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Miss Lyn's Art website....

Blowfish web

Web Sites
.......Links to Arthur Freedman's video collection at the Harvard Film Archive. ....Link to Arthur Freedman's audio collection at the Loeb Music Collection at Harvard. ........Lots of great photos. Constantly updated. ........New site as of 2013 from ex-Phoenix writers. Wider range of acts than we cover - they cover locals and touring bands. ........Covers more of the low key house bands and electronic groups, stuff we miss. ........Lots of energy and good ideas in this site that features Boston bands we love too. .......Boston's #1 punk DJ, Oedipus gets online. This is very promising...he's got a vault of goodies. ........Good hardcore coverage. Great pictures of current shows. ....... Longtime punk personality / icon - Tontileo has a new blog. Johnny was very high profile in the old days. He still is; still playing, writing, and being a police officer. ...... This is a Myspace page for the Channel, one of the great clubs. ...... C.A. Vanaria was photographing in Boston from 1979-86. On this page she's got some big acts but also Proletariat and a great one of some slam dancers at a Jerry's Kids show. ...... This is the store that has the officially licensed prints of the Rat T-shirt. Music Museum of New England is looking to become the home base for fans of this area. They are working on several levels. This site is ramping up but already has video interviews that makes them a valuable resourse. Arthur Freedman gets does a myspace a friend. Lyn also has a My Space page....oh no...even her. this is a myspace page with a focus on Boston metal bands on the scene in the 80's and 90's. Lots of links. Crocker's site of videos. Some old Boston punk stuff you can't see anywhere else. Thank god he was filming. of the whole Cleveland punk scene. Some Dead Boys remembrances among lots of other stuff. on Hardcore scene. Not lots here but good show listings which are harder to get elsewhere. The Boston Hardcore scene needs a full on site.

Smash Easy....has put out a La Peste release. Connected to the Outpost recording studio where Ted La Pierre has presided over some early Boston punk recordings see his bio on the site.

Barry Marshall's site...He's been on the scene from the beginning ...since the Marshalls his accomplishments are varied and numerous..the site is new but gives an idea of where's he's been.'s a thorough list of eary Boston punk records ( I don't know who is doing this.).

Late Riser's Club from WMBR FM a BGN cover story and long running punk show.

Lorry Doll of Tracks Jeff Rey has a site dedicated to the late Lorry Doll and the story of Tracks one of Boston Punks original groups.He's got fabulous stories.

The Noise Current magazine featuring ongoing Boston Punk Scene.

Bands Kilslug gets myspace action.

Girl On Top

Muck and the Mires

Triple Thick and Jane Hudson doing arty punk since 1977 have a web site now. They have some CD's available. Talented, unique and great people.

The Jabbers..They're putting on some great shows and they have a new site.

The Phantoms site.....They existed from 1977 to 1987 and did a lot of giging, now they have cranked up a web site with lots of ideas. Macy of Fox Pass has a site that gives you news on the new and the old Fox Pass. site for the cranked up Fox Pass.

GG Allin and the goings on of the Murder Junkies.Lots of pics and info.

The Naughty Bits were playing Boston clubs a lot from 1986 - 1994.

The Ill Wind played the Tea Party back in 1967. The site has some good pics and can help you find out about the Boston scene back then.

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