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The Top Ten Songs

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  1. The Spackles | Happy To See You | Single | Rum Bar Records Bandcamp
    Upbeat, feel good song by a new line up of A Bunch of Jerks.
  2. Goon Platoon | Five Percent of Nothing | Keep on Rotting in the Free World | Bandcamp
    This hardcore nugget proves it only takes a minute to make a good point.
  3. Doug Tuttle | While Keeping Alive | Keeping Alive | Bandcamp
    Psych master Tuttle leads you into a dream state.
  4. Circus Battalion | Destroy This Place | Digital single | Bandcamp
    Kicking Boston gentrification in the f'n ass.
  5. Exhibition | On the Run | The Last Laugh | Triple B Records Bandcamp
    Some slamming hardcore that helps clear the palate.
  6. The Cretins | G Song | Pop Rocks | Bandcamp
    As tasty a punk nugget as you will hear anywhere.
  7. Sourpunch | Stupic Crush | Meet Me At The Bar | Bandcamp
    Jenn Lombari has fun grousing about that stupid crush.
  8. Jay Allen and the Archcriminals | Effin' Dreidel Song | Decriminalized... |Rum Bar Bandcamp
    Hilarious anti-Dreidel Song complete with "Oi" cheers.
  9. American Thrills | Ivy League Swing | Partied Ways | Wiretap Records Spotify
    The group is from CT. Our fave from a good album.
  10. Class | Box My Own Shadow | Epoca de Los Vaqueros | Feel It Records Bandcamp
    Sharp and rough but still very melodic.

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