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Couple of categories - First, people I know...

My older brother, Don, for Folk/Blues in early 60's.

Rhythm guitarist for The Deserters, Glenn. I grew up with him and we were friends all through school. His father was a promo guy for Capitol Records, in 1963-1967 that was choice. We had unlimited 45's and access to shows. We discovered The Pretty Things and Zombies together. He also turned me on to Duke Ellington and Mose Allison.

Matthew MacKenzie - one of the first guitarists in Boston I went nuts for. His aggression on stage mixed with his all around talent off. I first met him in '73, same night I first met Billy Cole.

Maxanne Sartori - I was friends with Maxanne and worked for her at 'BCN from '73-'76. She taught me so much about different styles, the art of segue's, introduced me to countless people, learned business and public relations through my experience with her.

Jeep Holland - worked at record stores with him. A bug-eyed sweatin' encyclopedia of music. Ran A Squared Records in Ann Arbor and called his clerk Jimmy, Iggy, after Jimmy's band, The Iguanas.

Jeff Conolly - people can and will say what they want about him but, among the things I got outta workin' with Jeff was a deep appreciation for song construction, nuance. Beats that kill your mind and on their own, make no sense, but in context are crucial. He wears his musical heart on his sleeve and I appreciate people like that.

Ken Irwin - co-founder Rounder Records - I've learned more from him about music and its business than anyone in my adult life. Talk about opposites attracting. But he has taken the time to share his love of music and business guidelines with me. Could never have gone to school for what I learned here. From backroads of Kentucky to Canadian blizzards, we've shared a long journey together.

David Skepner - Was the manager of Loretta Lynn all through the '70's and '80's. He negotiated the book deal and movie deal for Coal Miners Daughter. In my job at Rounder, where I've been for 17 years, I met David. And although there's a world of differences in our lifestyles and ages, he was a staunch Nashville conservative, we became very close friends and he was a mentor to me. Taught me volumes about music business. We would hook up in Nashville, Austin, Boston, each others' house or hotel, wherever, and spend hours talking. He would call on weekend afternoons at home and talk for hours. Always charming and gracious to both Jen and I. He died Sept 11 2001.

BANDS / RECORDS that were an influence, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER

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