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July 15, 2013

Young Adults
The rockin' week started early with Sunday's Zombies show at the Regent Theater. It was as good as you could want it. Argent and Blunstone still deliver the goods and boy do people want to hear it. It was a full house (and pretty hot inside too, unfortunately) populated with mostly older rockers - it was a sea of gray hair, mine included. The show has stayed with me all week and FB has been full of comments going back and forth showing the same effect on others. It was the feel good concert of the year so far.

   By midweek that feeling that you were walking on the surface of the sun subsided and with renewed vigor we started the weekend music early with the Young Adults show at Great Scotts. The YAs put the bill of noise bands together. I would say it was an artistic success and considering it was a Thursday it was an attendance success with a good crowd for the middle bands but thinning out by the end of the night with the end of the MBTA service.
    I walked in on Ovlov and only caught the last song but it was a powerful noise onslaught showing lots of thought. Their sound and approach share a lot with the Young Adults. I really feel I missed out not catching more. Next time I'll go out of my way for them.

Soccor Mom

    Following was Soccer Mom. I was yapping during a lot of their set I have to admit but did give a closer listen to the last two songs which I thought had a lot in them. They were noise oriented but with interesting details which is a good combo. Again I'd like to try to see them in the future for a better listen.
    By now the crowd had dwindled but even with only a dozen close listeners The Young Adults put out the best set I've seen them do yet. We have seen the YAs a few times at Radio and TT's and they are good every time but tonight everything was even sharper and they delivered the maximum power. It's that power mixed with their passion that puts these guys above the rest.

Young Adults

    The volume was so loud that the first blast of a song felt like it would blow you over. I could feel a breeze from the speaker vibrations of the amps. I never had to fight a head wind at a gig before. Now that I've seen them a few times the songs are coming into more focus for me but they are a band you have to work at understanding it's not all pop wonderfulness like say the Zombies, since that gig is fresh in the mind. When I walk out I don't have one individual song in mind and I think that is something on their end. I can imagine them putting that magic combination together and coming out with a game changing statement. They are the sort of searching and thinking musicians that make you dream.

   Now that was just Thursday on Friday Blowfish headed to the Fleshtones at Church but unbeknownst to him there was a huge Country concert at Fenway and every legal and non-legal parking spot (Bus Stop areas) was taken up for miles. So, he high tailed it out of there. Miss Lyn went over to Sinclair to see Wire and Bear in Heaven. Turns out the night ended up sold out, it was crowded in there and there's no place to sit in the whole venue. (With the exception of 4 tables) Bear in Heaven played very good electronica. Wire were sort of dour postpunk noise....and that's meant as a good thing too. The Wire fans of old seemed to enjoy it immensely.

   Saturday we headed over to PA's Lounge. This place is beginning to get a higher profile now that the Rosebud is gone because PA's has a similar feel to it. It's a low key place with a plain square stage area and even a long bench on the side. We were drawn by the bill, a collection of shoe gazing psyche drone type bands, although it didn't seem to attract a lot of others but there was a lot of competition around town this Saturday. We wanted to do the moody thing and that's what happened.


    Highspire from NYC via Philadelphia, were perfect for our state of mind. This quintet delivers atmospheric soundscapes and an amazing rhythm section adds real heft to the sound. The drummer is a joy to watch, his playing is surprisingly lively yet worked well with the sound of the band as a whole...he looked like a young Richard Hell (and that's a very good thing!) ...and the bass player is a tall delicate beauty with long curly black hair...her playing was spot on and powerful with just the right touches to make each song emotive. She switched back and forth plucking the strings and using a don't see that too often with bass players.
   The club also had a light show going on and it was just like the sixties with the liquid paint bubbles being projected. It was a welcome complimentary backdrop for these bands. Great idea, whoever came up with it. As an added bonus two jock beefcake guys got up in front of the stage near the end of HighSpire's set to do a mini strip dance. They humped and bumped, and took off their t-shirts to entertain the crowd for a while...then walked out just as abruptly. Up in Salem the Beachcombovers had belly dancers, in Somerville we get two townies in gym shorts....but hey it was a unique touch!! - thanks guys!


    I heard a few songs by Plumerai to check them out and that was one of the reasons for going because they seemed interesting but they didn't prepare me for the full Plumerai experience. After 10 seconds you think, "The voice!" Lead singer Eliza Brown has a voice that you just don't hear usually. It soars and swoops. She puts accents and shadings on it that hug the words or throws them away depending on her wish. That's my attempt at describing some of it. I found it all very captivating.
   Meanwhile, shoeless, Eliza is bopping about the stage body swaying with the emotion of the moment. Captivating isn't the word for this. This is something out of a movie, it's too perfect. {Yeah, she's from Paris- Ouf Mais oui - tres fraunch (ML)}.
   The three piece band behind is very good. They come across as sparse but that's what works and I don't think I'd want it otherwise. Their CD shows all of this but you need to see them live to get the full impact. Tonight they have Lauren Grubb from Nervous to the Wedding as a stand in drummer, she did a great job.

    Eliza was checking the set list on her IPhone attached to the microphone stand. Another technology breakthrough, but the voice - there's no app for that.

light show     while at PA's we ran into Cal Cali who tells us he's teaming up with Bob Cenci (Jerry's Kids and Gang Green) to form a rockin' duo to be playing out soon....

    Sandy West, the Runaways original drummer has died after a long battle with lung cancer....RIP Sandy!

    So it's finally here, there's been talk about it...the closing of the current All Asia...they are having their End of The World Party this week - July 16 & 17. Their new location will be The Prospect Lounge- you guessed it - on Prospect Street kind of across from the Fields in Central Square. …big question…will they have bands playing????

Next Saturday Crash Course for the Ravers will have Bird Mancini as guests. All will remain seated and clothed...we hope. Those guys are crazy.

   From July 19- 22 The Brattle Theater is showing the movie Big Star - Nothing Can Hurt Me...about, of course Alex Chilton's band Big Star

    Petty Morals are at Great Scott this Friday the 19th

    July 19th is a good night at Radio too! Downstairs are Vapid Dissent, the McGunks and Chris Brat's new band Duck & Cover!!...Upstairs is Cult 45 .....

    And on Saturday July 20 - Crash Course for Ravers has Bird Mancini as special guests- that's at 1-4PM on WMFO 91. 5FM...

Late Risers Club     We got a ladies night here: Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents and Corolla DeVille at Spotlight Tavern in Beverly - Saturday, July 20th

    Wayne Viens has a stellar event on this Wednesday July 24th at 8PM at Store 54...Byron Coley and the prolific Chris D (of LA punk band the Flesh Eaters) will be doing a reading

    The Lyres are at PA's Lounge in Union Square on Saturday July 27th with A Bunch of Girls and Detroit Rebellion (here's some info on the bands you know about the Lyres of course, I mean the other bands)

    Duck & Cover plays again on July 29th at O Brien's with the Pity Whores!

   Sonny Vincent is coming back to town!!!He's at Radio (downstairs) on Wednesday July 31st!! and he's sharing the bill with The Classic Ruins- awesome! And you can thank Kim Ackland for getting this gig together!! That last show in May 2012 was killer!!

    Saturday, August 3rd is another night of many amazing shows: there's an awesome bday party for Frank Strom at Radio Up with The Lyres, Muck & The Mires, The Monsieurs, and The Sprained Ankles!!

    The Middle East Down has a great show with Cocked N' Loaded (its their 10th Anniversary!), Mellow Bravo, Motherboar (this is their farewell show), Bearstronaut, Wild Zero (its their reunion show) and I Am Become Death- phew!!

    Moose and the Mudbugs at Seaport Cafe in Salem - on the 3rd

    O'Brien's has another BBQ on Sunday August 4th it's the Boston Bloghead Punk 'N' Roll BBQ with The Darker Hues, Horse Mode, A Minor Revolution, Cult 45, Acro-brats, Zip-Tie Handcuffs, Tired Old Bones, Dead Cats Dead Rats and The Old Edison

    Friday August 30th The Queers are at Church (with The Dwarves ) and there's a great show at Radio UP with Ragged Old Flag (Jesse Von Kenmore on drums!!), The Scars and Radiator Rattlers....

    Pere Ubu is at Brighton Music Hall Saturday, September 4th!!!

    October 12th - Cal Cali's Rat Reunion - save the date....Master of Ceremonies: Oedipus!!




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