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Monday, February 4, 2019

sunday 27 jan 19. tavern end of world open mike. starts about 730 pm and we gittin' an all-star cast: Frank Rowe! Asa Brebner! ME!!!!!!! cantone's really DID my "special guest star" this week was Rob Lynch of Rib-a-geddon fame; a Mike Quirk Southie crony, basically who DOES know the Divine Miss Rene! (also Southie!). We had a drunken fireman asking Asa if he knew "charlie on the MTA" and "the unicorn" and sure as shit, Rob Lynch DID know the words! Kind of an Irish set went down even if i learnt "whiskey in the jar" from T'in Lizzy (to explain, I sez to Rob: "you be Jim Croce, singin' and chords and i'll be the guy doin' acoustic fills"(,all this on a Natalie Flanagan guitar). We REALLY had the crowd by the balls when Ohan Heghinian joined on keyboards for....a Jim Croce two-fer!!!! "dont mess around with Jim" and "bad boy leroy brown"....if Nat Flan is singin' and dancin' behind the bar, I sing "Here Comes Success!" Robbo: 'but Kenne we've never played together before?" Me: "i've seen yer play yer songs; retreat? hell! we just got here!" (I think that was Leftenant DAn Daley USMC, more "poppa ganda" I learnt in Parris island). LASTLY: I tried tossin' a Jimmy reed rhythm onto John Denver's "Back Home Again"...not quite Slade's "Take me bak 'ome" but a great tyme had by ALL! Party of the century? read R. meltzer, re: handsome Dick manitoba's 70s party (in the 70s!) in Gulcher #0,1975! (MC5 on the cover!)

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

day of Wodin 30 jan 19; my cuzzin/mother is 88 and tyme for club linehan-a-go-go practice for friday gig. may as well kinda review set since i'll be writin' 'bout gig same week.....Kevin Linehan, family emergency, Al Hendry of six bands to rescue with Joe Quinn on bass. Everyone sings a toon, like an Irish showband, but lady Caroline is one non-Blonde Jody Moore! "denis" by blondie, "season of the witch" (I try for those Page-y licks), MJ Quirk sings "over you" (1980s Roxy Music didnt know it), I try to show John Keegan how sax was blown in Jimi's "rainy day dream away"......been a while between electric gigs but again open mike tavern at end of world fulfills live audience needs! CLAGG gig schedule again; 9 march 19 midway matinee for crunchtime (STATE OF THE UNION, Blowfish and Miss Lyn) and Buterscott club bohemia, friday 5 april, close enuff to be my birthday.....and dont forget black souls birthday gig saturday 30 march 19, sally o' briens, i am gonna merely "watch"...."it's alright ma, let the boy rocknroll"

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

sometyme last week my cuzzin Paul Whaley, Blue Cheer drummer died. "I'd be more interested in you if you were Dead People facts": Dad's grandmother Highland descends from Theophilus Whaley, King Charles regicide, buried in Theophilus Whaley lot, west greenwich,RI; came up from Virginia, Paul Whaley descends from the Virginny branch. (more info find a grave). So WTBS which played O. rex became WMBR and like 0700 EACH morning, dig this: Pontoon Palace played Blue Cheer's "Last time Around" and the Bevis Frond show Friday played "Doctor Please" both off 1968 Vincebus Eruptum which I FINALLY landed summer '73, tryin' to play like Leigh Stephens/Mark Farner on a $35 Japanese guitar (used on O. rex's "gimme shelter" on Gulcher!)....Coffee and Blue Cheer in the morning....clears the senses! my facebook friend Leigh Stephens, "last leaf on the tree" as Ma's mother used to when you hear Thunder rumblin', that's just Dickie Peterson and Paul Whaley jammin' together, Blue Cheer rhythm section RIP"

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Friday 1 Feb 19. (senior moment: i just lost a week of my life! OR should i phone in coast to coast AM and tell George Noory I was "abducted"!). Back on earth, to ME, the Legendary Cazbats, who got this gig were the "man of the match". A "Nuggets-oriented" set list, which, if i were Ken A. Talia, I'd don nancy Neon's size zero mini skirt and go go dance, only it wouldnt fit! (tho Lane Bryant is truly "Divine")...."Move" by state of mind was on Pebbles volume five (Hopelessly Obscure never made it past volume one) but to me it's a "Plan Nine song"; I even had Evan Williams, Plan Nine, guest with Hopelessly Obscure on it, June '84, Rat, that live Midnight lp...."are you gonna be there at the love-in", chocolate watch band, even the Dark Cellars covered it but again "it's the song, not the singer"....who we DO need as a go-go dancer is Stabbatha La Thrills who channeled nancy Neon during Bobby Freeman's 'c'mon and swim" (Autumn records, co-wrote by Sylvester o' clann Stewart!) linehan-ago-go always good, simply because I play with 'em! (hahaha! and Johnny Angel had to teach me the word nepotism in 1978 Kenne interview in BGN!). Highlights: Lady Caroline closing with "i got the music in me", a Skeletone (Hopelessly Obscure '86 shared a Harrison avenue pracice space with them) on "season of the witch" and a John lee Hooker medley; my number was "crosstrown traffic"...EVERYBODY sang a toon like an Irish showband! Lastly was a bunch of jerks whom I DID enjoy! Veteran muscians from Skelteones/Bosley/Thumbcramp gave it a "vintage punk" sound but "our girl" is Stabbatha La Thrills. In MY opinion (only one that counts V!), she could sing the Rezilos "cant stand my baby" or "lookin through gary gilmore's eyes" or even the first Lene Lovich album only she wasnt boen then! (I had to explain Johnny and the Jumper Cables to her, since birhdate would have been a wee bit after the 13th gig, TT the bear's, Miss fancher lane, whom turned me onto Miles Dethmuffin, was my "handler").....Lastly, there was a BIG jam at end of Kiss's "Strutter" and Furnier's "No More Mister Nice Guy" (two bands I saw in NYC in '73!), Stabby deserting the mike to let a master show her how to "get down with my bad self"; though! I told her our duet was equal to Wendy O Williams and Lemmy doin "stand by your man". John Keegan DID have his view, true....BUT..."an' the p'int is" argued like an Ulsterman), let's see THIS review go virral! as usual, I have spoken! (influences: Jim Jones/Tom Jones/Grace Jones/Casey Jones and george Jones!"

Friday, February 18, 2019

saturday 2 feb 19. mad painter practice; Alex Gitlin (keyboards) expressed his love for Bloodrock (me too! that IS why i play bass in this band); new guitarist Paulie offered a new tune, kinda bluesy, so after doing the Supa Session "season of the witch", I named it "Blues for Paulie"...still waitin' on my royalty check! Flynn Young, post-practice, graced us with some acoustic piano....drums/synth/piano/fashion...he's "The Face"! Justine and unclean at sally o' brien's, a great rockin' set; of note, Jim Janota (Underachievers) looking AND playing like John Bonham now that he is bearded; Justine Covault wants to bring back Cable Theft (Jumper Cables/Grand Theft auto Supa group); I'm still alive and well, why not ANOTHER band? "I'll sleep when Warren Zevon's dead!" oh wait he is.....was wondering what happened to Jimmy Jay, "oldies" dj, facebook on 95.9 FM WATD, marshfield Mass. (a town founded by ma's ancestor name of Branch)....some EXCELLENT rare doo-wop on Yesterday's Memories with Ed,Bob and Bill.....six pm til midnight,then switch to WRKO to catch Coast to Coast with George Noory.....of course!!!!!


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