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December 2, 2013

Trophy Lungs

O'Brien's had a nice line up of Pop Punk bands, this past Saturday night. Trophy Lungs who I have seen before was also having a CD Release party. This wasn't the first and won't the last CD party without the CD. They had a board explaining the situation and offering to send the CD out to any who signed up (and giving out free tee shirts). These are nice guys.

    Rebuilder were nearing the end of their set when I got there. They were not bad at all. The songs held up and they got the energy going. They had keyboards that gave them a pleasant group sound. Their EP on Bandcamp shows what they can do.
   In front of the stage was a lineup of ladies (girlfriends?) that were acting like they were the newest music phenom, a little over the top and unnecessary.


    I listened to Offseason's version of Pet Cemetery on line and thought that was a worthy cover. Live they went from hard pop/punk to harder pop/punk. The harder stuff initiated some random moshing.

    They did a good job with Pet Cemetery live; giving it the emotion and power mix it needs. (One word to all bands covering Ramones: DOWNSTROKE. No up and down strumming, it's all downstrokes. OK?) The singer held the stage and when the band got loud they delivered.


    The club was about three quarters full and the audience was excited as Trophy Lungs took the stage. They've have been putting in hard work touring almost constantly. Their stage presence is strong as a consequence; lots of natural patter and barbs fly out between songs. The singer banters with people in the audience and he knows most of them personally. This is another small sub group in our variegated scene.

    The unique thing with Trophy Lungs is the two lead singers that divvy up the songs and most times will sing alternate verses within a song. I can't recall any group I've ever seen having that equality. The lead singer complains that he has drunk a little and the playing isn't as sharp as last time I saw them until the last three songs which were real powerful and triggered full scale moshing and even crowd surfing which seemed logistically improbable but somehow there was a big guy aloft.

    They end with Dad's Away on Business and then it was all unleashed. Moshing like crazy, people on the stage, beer cans flying through the air and the singer yelling the chorus, "this is all I ever wanted." It was all the spirit of rock and roll on display and why I love going out to see groups.

Trophy Lungs

Trophy Lungs     In other news...Artie Freedman has given his really really VAST collection of live video recordings of all our favorite bands through these many years to the Harvard Film move Artie!! and Thanks! You can read about it can really view any of the videos at this time but man, I hope we will be able to at some point...

Now.....some stuff coming up....

   well the new big news is that the new awesome group (which still remains nameless at this time, ) .consisting of Cam Ackland, Johnny Black, Carl Biancucci and Judd Williams are playing their first gig this Friday night, Dec 6th at The Cantab's Club Bohemia (they go on at Midnight) ...also on the bill are My Own Worst Enemy( its their CD release party!) When Particles Collide and The Liz Borden Band.....

    and there's a killer show at The Midway on Friday December 6th- how's this for an awesome line up: start out the night with The Monsieurs then it's Triple Thick, Township, The Other Girls and Upper Crust

    Saturday 12/7 afternoon 1-4 PM air waves have WMFO 91.5 FM Crash Course for Ravers with guests Jittery Jack and State of The Union...

    Randy Black and the Heathcroppers are having a CD Release Party at TT the Bear's Place in Central Square, Cambridge, on Saturday December 7th. It will be an evening event beginning at 6 and going to 10. Sharing the bill will be Willie Al