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May 11, 2015

The Meatmen

We hit the ME Up midweek with the Meatmen. Miss Lyn saw then last swing around at the Middle East Down. That was 2008, and WTF? seems like now there's less of an audience. The human talk machine called Tesco Vee remarked about it too commenting: "Remember when we filled the Channel in the 80's? Now we end up in this janitor's closet at the Middle East." We can add that it wasn't sold out either. We're not complaining we got a good bill with exciting bands and it was only $10.00.

The Humanoids

   We caught some of the Humanoids. They were rocking metal-wise and with style. Joanie Lindstrom was up front soaking it in. We'll catch a full set at some point. Lots of people mention that they like these guys. Eric Law crops up and tells us that the next group Against the Grain has been doing well on this tour. It seems like Eric is following the Meatmen tour for a week. Earlier that day he brought Tesco Vee and company to Weirdo Records where they are having a 75% off sale. They all bought massive amounts of CD's. According to Eric, Tesco is a collector…music, robot dolls, old toys etc. Tesco's most recent score was a King Kong doll that he got for $800.00. He's serious!

Agaisnt the Grain
Against the Grain

   Against the Grain bursts on stage full of energy, they play the set almost without stopping at all. It's song after song of shredding and riffing. It seems like an endless cascade. This is a group who know how to give momentum to a set. Amidst the fret board gymnastics they plant some rapid tandem leads and the injection of harmony and melody is like a patch of blue sky. They have a fun attitude along with the tattoos and abundant hair. The whole set is very entertaining and contributes to the upbeat night.

The Meatmen

   Now The Meatmen, what can you say? They've been doing it for years and it has been the same fun filled show with small variations. While waiting for the band to get on the stage we spied a four foot long paper list attached to the amp, we joked that maybe that was the set list...we got up close to see and it was! They play a lot of short songs, that's what they do…..along with the joking and the costume changes.

The Meatmen

   Tesco says he hates religion, politicians, Morrissey, Danzig, the Dwarves and you. He used to be a kid bitching about it all now he'll be 60 in August so does that make him a curmudgeon? He still talks about sex like an adolescent, maybe he's changed (maybe not) but the songs are the same. It's Tooling for Anus, Jerkin' Off, Pope on a Rope, I'm Going to Fuck You Up, Dwarves, Morrissey Must Die and much more. Visuals included porn mags, light up Devil horns, Pope hat, horse head, plastic penis drinking bottle, double dong dildo and six foot SPAMJAVELIN that spurted glitter. There was a section of people moshing. A few were taking advantage of the sparser crowd and ricocheting across a wide floor space. Miss Lyn almost got pulled in to the mix, we had to move way back but that's punk rock. We were laughing the whole time. The music was good. I loved the Morrissey Must Die song and all the old favorites although they didn't play War of the Superbikes and that was on that long set list too.

Lenny Lashley

   Saturday night was the third annual JOEFEST; a remembrance for Joe Coughlin whose spirit lives on especially at the Midway where he was a habituate. Joe was always joking about everything and they joked about Joe being dead a few times during the night. Joe would have approved. We walked in as Lenny Lashley was just getting off. He was doing his Army of One.

Stump The Undertaker with Paul of MOTO helping out

   Then Roy Sludge did his Stump The Undertaker. He started by playing Muskrat Love and doubling down on the schmaltz which was only possible with the help of his Schmaltzmaster Casio. It was like a cold shower - it felt good when it was over. This is what Sludge is aiming for of course. His idea of a sing-along is Fear's I Hate Living in the City. New Cape Cod is the reality check to Old Cape Cod. The set goes deep into enemy territory with Who Stole the Kishka . Paul from MOTO joined Roy for a MOTO song called (You Need) A Knee to the Groin. It was lots of laughs and just the sort of thing Joe loved to hear.
   Lots of familiar faces were around including Terry Brenner who has come through one hell of a bad patch.

jumper Cables
Johnny and the Jumper Cables

   Johnny and the Jumper Cables reunited for the night. The Jumper Cables were one of a plethora (I know…just go with it) of groups Kenne Highland has fronted through the years and maybe the rockingest. And that's what they did, just full on, no bullshit rocking out. They threw out the covers at the beginning; MC 5, Stooges, Dead Boys and Blue Oyster Cult. Johnny Black proved again that we are missing a lot without him having a steady gig. It's ridiculous to be able to play like that and not be doing it. He's got great tone and knows all the ins and outs of tons of material.; couple that with Carl Biancucci's bass playing where he knows every trick in the book, Tom Bull on drums who is sharp and energetic and it's a combo that can't fail.

Kenne Highland

   Meanwhile Kenne was in the best rock form I've seen him in a while. He was looking good and sounding good. Now he not only sounds like Rocky Ericson as they did Two Headed Dog but looks like Rocky too. He's got lots of funny stories, they are populated by people who he ID's as 'alive' or 'dead' . Most are dead which is sobering. They get to the Jumper Cable material which is only three singles, but memorable ones: Landmine, I Get Nervous, Death Squad of the Mind, and the song that could be a Meatmen song - Kielbasa. They are all on Stanton Park - give them a look (you can do that here) That was one cool reunion.

Photo shrine for Joe Coughlin

    Joe Coughlin would have loved the night. We did think of him during the sets and of others. It's been a long time since we began in 1975; we rock on but with a sense of history these days. (In Memoriam)

Jumper Cables

by John Keegan. Click Here

And in other news -

Colby showAndrew Szava-Kovats has trailer #7 of The Women Who Rocked Boston out now....this one features Girls Night Out. See it here.

For those of you who still haven't gotten your hands on Johnny Angel's book Looking for Lady Dee...Read our Q & A with Johnny Angel ....and order the book, links are provided....also for your reading pleasure here's our 1979 Thrills Interview.

The Monsieurs are going on a short tour of Europe. Much the their surprise they are very popular in Germany.

So with that are some shows that are happening this week....

May 13 (Thursday) Bowery Boston & League of Ordinary Gentlemen Comic Book Podcast present: Agent Orange with In The Whale and The Silver Screams at great Scott's (FB event page)

May 14 (Thursday) John Cooper Clarke is performing at Berklee!! At the David Friend Recital Hall (921 Boylston Street) Click the link to read more about JCC and to buy tickets.

May 15 (Friday) How awesome is this? Punk Rock Karaoke Featuring: Greg Hetson (Bad Religion, Circle Jerks), Stan Lee (The Dickies), Steve Soto (Agent Orange) Derek O'Brien (Social Distortion, D.I., Agent Orange) and here's how they are working it: "we have sign up sheet at the venue. Pick your song, we give you lyrics. When your song is called, come up and join the band! We hand pick our favorites from 1983 back to when dinosaurs pogo'ed along side with the punkers." so you get to watch the show AND get up on stage with these guys if you want to!! (FB event page) (Buy tix here)

Agent OrangeMay 15 (Friday) an awesome hardcore show at The Democracy Center, Mt. Auburn St Cambridge, with The Boston Strangler, The Flex (on tour from the UK), Red Death (DC Hardcore), Leather Daddy and Preskool Dropouts. FB Page

May 15 (Friday) 10th Annual HoZavc Blackout Fest at the Empty Bottle in Chicago with The Real Kids, (they have this description listed: "Legendary 70s Boston Punk/Power Pop band featuring John Felice from the original lineup of the Modern Lovers" also on the bill are Cozy, Platinum Boys and Mama.

May 15 (Friday) In Provi at Dusk - Thee Fabulous Itchies, The J Band (an X tribute band) and Greg Allen's Fringe Religion. (FB event page)

May 16 (Saturday) A Crash Course for the Ravers WMFO 95.1 1-4PM has The Black Cheers!! cool!

May 16 (Saturday) Also don't forget it's Somerville Porch Fest is al day this day...check out the site and a list of bands and maps here. Litehouse (& the Black Souls doing a short set) at 9 Morgan Street, Guns of Brighton are at 62 Elm St. #2, Tigerman Woah and friends are at 28 Alpine Street and the list goes on.

May 16 (Saturday) Hixx are at Club Bohemia at The Cantab

May 16 (Saturday) The Evil Streaks, The Downbeat 5, The Reverb Syndicate (from Ottawa) and The Radiator Rattlers are at OBrien's

GigMay 16 (Saturday) it's Musical Madness in the Merry Month of May as Tiger Bomb rip it up & tear it to shreds and Bates Motel drives you psycho with excitement at Bayside Bowl in Portland ME!! (FB page)

And coming up after this week we have.......

May 22 (Friday) The Brigands and The Black Souls are at the Tavern at the End of the World. FB event page

May 23 (Saturday) A Crach Course for the Ravers on WMFO 95.1 1-4PM has Richie Parsons as a guest today!! Listen in!

May 23 (Saturday) The I Want You (punchy pop-rock) and The Sharp Shadows (powerpop/punk from NYC) are at STORE 54 (This is a Bob Colby Presents show). In addition, you can contribute to a unique "crowdsourced" video shoot for an upcoming video from The I Want You - just bring your phone or pocket-sized video camera. So come on down and join the party (and bring your own beverages - but no food, please). While you're at it, sign up for the BCP mailing list at (link is case-sensitive) and be in the know with our future plans!

May 23 (Saturday) Memphis Rockabilly Band is at The Amvets in Randolph and it is a FREE show from 8:30PM to Midnight
(AMVETS Post 51 9 Amvets Lane off Pleasant St., Randolph, MA) Cheap drinks! Big dance floor. Swing dance, slow dance, twist and stroll! Pizza and more. Lots of free parking.

May 23 (Saturday) There are TWO Disturbing the Peace shows at Middle East Up this day: Matinee Show (doors 1PM) : Chestnut's 40th Birthday Bash!!! with Stray Bullets, Slitstitch, A Minor Revolution, The Black Cheers, and Orphan Killbot. Then an early evening show (Doors at 7) with NOTOX, Yo!Scunt, Neighborhood Shit.

CranktonesMay 24(Sunday) at TT's there's a midday most awesome show...Mike's Monster Guitars Two Year Birthday Bash and this is also a benefit for the MSPCA!! On the roster are The Dogmatics (5:45 ), Triple Thick (5:00 ), The Worried (4:15 ), Andy California (3:30), Axemunkee (2:45 ), Pioneer Valley Pioneers (2:00 ) and Hambone Skinny starts off the show at 1:15.

May 24(Sunday) Cranktones are at Atwood's with DJ Easy Ed setting the tone.

May 28 (Thursday) OK it's officially summer when Cal Cali gigs start popping up around town! The Cal Cali Band and Randy Black & the Heathcroppers are at Sally O'Brien’s in Union Sq Somerville.

May 30 (Saturday) A Crash Course for the Ravers WMFO 95.1 1-4PM has The Forz today plus great music and stuff.

MuckMay 30 (Saturday) Reddy Teddy are at the Rhumbline up in Gloucester.

&May 31 (Sunday) Roy Sludge Trio is at State Park in Kendall Sq- this is a evening show.

&June 4 (Thursday) Motobunny, The Charms, Watts and Greg Allen's Fringe Religion are at TT's.

June 6 (Saturday) Fox Pass is at Club Bohemia at The Cantab.

   June 6 (Saturday) Muck and The Mires, The Forz and The Woggles are at The Middle East. Doors are at 7pm- its an early evening show - and its $10 at the door! FB Event page tix here

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