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The BGN's in a nutshell.


Issue one. 1975
This was one page, one side on pale yellow paper - late 1975.

   Author unknown untill 1/3/2004. Jon Macey has owned up.
Content is all gossip. No pictures.

One page - Feb. 1976.
First issue by Miss Lyn. Gossip. Issue #2 here

One page - 1976.
Gossip.Issue #3 here

Two pages - 1976.

   Mickey Clean & The Mezz, FoxPass, WA, The Duck Sisters, Jeff Wilkinson's definition of a dork, DMZ, Reddy Teddy. Special Feature: Thundertrain's Hot For Teacher review

Two pages - 1976.

   Oedipus, The Mezz, WA, Infliktors, Reddy Teddy, DMZ, Fox Pass, the Boize Special Feature: "Rockers Illustrated" Caricatures of local rockers and scenesters by Mach Bell Photos: WA

Three pages - 1976.

   Boize, Jon Macey/FoxPass, Reddy Teddy, WA, Third Rail, Dirt Magazine etal.... Special Feature: Match the Boston Rocker(Column A) to their Desired Sexual Preference/Practise (Column B) Coverage of the Boomland Benefit.
BGN begins taking subscriptions.

Three pages - 1976.

   Micky Clean and Mono Man play fight on stage. Ready Teddy shoot a moon. Oedipus show Nuit Blanch now called Demi Monde. Talk of the Rat's Mens room.
First issue with Blowfish material.

Two pages - 1976.

   FoxPass, Cap'n Swing, Sass, Dirt Magazine, WA, Thundertrain, The Infliktors Special Feature: A Day in Court with Mach Bell Photos: Cindy Toomey and Scott Baerenwald

Four pages - 1977.

   Wayne County, Thundertrain, DMZ, Third Rail, Kim Fowley, Suicide Commandos( from MN), Ramones, Dirt Magazine (Mark Morrisroe is SHOT!) Special Features: BGN Looks Back (at 1976) BGN Awards for 1976 Photos: Steve Cataldo, Reddy Teddy, Fox Pass w/Richard Nolan, Ed Hood, Marc Thor

Four pages - 1977.

   Pictures of Runaways with Jimi Harold. Phil Lyncott with Thundertrain. Stiv Bators.
"Live at The Rat " is out. Deep Thot by Willie Loco.

Eight pages - mid-1977.

   Usual gossip, Special Feature : Matthew MacKenzie Interview


   Interview: The Damned Special Features: Nolan's Confession (Richard Nolan of Third Rail autobiography) Regular Columns: Deep Thot by Al Lorenzo Drake (Willie Alexander) DC Divin by Kenne Highland Photos: Miss Lyn with Steve Tyler, Rick Derringer & Kenny Aaronson Mickey Clean and Stephan Lovelace of the Mezz

Eight pages - 1977.

   Thundertrain interview.Deep Thot by Willie Loco.DC Divin' by Kenny Gizmo. Third Rail single comes out.Three record reviews. Gossip.

Eight pages - 1977.

First issue with COVER photo.
   Interview: Willie Alexander Columns: Deep Thot by Al Lorenzo Drake (Willie Alexander) Record Reviews: God Save the Queen/Sex Pistols Rock'n'Roll with The Modern Lovers Amerika First/The Gizmos Mark, He's a Terror/ The Suicide Commandos Photos: Mach Bell, Mar

Twelve pages - 1977.

   Interview: The Count, Joe Viglione Special Feature: Dr. H.R. Spasm's theory on the 3 Distinct Punk Types, Illustrated Columns: DC Divin by Kenne Highland Record Reviews: All Kinds Girls/The Real Kids Auguste Phenomenon/The Count

Fourteen pages - 1978.

   Nervous Eaters interview. A look back at 1977.Deep Thot from Willie Loco. Picture of Mono Man with cast on arm. Record reviews include the three on the Rat label.Gossip.

Twelve pages - 1978.

   Real Kids interview by Kenny Gizmo.Record reviews. Deep Thot by Willie Loco. Richard Nolan of Third Rail interviews Lou Reed. DC Divin by Kenny Gizmo. Gossip.

Thirteen pages - 1978.

   Interview: James Isaacs    Special Features: Baby's Arm Official Bull Sheet by Frank Rowe BGN Survey "Quotable Quotes" Post Press Poop featuring news on DMZ, Real Kids, Mach Bell Columns: Kids Are Alright: Linda Leather Photos: Wendy O Williams, legs spread butt view, People Posing with Unnatrual Axe new disk: Tupper, Joanne Greene, John Levy, Barb Kitson & Rich Parsons, also : Oedipus, Bob Colby, doing the Boob with Mickey Clean

Twelve pages - 1978

   Interview with Kenny Gizmo. THE RAT'S MENS ROOM cartoon by Frank Rowe. Interview with Nikki Lazer of the Lazers. The Kids Are Alright is Roy Mental. Record reviews. Gossip and news.

Thirteen pages - 1979.

   Some covers have Oedipus's hair colored pink.
Interview is Oedipus. Kids are Alright is Rita Ratt. Photo spread on The Feet Of The Stars.Year end review and Awards for 1978.

Twelve pages - 1979

   Interview: Thrills Special Features: Conversation with Mark Flynn of Skunk Piss Jobs of the Stars (Match Column A to Column B) Columns: Kids Are Alright: Joanne Greene

Fourteen pages - 1979.

   Interview: Unnatural Axe Special Features: The Creeper Movie! Article with Photos by Ramona Barrett Third Rail Exclusive by Richard Nolan Kids Are Alright" Stewart who was in the Navy & Married to Gerri Ann WMBR's Late Risers Club Top 20 List Record Reviews: GG Allin & The Jabbers, Mickey Clean & The Mezz, The Girls, Robin Lane & The Chartbusters Photos: David Minehan, Kevin Glasheen with his pants down, Lou Miami & The Kozmetics, Johnny Angel with Jimmy Dufou

Sixteen pages - 1979.

   Lyres interview.Kids Are Alright is Decibal Dennis. Interview with Lou Miami. Photo spread is A Day In The Life of Mark Dagley of the Girls. Two pages of photos on The Dammed who showed up at The Space and played with Peter Dayton. Reviews. Gossip and news.

Eighteen pages - 1979.

   Interview: The Neighborhoods Special Features: What to do on a Summer Afternoon, BGN Guide for Bored Punks Interview with Marlo (Cantone's Bartender) Comic: Shitheads in Paradise by Frank Rowe BGN Editorial: Racism in the Scene Regular Columns: Deep Thot by Al Lorenzo Drake (Willie Alexander) Punk Gourmet reviews Buzzy's Roast Beef A Day in the Life of..Johnny Angel of Thrills WMBR's Late Risers Club Top 20 List Photos: Jeff Wilkinson, Matthew MacKenzie, Lou Miami

Twenty pages - 1979?

   Interview: Robin Lane & The Chartbusters Special Features: Bums of the Stars Mini Interview with The Lonely Boys Mini Interview & Photo feature: Bound & Gagged Comic: The Wages of Sin by Frank Rowe Regular Columns: Day in the Life of...Frank Rowe of Classic Ruins Kids Are Alright: Bruno, from Scotland Punk Gourmet reviews The Pizza Pad Photos: Miss Lyn & Blowie, Barb Kitson & Merle Allin, Lou Miami & New Kozmetics BJ Platner

Twenty four pages - 1980.

   Interview: Jonathan Richman Special Features: Signs of the Stars The Kids Are Alright is Betsy Buttons. A Day In The Life of Jimmy Dufour of The Loners. Twit and Twat cartoon by Frank Rowe. WA Update The Mutants photo pages.

Twenty two - 1980 maybe

   Kip Korea Free Flexi Disc Interview: Peter Dayton Special Features: Phil'n'Phlash interviewed A Night Out with The Fast (Photo Feature) The Alternative, a Toast to What Could Have Been (Photo Feature) BGN Goes to see The Nervous Eaters Day In the Life of...Barb Kitson/Thrills Kids Are Alright: Button Arty Freedman Deep Goat by Al Lorenzo Drake

Twenty pages - 1981.

   Special Features: Rick Ocasek of the Cars gets the BGN Medal of Honor Comic: Where's Johnny Now by Ralph Fatello Photo Features: Willie & Billie's Wedding Party Third Rail Mag 4 Dewar's Profile The Runes Columns: Kids- Joan McNulty Punk Gourmet reviews The El Phoenix A Day in The Life of...Oedipus Record reviews: City Thrills EP, Slow Children, The Fix, Plasticland, The Graphics, The Lyres Photos: The Dead Boys, Matthew MacKenzie & Rich Parsons

Twenty pages - 1981.

   Interview: WMBR's The Late Riser's Club DJs Free Flexi Disc: The Billy Goons with accompanying Photo Feature Special Features: The Mighty Ions The Young Snakes with Amiee Mann A Day in the Life of... Ralph Fatello of the Vinny Band Kids- Tontileo Deep Goat by Al Lorenzo drake

Twenty Two pages - ?
   Interview: The Neats and The MIAs Special Features: Clubland boardgame with game pieces Lyrics: General Hospital Lament, I Want You Fat, That's When I Reach for a Can of Spray Paint Kids- Paul Gadreaux Photo Feature: The F.U.s Photos: Oedipus with Pete Shelley, Albert O, Miss Lyn & Mach Bell

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