The Creeper.

I'm the Creeper. You'll pay for this.

The Creeper was an aborted movie done by The Unnatural 1978 and1979. It was based on the trash horror movie Twisted Brain.
Tom White Trash plays the nerdy teen who is bullied by everyone around him. He drinks a potion and becomes THE CREEPER - a murdering punk. Something we were all familiar with on the scene. Actually there were mostly nerds,I think.

  • Tom White Trash - The Nerd, Vernon Potts
  • Richie Parsons - The Creeper
  • Tom Lane - The Sadistic Gym Teacher
  • Oedipus - The Sadistic Teacher
  • Johnny Angel - The Sadistic Bully (Do you see a trend here ?)
  • Blowfish - The Friendly Lab Professor.
  • Barb Kitson - Unfaithful Girlfriend
  • Betsy "Badges" Sherman - Igorette,lab assistant.
  • Linda Leather - Student
  • Peter Gates - Student
  • Pam Greene - Student
  • Rita Ratt - Student

If Cheryl had read this she'd know about the Creeper. The director was MIT's punk filmographer and Billygoon Jan Crooker aka Dr. Felix Kruel aka Roman Crookerski.
Now the each scene was completed,two new ones were planned. It turned into the ENDLESS SHOOT.
Also, many different film stocks were used plus video and in the end they could not be synced together.

In BGN #21 (RIGHT) we did a profile on the Film with a page of stills from the raw footage.
Here's the article.

The Creeper

A Sneak Preview By Ramona Barret


  • 1 Horrible eye
  • 2 Sets of Frederick's of Hollywood underthings for the basketball team's "physical culturalist"
  • 1 Mannequin's head
  • 1 LB. Chicken livers for a decapitation scene

I find myself on location at The Young Mens' Christian Union on The Combat Zone, which has been transformed into the gym of New Berlin High for the shooting of The Creeper. Safely up in the balcony, I observe the public humiliation of main character, Vernon Potts, by the basketball team, the coach and the cheerleaders.

You all should know the story of The Creeper taken from the Unnatural Axe song by Rich Parsons, taken from the TV movie Twisted Brain. A movie only Rich Parsons has seen, otherwise unknown to all film buffs. Class nerd, Vernon Potts (played by Tom White) drinks a potion he has developed in chemistry class, under the absent-minded tutelage of Professor Blowfish, and turns into the maniacal, homicidal Creeper (played by Rich Parsons). The Creeper wreaks his revenge on those who have tormented him; the sadistic English teacher, Miss Oedwina (sadistic Oedipus), degenerate coach (degenerate Tom Lane) and school bully (Johnny Angel). Local luminaries abound in the cast including radio personalities and members of bands such as Thrills, La Peste and The Neighborhoods. There will also be concert footage of local bands.

I had a chance to talk with dashing young director, Roman Crockerski, who has worked closely with The Axe on this project. The script has been largely improvised though it does follow the initial plot outline. "Technically," said Crockerski, "the film is highly experimental. Each scene is shot in a process that will compliment it; drab black and white video for the classroom scenes, a special black and white for the final confrontation and death scene. This film stock gives the scene the moody atmosphere of a '50's "film noir". The transformation scene, where the nerd turns into The Creeper was done in pixilation, the same technique used to change Lon Chaney into the Wolfman right before eyes and of course, vivid color film for the gory death scenes." One sequence will even be done as a cartoon by award-winning animator Carter Burwell (Subway Sluts, Help I'm Being Crushed To Death by a Black Rectangle). The different formats will all be transferred to ¾" videotape for the final screening.

There is still more to be done. More scenes are still to be shot, music must still be recorded (Lord Manuel will be contributing some appropriate musical effects and Johnny Angel is writing an instrumental for one of the scenes) and of course an enormous amount of editing must be done.

Many people are impatient about this film but this is not a two-bit wack-off by a local prep school that ends up on Nightshift to be seen at 3 o'clock in the morning by a dozen religious insomniacs!! This is a movie of considerable length which brings with it LOTS of work, many time consuming troubles and money problems.

MONEY PROBLEMS…which is why there will be a benefit concert Sunday June 10th 2PM to Midnight at the BF/VF 39 Brighton Save, Allston. The price is a mere $3.00, NO I.D. is required and you bring your own refreshments.