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The Top Ten Songs

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  1. Chevelles | Steve McQueen (I Wish I Was) | Single | Bandcamp
    Drum heavy punker from the long time Australian group.
  2. Control Freaks | Riot | Get Some Help | Video
    The sort of punk song we used to get all the time, but not much any more.
  3. Cromm Fallon | Two Stroke Smoke | Single | YouTube Video
    A garage rock stomper sounding very Lyres like.
  4. The Chelsea Curve | Drag | Single | Bandcamp
    They proved themselves over and over with a line of six singles in a row.
  5. Double Star | Holding Hands is for Lovers and Small Children | Say Something Now | Bandcamp
    Sounds like, and is as catchy as, an 80's new wave hit.
  6. Suzi Moon | Special Place in Hell | Call the Shots |Pirate's Press Bandcamp
    A revenge song you will love to sing along with.
  7. Prefab Messiahs | Beautiful Things 2 | Music for Concerned Citizens | Bandcamp
    Starts like a Byrds song and gets more psychedelic from there.
  8. Real Sickies | They Don't Know | Love is For Lovers | Stomp Records Bandcamp
    Some fine work on this pop punker. Check the last half minute where it's all cranking to the max.
  9. Nasty Rumors | Driving Me Insane | Swiss Punk Compilation | Bandcamp
    We die for catchy punk like this.
  10. Kid Gulliver | I Started a Joke | Gimme Some Go EP | Red on Red Bandcamp
    Kid Gulliver makes it their own with a new arrangement.

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