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Five Favorite Gigs

  1. DMZ - There was this gig on Newbury St. at some Art Design school or something where Crazy Jane and Lynelle Dirt were stealin' the show...this place was mobbed and they had the floor to themselves. Yikes!!!
  2. DMZ - Then I guess the gig where Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye joined us on stage at The Rat for Riot On Sunset Strip and I think, Raw Power. For all you text book types who want history.
  3. The Queers: Any night, pick one.
  4. The Downbeat 5 - Playing The Abbey Lounge with our fave band The Flaming Stars, from London. They are an incredible band and I've been a fan for years. They needed a date to fill in a NYC/Providence run. The place was packed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. The Downbeat 5- We've played some choice shows but Beerland Texas in Austin was a real memory...It's the Abbey of Austin and we played a packed house on Sat night and it was a mob scene.....just a real blast....
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