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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Saturday 20 may 17: After shopping at Haymarket/Bathing at Baxter's, I stopped into AMC "Common at"....635 pm and...Chinese movies! What a wonderful family, trailer on youtube 2017 Chinese remake of a 2016 Japanese film. After 50 years,

Kemme at :arge
the grandfather, retired and drunk all the tyme, forgets wife's birthday and puts down her writing career, but she's not subservient: she tricks his drunk, ignoring ass into signing divorce papers! I shall shirley come here more often, Indian films in Fresh Pond; Chinese films: near "chinatown"! (great Move toon!) WRKO as usual had great Saturday night oldies and let me "Tell all the people" (great Doors 45) that saturday 3 June 7-11 pm, 50 years of WRKO and even ARNIE WOO WOO GINSBURG will be on the air! (I usedta see the Crusin' lps at Big N, Brockport NY along with alice cooper's easy action and I DID buy 96 Tears album there Back in '72)....

Sunday 21 May 17, Gee Julie and I took out local playwright/film critic Ian Thal to Grasshopper in Allston; little did we know Boston Vegetarian Society had a lecture on Eating to Protect the Apocylypse. BUT, like my Raspberries 8-track with "rock-n-roll mama"; ROCK N ROLL VEGANS! to wit: Erik Lindgren and "Good Golly Miss Molly"! (if her name were "Jenny Jenny", I'd sing "Jennie take a ride"!) saturday 3 June 17, Birdsongs of Mesozoic at Once and 17 June, The Rising Storm 50 year anniversary, doing a private show at Phillips Andover, yesssssss and there'll be a documen-terry also (My Bra-port accent coming out). Also in crowd and vegan...."well she looked like Chrissy Shrimpton"..."behind the wall of Smithereens" and "I get nervous", Jumper Cables, Kim Ernst, Bristols bassist said her and Michele (guitar) been vegan for years! I ended up turning that place into the Rat with me "Irish whispher" but a good tyme capped off by Anatalian Echoes WNTN 1550 AM, Turkish music with a Greek-American driver on way to Home Depot or some such practical place....Turkish music on a Sunday from 430 pm until? is excellent!".....

Kenne at Large
Molly, Erik, Kenne
Kenne at Large
Kim, Kenne, Lori Green
Kenne at Large
Ian Thal, Erik & Kenne

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

"Monday 21 May 17, vacation day hangin' at Boston Public Library second floor, rock bios. Randy Bachman takin' care of business by John Einarson. My notes on I-phone Five (I also read Stooges open up and bleed and read about MC5!): Winnipeg Canada due north of the Twin Cities of the Minneapolis, so "prairie dogs" arent quite as sophisticated as the Toronto scene was. Randy was a Hank Marvin FREAK (Ken Kaiser take note!) but then went mad for the British Invasion and all those pre-RCA 1969 Canadian albums are great pop/garage, even freakbeat, a lot of covers but done....better than O. Rex! (double cd on Gulcher). Ok, to be meltzer-esque, four points of similarities between me and the "big man":

Ida May: Randy Bachman is a walking encyclopedia of music. ADMITS where he stole riffs from.

Item B: never very good at baseball or HOCKEY (eh?) brain/leg/arm coordination clumsy.

Item C: "I have a PHONOGRAPHIC memory versus photographic", this in response to teachers asking why he couldnt remember force-fed bullshit from school systems versus what is more important, which is: ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!

Item D: Randy is QUITE a thrifty businessman and like Ken Highland, wears size 13 shoes. The Bachmans were German-Austrian Lutherans vs. Dad's Canadian grandmother being a Fischer von Rhineland-Pfaltz. Randy's ma was Ukrainian/Polish Catholic, other great Ukranian rockers are Rick Dano, I believe plus some early Neil Young manager (Neil thanked "Randy BACKMAN" on Buffalo SPringfield Again) and Johnny R