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Monday, February 11, 2019

day of wodin 6 feb 19. club linehan-ago-go practice for MJ Quirk birthday. Joe Quinn/ Al hendry rhythm section. special guest: Billy Connors of the Boise! with Lady Caroline! (Varulven artist!) and one Gizmo/O. rex/Afrika Korps....a lot of Rat rappin' of course! Billy played great, highlight being "Billy, I play Monkees "she hangs out" at "little queenie" level and Billy lit into "Little Queenie" so we jammed on it. more about the birthday gig coming up!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

saturday 9 march 19 MJ Quirk birthday party. paul from Moto opened solo electric, excellent, followed by Billy Connors Project who was truly rockin'....sittin' in back thinkin' "damn Ray Boy fernades sure a hard hittin' drummer!". club linehan-ago-go debuted "denis" (blondie),"over you" (roxy) and had Billy Connors up for "season of the witch" and a john lee hooker toon. lastly, thee fightin' fish covered plan nine's "step out of time"! (I played that 1984 album release at Rat). Place was fucken packed! all i did my 53rd birthday was cross the mason-dixon line into west virginny, tho i DID see my great-great granny's grave (Basnettsville WV popilation they said in Hee Haw: "sa lute!"

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

sunday 10 march 19. more fun at tavern at end of world open mike seven pm with natalie flanagan opening. Asa brebner blew my mind doing "you're no good' by jesse fuller of first bob dylan album; he talked about 'talkin NY blues"! Rob Lynch came up from Southie, lotsa Irish toons AND a dancin' blonde babe from Braintree in Bruins attire; Rob played the irish music, I did the Scots-irish bluegrass but it's still the same thing! "a nation once agin"....."me and my uncle' was done by grateful dead's American Beauty, a country-rock classic album i liked "back then"....we got Charlie hanson and ohan heghinian on electric guitar and keyboards for the Jim Croce medley; "dont mess around with a jimmy reed progression" (tossin' in "big boss man"!) and "bad boy leroy brown". But LASTLY ad hoc band of me/rob lynch/Mister Rock Bottom and Ohan, JUST for Natalie Flanagan who LOVES Bob Seger (but not the stuff on cameo-parkway! as covered by a cam Ackland post-Movers band): 'against the wind"! Let the Cowboys fucken ride.....MJ Quirk making HIS debut soon with MORE "bad" seventies songs? (SoftRock Bottom opening for Leslie West at harper's Ferry was PISSA tho!)"

Thursday, February 14, 2019

"Valentine's Day was Tim Buckley's birthday! Miss Lyn will now list all the Tim Buckley records she owned in order of release dates....uh ok, SO,,,,I was to harvard Square, raven used books, Church street, the bargain section (of course!) $2.95: Blue Melody: Tim Buckley Remembered by Lee Underwood, whom played a lot of guitar with him on a lot of albums. Facts, 60s reminisces, gigs, labels, tours etc. ALL there upon finishing posted on facebook status and Michael Anthony Miller, whom, driving from Steve Lorber's Mystic Eyes show one night said "Kenne, I have an idea for a song....da da da da da da...America First". I WAS living in Bloomington indiana, heard in passing of Tim Buckley's passing BUT the no-comproming Celt (roots in Amerstam NY i been there on greyhound) DID (Saint Timothy) bless us Gizmos a year later as we got praise and kissed no ass! (Dead People Fact; found a Gene Gene-aology site, Tim's ma traced back to SICILY like my beloved homegurel Lydia Lunch....AND Madonna! I love them all!). Lee Underwood, author/guitar/poet DID write me a nice messenger upon friending me via facebook, thanking me for liking book etc SO BUY (dont steal) this book, I feel it ranks with Morrison and Joplin bios (28 IF for Tim), burnt candle both ends but GODDAM, I declare (to quote the GRATEFUL DEAD!) left some damn fine music! Lee and I both got sober, so yer readin' it in the book I aint wrote again and DO check out Lee Underwood's poetry

Friday, February 15, 2019

"Til Tuesday 12 Feb 19. Blizzard of Ozzzz, eye doctor, Davis Square, Somerville,Mass. I Mad Texter Gee Julie; "somerville thee- ate-er, Bohemian Rhapsody, 430 PM, ONLY showin'!" using vacation tyme for "Eye dont need no doctor" AND movie, I am indeed a paid rock writer! Before 6 pm, it's EIGHT DOLLARS! So "sweet lil sixteen" for "your favourite gal". ok, "Thoughts" (a Vanilla Fudge 45 I had the once). My favourite part is ALWAYS in the beginning so 1970 London, Smile etc. (I even remember Larry Lurex from "back then"!); recording the first album played for me by "Jailbait Janet"'s boyfriend back in ("Head's In") '73"....I guess once they started having Top 40 hits for the teenyboppers ca "Killer Queen" they kinda lost me but those first two albums "a cross between Led Zeppelin and Yes"...that's what I dig! otherwise great acting, great music etc etc, sad ending ("I never cry"...."can i get a witness"?).....and that may be last movie I see for a spell, when Cal Cali returns I have a gig a week with Glider, but till then saturday matinee 9 march 19 midway cafe, club linehan/billy connors/ state of union/crunchtime cd release! (must hype weekly)"


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