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The Top Ten Songs

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  1. The Grommets | Friends | The TP EP | Bandcamp
    A slab of punk with the line "when the phone doesn't ring...that'll be me".
  2. The Darts | Shit Show | Love Tsunami | Bandcamp
    Life is a "shit show. A shitty shit show" says this garage gem.
  3. Doug Tuttle | While Keeping Alive | Self Released | Bandcamp
    We are under the spell of this trippy tune.
  4. Stormstress | Gold | Silver Lining | Bandcamp
    Locals that are juicing up the metal scene. Some eastern influences flavor this composition.
  5. Blood Stainded Brindle | Sargent Stubby | Pick of the Litter | Spotify
    The song is about a hero dog used in the army.
  6. Halfheads | Negative Miracles | One Two Few |Swashbuckeling Hobos Records Bandcamp
    A great bass performance on this strange tale of alien abduction(?).
  7. In Good Nature | When I'm Gone | Single | Spotify
    Excellent blast of emo. The band is from Worcester.
  8. Generos | Big Book | Wildcat | Bandcamp
    Graneros invest their songs with mystery and emotion.
  9. The Pulsebeats | (She Sings Like) Joey Ramone | Lookin' Out | Rum Bar Bandcamp
    If it name checks the Ramones, it better be good - it is..
  10. Chevelles | Steve McQueen (I Wish I Was) | Single | Bandcamp
    Drum heavy punker from the long time Australian group.

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