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January 4,2016

Photo: Steven Wax

   We missed out by not going to any of the Bosstones Hometown Throwdown at the HOB. It turned out just like they planned it - a celebration of the Rat and groups who played there. The lineup said it all; Unnatural Axe, Neighborhoods, Outlets, Stranglehold, Queers, The Real Kids (who didn't' make it because John was in the hospital) and the Upper Crust. They actually got Jimmy Harold out on stage for a bow.

upper Crust
Upper Crust
Photo: Steven Wax

   On stage they had a replica of the Rat sign behind the stage and then the real Rathskeller one in German style font that used to be outside. There were stained glass likenesses of Mr. Butch and Mitch on each side of the backdrop. We know all this because of the avalanche of Facebook posts during the week. It all looked exciting. It was another reminder, as if we need it, that the Rat made a permanent impression on the people who went there. Those punk memories live on. We salute you Bosstones.

Photo: Steven Wax

   We have a few photos from BGN Reader Steven Wax who we thank for sending to us.
   Kevin Griffin shot some videos of the Throwdown.
   Links below - these are FULL SETS ……..
   The Neighborhoods watch it here
   Unnatural Axe watch it here
   The Upper Crust watch it here
   The Queers watch it here.

Moving Targets
Moving Targets
Photo: Kevin Griffin

   Kevin also went up to Koto in Salem to celebrate New Year's Eve with The Moving Targets. Kenny Chambers still has the fire. Their set at the TT's farewell week had more energy than any new band you can name. Kevin shot some vids there too. Here's Always Calling . They also covered the Buzzcocks with You Say You Don't Love Me

   Generally gigs were sparse this holiday week. One new group that had people talking was Shiny Beasts and they played their debut show at Midway on Monday but we went to see them on Saturday at Sally O'Brien's. Shiny Beasts has members of Triple Thick (Mitch and Henry) and Mente along with Nick Blakey who works at the Midway.

Shiny Beasts
Shiny Beasts

   They were so good that we hope this is not just a temporary side project but a bona fide group. They take some characteristics from Triple Thick but add some twists. The songs are short and catchy but where Triple Thick stays punky Shiny Beast veers to a garage sound and then the poppy side of that. These songs got jangly which is not something I would have thought from Mitch. Another thing that stamped their sound was Nick's drumming. It was strictly garage all the way. They divided the singing between three members.

   The songs, all original but two, were lighthearted. One was called, " I Feel Like a Baked Potato'. Sounds dumb but it worked on its level, check out the video of I Feel Like a Baked Potato. A similar one was Pizza Time. The one that really grabbed me was entitled "I'm Doing All the Drugs I Can Find" sung by Henry with a plaintive tone. Video of Doing All the Drugs I Can Find. All the songs worked which made a solid set. One cover was a Roky Ericson song. To have that many good songs in a new group bodes well. This is a combination of guys that works. We'll be checking them out again as soon as we can.

Black Souls
Black Souls

   Black Souls is a more known entity to us because we've seen them a few times and they continue to entertain. They go their own way with rhythm and blues relics that they play with spirit and stamp with their two voice attack. They had two new covers that were more well-known than their usual finds. Wake Me, Shake Me by The Blues Project and Pretty Flamingo. During the end of Pretty Flamingo Kim sang a counter melody to Cam. It's in the original song but you don't hear it live that much because, hey who's got two great vocalists in one group?
   The playing is all round top rate. My ear kept going to Matt on drums. He was playing low key and subtle but always working the details. When you play covers you have to have some of the feel of the original in there and that's where Matt brings home the bacon. Matt's been in countless groups but I think his best work has been done with Black Souls.
   Sally O'Brien's is so cozy. The sound is spotty with everyone jammed in a corner but the ambience and closeness makes up for any shortcomings there.

We never where big on the year end reviews...but here goes a fast one. You can check all these items in our BGN ARCHIVE which I hope everyone knows is there. It goes back to February 2008.

2015: In January we were going to gigs like usual but it stopped suddenly when……. in February we kept posting how we were snow bound. The snow didn't stop Mars Records in Plymouth from opening, but by late February we were having snow rage.

Women in Rock In March we had the Salad Days - The D.C. Punk Revolution documentary in Somerville. Looking For Lady Dee the novel by Johnny Angel came out and people were decoding the aliases. The Real Kids were recording in Q Division and Andrew Szava-Kovats was working on The Women Who Rocked Boston documentary.

In April the Dave "Hard Korp" Koehler site was posted featuring his archives. Store 54 had their 4th Anniversary. The Sonics at the BMH was notable - sometimes you have to wait 50 years to see one of your favorite groups.

In May we saw Punk Karaoke and John Cooper Clarke (people, why weren't you there?) and we heard that TT's was closing as well as Weirdo Records. Miss Lyn went to New York City to catch Growing Up in the New York Underground Paul Zone's photography exhibit.

June brought Boston Rocks Radio, an all Boston rock station on the web. It only lasted a few months alas. Billy Borgioli passed away on Saturday the 27. We got a look at the Rat Room at the Commonwealth Hotel.

WMFO In July we brought the BGN to the airwaves on Brian Young's A Crash Course for the Ravers on WMFO. Gretchen of the Knock Ups played with U2 at the Garden. We interviewed David Minehan. TT the Bears had its closing gigs. We saw the film The Damned-Don't You Wish We Were Dead at the Regent.

August had Billy Borgioli's Tribute show at Cuisine en Locale. Beachcomber in Quincy closes.

In September Allen Divine passed away. October saw the The third annual Rat Beach Party which was a four day event at the C-Note. Richard Nolan died. Monseiurs are touring Europe.

November Flaming Groovies at BMH. Andrew releases The Women Who Rocked Boston documentary on DVD and book form. December was Rocket from the Tombs at BMH. Reddy Teddy releases the "lost" album from 1974 Mercury Retrograde. Richard "Chet" Rooney from Chet's Last Call died.

CD's this year. The Connection CD, Labor of Love, got lots of attention from year end best lists, as did Kurt Baker's CD - both from Rum Bar Records. We agree with that assessment. Fireking's Double Trouble was a masterpiece. Jon Macey put out a single from the new project Hummingbird Syndicate that will blossom into a full album in 2016. Fox Pass guitarist Michael Roy's Eclectricity was a gem.

So best wishes to all for a great 2016!!!

In other news.....


Lemmy with Joanie and Eric Law
Lemmy- A true rock icon it was a shock to hear Lemmy died. It always seemed he would be around and that Motorhead would crank out another CD. There are tributes all over the web. Mark Francis did a Motorhead heavy show last Wednesday on the Late Risers Club and Joanie did a follow up playing some deep cuts. They will be in the WMBR archives for another week and a half - find 'em here

The Neighborhoods left a FB post after their House of Blues/Bosstones gig. They thanked their fans (which is a very nice thing!) and reassured everyone that the new CD is still on track - that's the one David talks about in our interview with him.

The Massive Vinyl Sale at Store 54 has been extended to January 9. Open Sunday til 6 PM!

Here's some good shows coming up this week.....

January 8 (Friday) My Own Worst Enemy, When Particles Collide, Overlake and Gene Dante and The Future Starlets are at the Midway

Bad Movies January 9 (Saturday) Mr Airplane Man and Vapors of Morphine are at Atwoods

January 9 (Saturday) Beantown Boozehounds, McGunks, Paraplegics, Bragging Rights and Inhumanoids at Firehouse 13 Provi, RI (FB event page)

January 10 (Sunday) The Knock Ups, The Galactic Perimeter , The Mad Clatter and Allison And Moon at the Midway - this is an afternoon 4-8PM Show.

And out in the future we have.....

January 11 (Monday) The Kock Ups, A Bunch of Jerks, Guilloteenagers, Gravel and Carissa Johnson at Opus Underground in Salem.

Punk Rock aerobics January 15 (Friday) Thee Sonomatics and The Black Souls are at Beatnik's, Worcester (433 Park Ave)

January 15 (Friday) Hope Anchor, Diablogato, Petty Morals, and Craig Wreck are at Firehouse 13 in Provi RI (FB event page)

January 16 (Saturday) Punk Rock Aerobics at Once Lounge - classes start at 10AM.

January 16 (Saturday) The Fathoms, Tsunami of Sound and Richie Parsons at the Midway - this is a 4PM afternoon show

January 16 (Saturday) Roy Sludge is at Sally O'Brien's - this is a 6PM show. Get there early coz these Sludge Shows get packed!!

January 16 (Saturday) OC45, Point Blank, Meat Depressed, The FUs at Koto in Salem.

January 17 (Sunday) an afternoon show 4- 8 PM at The Midway with Trusty Sidekick, Black Souls, The First Supper and The Jiblantos

January 22 (Friday) Goddamn Draculas, Red Sky Mary and Watts are at Johnny D's

January 23 (Saturday) Brian Young's A Crash Course for The Ravers with feature Nancy Neon and Friends. 91.5 1-4PM

Lyres January 23 (Saturday) Vapors of Morphine and Mr Airplane Man at Atwoods

January 29 (Friday) The Dictators - NATUR - Neutral Nation are at The Parlor Newport, Newport RI (FB page for more info)

January 29 (Friday) Phil Collins Beat, Thee Itchies and others are at Dusk in Provi, RI. (FB Event page)

January 30 (Saturday) Punk Rock Aerobics at The Sinclair - classes start at 10AM!

January 30 (Saturday) The Dictators - Lenny Lashley's Gang of One - Nick and the Adversaries - Neutral Nation are at Great Scotts

January 30 (Saturday) Lyres, The Paul Collins Beat and the modifierS are at The Middle East Up. BUY TIX here

January 30 (Saturday) Reddy Teddy is playing at a 10 Jam for Ink Jam Tattoo in Arlington . 6-10 PM at the Knights of Columbus, Arlington MA. Check out the FB page for more info.

February 4 (Thursday) Highway Chapel is at Hennessey's Hooley House 25 Union St (by Haymarket) Boston.

Dot Rats February 6 (Saturday) Roy Sludge with Duke Levine & Johnny Sciascia at Atwoods this is a 4PM show

February 12 (Friday) Chetstock #1 2016 will be at Once Lounge @ Cuisine En Locale!! They will also be filming a documentary with lots of interviews and great Chet's stories. This is a memorial event to support Pine Street Inn in honor of Chet. And check out the killer line-up of bands: Moose and the Mudbugs, Liz Borden Group, Pajama Slave Dancers, Dogmatics, Bim Skala Bim, Dogzilla Reunion (with special appearance by AEF) and Chet's All Stars - more info soon check the FB page for updates.

February 13 (Saturday) Lux Lives! A celebration of all things Lux and The Cramps is back this year at Dusk in Provi, RI featuring The Buzzards (members of thee Itchies and The Worried), Rumble Party and Thee Icepicks also music by DJs Ty Jesso and Kogar the Swinging Ape -(FB page)

February 17 (Wednesday) Poison Idea, Child Bite, The FUs, LIVVER and Profit Margin at Once Lounge (FB event page)

February 20 (Saturday) The Hummingbiord Syndicate (Jon Macey's band) will be on A Crash Course for the Raves on WMFO 91.5 FM 1-4PM.

February 20 (Saturday) M.O.T.O. , Stop Calling Me Frank, Sprained Ankles and The Johns are at The Midway

March 19 (Saturday) Lux Lives! A celebration of all things Lux and The Cramps is back this year at The Bayside Bowl in Portland, ME featuring
The Gamma Goochies, Thee Ice Picks and Video Nasties
- also music by DJs Ty Jesso and Kogar the Swinging Ape -(FB page)

DJ's Matt Little and Kogar the Swinging Ape!

CONTACT US - Send us your gig listings, your news and anything else ya got!!

Photo: Steven Wax
Shiny Beast
Shiny Beasts- Nick, Henry and Mitch
Black Souls
Black Souls
Tsunami of Sound
Tsunami of Sound at Sally O'Brien's 1/2/16
David minehan
Middle East Holiday Party


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