of The Lazers but a well known punk with attitude before that....Nikki Jarrett.

He must have seen lots and lots of interesting stuff....John Felica - bartender of Cantones.

Richie Parsons and Tommy White Trash ...pre-Axe from Halloween 1977.

Unnatural Axe opening for Human Sexual Response.

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