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JJ's Best Gig Ever with The Odds
The Odds: we did a tour with The Prime Movers and The Mad Violets down in NYC, DC, Richmond and stuff and that was a wild party. One night we played some lodge in NY state with David Johansen. We got big $ and rooms and food and stuff. They led us to our rooms and said "We'll knock when dinner's ready"

   Ok., they knocked...all of us and our dates and roadies followed the grinning bell hop. He led us in to a banquet room with Roast Turkeys, Roast Beef's, Hams, and a soup to nuts spread....fine linen and china... "Dig in boys." We start to get the food goin' when we see Johansen and company in the doorway squawkin' at the bell captain....hush hush turned ugly and then they approached me and said, "We're sorry, this gentleman says he is David Johansen". Sizing up the scene, I said "Well he does look like him a little, maybe a little heavier" .

   The very troubled man didn't wanna ask at this point but had to,,,"You are not David Johansen ???" ..."No, who said I was?"....that's when the hotel manager came and was trying to say well there's a mixup, "This food is for the main act." "So why'd ya knock on my door and tell me the eats are on ?" "No No No, sir, you get the deli platter and the case of beer"     I explained the terrible embarrassment he has now subjected my entire entourage to and asked what was he prepared to do to make amends to this most unfortunate mishap. I knew he wanted to hit me, I could smell it. But Hey??!! So we agreed on waiving our room charges and getting 3 cases of beer.

   We filed out past the headliners and said "We're your opening act." One of our guys was chewin' on a turkey drumstick and handed it over to one of the guys in Johansen's band and said "Here, this is yours, it's a little dry!"

    I still have a backstage pass from that night.

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