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March 9, 2015

Up on the bass bass

We finally got out!! Our first post snowpocalypse gig!! We hit the Rockabilly show at the Midway. It was an Easy Ed show which always has a friendly low key crowd, quality groups and Easy Ed spinning the coolest songs in between sets.

Sludge the best in low voices

   The lineup changed a bit over time and we were presented with the Roy Sludge Duo for the first act. We’ve seen Roy in all sorts of incarnations and probably you have too by this time. He’s a gem, a true natural resource on the scene. Everything good you can say about an act has been said about Roy. All that’s left is to listen and enjoy. There’s that kick when he summons up the deep low voice and it seems to make everything loose rattle. Then there’s the song selection; there’s always something you haven’t heard. Someone yells out Don’t Fear the Reaper and Roy does the intro – he can play anything.
   One funny song was I Smoked a Dead Man’s Roaches and he also did his big one – Back the Truck Up. Roy played with a standup bass player Johnny Sciascia who had a real hillbilly tone to his backup singing that added to the mix.

Red pennys

   Easy Ed is a perfect host as he handles the exit of Roy then some vinyl spins and the intro of the next band The Red Pennys. We saw them at another Easy Ed show just over a year ago. Just like before, we love their unassuming presentation....and their illuminated bass drum. They make comfortable grooves and put you in a good mood. The drummer used brushes about fifty present of the time. The guitarist has the classic tone with his orange Gretsch using his tremolo bar here and there as a treat. The standup bass player does all the right moves.
   They do a few songs we recognize, like Hank Williams' Honky Tonk Blues being one. They do a generous set and end with Do the Mess Around which is a rousing closer.

Little Leslie and the Bloodshots

   There are more records spun by Easy Ed and then Little Lesley and The Bloodshots from New York City commandeer the stage and ramp up the volume (up to this point I didn’t need my earplugs) and excitement. Little Lesley is indeed little. Petite and pencil thin in tight clothes but with a big voice and plenty of energy. She puts plenty of emotion into the vocals and then climbs up the standup bass and does a few moves while she’ up there like a Russian gymnast. That can never fail to get your attention if the music doesn’t.
   They are rockabilly with accent on the Rock. The other groups tonight were sticking to the playbook but The Bloodshots throw the book out and do and play anything to rev up the action. It’s the New York way and it works.

   Well, we did it, we got out. The club was about half full. Truth be told it’s still hard to get out there but we aren’t holding back now.

   After we got out Saturday night, Blowfish felt like getting out the next day was easier. He went to the Midway for the 4PM show Gail Corcoran put together with The Sheckies, The FUs, Jimmy Jacked, and Jagger Holly plus a bake sale. Here's his take:

Jagaer holly

   It wasn't crowded but had loads of good spirits and some worthy music. I saw the end of Jagger Holly. I loved what I heard. I felt like a missed something there.

One of the last gigs I saw before the snow shut down my life was the FU's at the Cantab. I felt like I was resuming my life seeing them play again. I talked to John Sox. He said that they were playing in Punk Rock Bowling, the mega festival in Las Vegas coming up in May. They are openign for the Street Dogs and 7 Seconds. Very cool. And they they'll take advantage of being out west by doing a few gigs there.
   He also told me that the FU's are mentioned in the Dead Milkmen song Tiny Town. ( Listen to the song here…the mention is around 1:20 ) (Lyrics here) It's a rant by a racist so that's not so good, but there it is.


   Last few times I've seen the FU's the personnel has been a little different each time. John seems to be able to get people who always measure up and that's a talent that has helped him keep the group vital. Look at bass player Ed Lynch, from the first gig he's played like his life depended on it. He did tonight too. The original drummer is playing tonight too, and he is a force of nature. He keeps the music flowing with hardly a second's stop. As one song ends its ass is ripped off by the announcing drum intro of the next.
   I'm very impressed with the guitarist named Jones. He's very young and very good. He's got the crunch and the licks that fit. His playing also individualizes the songs because they have different attacks. He's adding variety to a genre that often is an undistinguished blur. Although he's wearing what looks like pajama pants...and I'm hoping I'm wrong on that.

Midget Mosh

   John does what he's been doing for so many years - being the great front man. As time goes by the songs seem better and better. John will repeat words making their rhythm be the songs rhythm giving the songs a unique stamp. It's a powerful nonstop set.
   The laugh was the two little kids that were there and formed a circle mosh pit. It was pretty funny.


   Next up were the Sheckies from New Jersey. Earlier you could see one of them walking around the club. He's an extremely big guy wearing a shirt that says: "I BEAT ANOREXIA". Being oversized is part of the act as I soon found out. The guitarist and the drummer are XXX-sized men and on stage they take off their shirts and then it's hard to think of anything except...holy crap they are BIG. Then they proceed to play some breezy pop punk. They have the formula down pat and every song is a catchy ditty. I liked it all. Catch a dose of them on their BANDCAMP page. Here's a video if you can take it. You can't make any fat jokes that they don't make themselves but to me that was a gimmick that wore thin....but the music made it all worth it.

   Then I got some cake pops, what a genius idea that is, and a cupcake that was out of this world - all made by Gail C. This supports my hope that we have more music/bakery clubs rather than music/liquor clubs. (Miss Lyn: WHAT?? Please note that last line is written by Paul Blowfish Lovell and does not necessarily reflect the beliefs of the whole BGN staff! Gawd forbid!!! )

Gang of Four

Gang of Four
by John Keegan. Click Here

Lady dee

   Last week we told you about Johnny Angel’s new book Looking For Lady Dee. Now it’s available in a Kindle edition for a mere $2.99. Since that was the case I got it and read it and WOW.
   It’s presented as a mystery story but that is just a ruse. The mystery part is just a frame to hold the Thrills story. That’s what this is; the story of the Thrills told as if Johnny is talking right to you! Who doesn't want to read this?? It’s blunt and sordid. Johnny is screwing every woman he meets or mentions. Thrills are playing The Space, The Rat etc. Some people mentioned are thinly veiled sometime like in the case of Richie Parsons and Oedipus he uses their real names.
   When he gets down and dirty it comes off as a tell-all book. When he talks about the scene, most of the book, it comes across with the voice of authority. There are a few scenes with Barb Kitson that shocked me and when I meet people now I tell them those stories. That’s one of the points where the book becomes a juicy read and more than a bit embarrassing. I felt like taking a shower after one tale.

   It seems to be written with a punk/hard boiled tone but in truth it’s not that far from Johnny’s real rude rhetoric, just a little bit heightened. I say you if you know the personalities or love the 70’s-80’s Boston scene you've GOT to get this. It’s a new genre : pulp punk.
   (If you don't have a Kindle you can get the hard copy of Looking For Lady Dee at CreateSpace!!!)

SLow Children   And that was then ands this is now...time marches on right? We've noticed there are some bands playing out with the names of some of our favorite bands from back in the 80's...Joe Fagan was in Slow Children, now there's a punk band called Slow Children ,they're playing at the Midway in April [see poster at right].....last week a band called The Outlets played at the wasn't OUR Outlets. There is also a group called Last Stand.

   We've got our Club Listings from 1976 to 1979 but here's a list of all the shows at The Channel!! What a great resource. Check it out and take a trip back in time remembering which ones you were at.

   And.. a couple of reminders: .if you haven't seen it yet make sure to check out Tony V's Facebook page TVOD. He's got lots of interesting stuff posted on his page and its becoming a pretty cool community space. He posts that it's "a new open page for friends and family to upload old pictures (mainly) and memories from the classic period of 1976 to 1986. While obviously this means pix from Spit, it could be from anything that relates to that incredible period of musical explosion." So my friends visit and join!

   If you didn't see this last week- Andrew Szava-Kovats is still working on The Women Who Rocked Boston and he has a new trailer out...this one is with the amazing Jane Hudson!! Check it out here.

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   And here's a reminder again that if you'd like to see a new Lyres album you should go to their Go Fund Me page and give 'em some dough maybe.

   This week we have more sad news of another loss in our music community - Scott Gildersleeve, AKA Tulu Titmouse, the original drummer and one of the founders of The Queers passed away last week. Wimpy Rutherford and friends are planning a memorial service in his honor with a date and place to be announced. Wimpy and Tulu had just finished an album called Tulu and Wimpy Fly Like a Cucumber, and Wimpy now vows to get it released ASAP in honor of his dear friend. Here's an Interview with Tulu and Wimpy. Ands here's a link to the announcement by The Queers of his death. RIP Scott (Tulu) Gildersleeve, much loved and will be very much missed!!

   here are some shows that are happening this week....

gig    March 9 (Monday) Cuisine en Local has it's Taco Night on Mondays and this one also includes sets by The Weistronauts and Tsunami of Sound.

   March 13 (Friday) its a cool punkabilly show in Portland ME: at the Bayside Bowl they haveThe Outsiders (Cd release/13yr anniversary)
The Pubcrawlers (13yr Anniversary), El Grande, and DJPJ (33 years)

   March 13 (Friday) Viv'D and Original Local have a great Punk show going on at the VFW Post 6536, Andrew Station in Southie (7 Ellery St) with Channel 3, Disaster Strikes Neighborhood Shit, and Silver Screams. FB event page here

   March 14 (Saturday)A Crash Course for the Ravers on WMFO 91.5, 1-4PM will be off the air this Saturday but dont freak out they will be back.

   March 14 (Saturday) The Dwarves are at the Middle East Up. This is an early show, doors are at 6PM!! It's also 18+ Also on the bill The Atomic Age

   March 14 (Saturday) Terry Brenner is trying to give the Spotlight Tavern a go again...and he's doing it will almost the same bill as the ill fated show back in November 2014...Willie Alexander and The Boom Boom Band and The Nervous Eaters...sadly no Real Kids this time around but we do get to see The Knock Ups with John Surette. Here's the FB page And this is also when we're celebratin' Kim Ackland's birthday!!!

    March 14 (Saturday) In town there's The Humanoids, Kilslug, Gaskill at The Midway...that should be a hell of an event!

   And coming up after this week we have.......