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Young Snakes Interview
   Before he started the documentary Boys From Nowhere Chris Parcellin had some informative interviews on the now defunct web site. He has allowed us to carry those four interviews here at the BGN. They are.....
DMZ    Steve Cataldo     JJ Rassler     Willie Loco
   Johnny Angel writes a mystery novel Looking for Lady Dee steeped in Boston punk and Thrills history. It's no apologys given for the punk lifestyle. ....
Johnny Angel talking about his Book
   It appeared before us like a chimera and it's still's the Pipeline 25th Anniversary celebration. We interview mastermind Bob Dubrow about his background and search for what motivates him as well as Pipeline history and the show....
The Bob Dubrow Interview
His voice has been conspicuously absent for many years, even though back in the day the whole scene revolved around him. He created the ground zero of Boston punk, our original home, The Rat. Today, he seemed to us to be one happy guy. He guards his property, The Rat name, so he was a little surprised now and then during our ........
Jimmy Harold Interview
He has been the drummer for The Knobs, The Boize, Babies Arm, and The Last Ones and his history goes to that interesting formative time just before punk. Richee's story is typical of those who were around before punk and saw punk form around them.....
Richee Johnson Interview
They were from out of town but we loved them like our own. The Dead Boys made a big impression with their first Rat show and Miss Lyn was right there. We have a radio show transcription that captures their sarcastic fun and some memories from Miss Lyn and others who were there with......
The Dead Boys Interview
Richard Nolan put together over 10 versions of Third Rail. All of them top notch. One of the first Boston punk bands that woke up the city in 1975-76 is now back and sounding just as good as ever. Our interview was cut short when Richard, an undertaker, got a call to pick up a 'customer' ...he however was very lively.......
Richard Nolan Interview 2005
You mention their name and you always get the same response; "How come they never made it BIG !?!? Minahan is a star." We got them in 1979. Things looked very good for them then. They seem to have everything in perspective in the interview so ... how could they not have make it BIG!!??......
The BGN's 1979 Neighborhoods Interview
Those that saw Reddy Teddy will never forget them. Though the intervening years may have obscured their legacy somewhat but a new compilation CD along with a high profile Paradise gig will show their stuff. On this page you'll find a detailed Reddy Teddy history, a brand new Reddy Teddy Interview and some photo gems from the early 70's........
The Reddy Teddy Interview 7/2004

Just added the Reddy Teddy Photo Gallery
A vital part of the Scene since 1965, Helanie is known by many here in Boston! With her wild stories, antics, clothes and personality Helanie is a force to be reckoned's an account of our latest run-in with Miss Helanie Saad. .....
The Helanie Saad Interview
Not only was he part of Boston Punk from the beginning, not only has he been musically active every year since, not only does he have a successful group now, but he got great stories about all of it.......
The JJ Rassler Interview - 2003
You're going to hear a lot about The Blackjacks in the next week as they have several reunion shows. Johnny is the mouth piece of course and his opinions are stronger than ever. You'll see in .....
Johnny Angel talks about the Blackjacks' Reunion
The Thrills just released a CD compilation of their songs. Unfortunately, it's been over 20 years since they broke up and newer/younger rock fans don't know about them. There even is a current group using their name: but we'll never forget those wild gigs, Johnny's outspoken personality and Barb's voice......
The BGN Thrills Interview 1979
With Fox Pass in the seventies he was the first to break down barriers of the rock establishment and create the Punk Scene in Boston...with the creation of The Boston Groupie News he birthed the Boston Punk community....but what has he done for us recently?...In 2003 he released a CD bursting with creativity...and he's gigging this week........
Jon Macey Interview
In 2004 we will be hearing a lot about Reddy Teddy as they reform and release some material. Our interview with Matthew MacKenzie (RIP) the leader of Reddy Teddy was the first we ever did. I think you will find we got a good look at Matthew's fixations, influences and opinions;all the things that helped make Reddy Teddy a classic Boston band.........
The Matthew MacKenzie Interview 1977
When we heard the Nervous Eaters were going to have a gig in Salem we were excited. After we saw them we were more excited. The Eaters were fully cranked up. We talk to them about their current plans and projects and a little about the old days of course in ......
The 2003 Nervous Eaters Interview
The Real Kids are still getting lots of attention these days. Well here's our interview done in the day - 1978....
Real Kids Interview - Issue #16
Miss Lyn treks to Providence to meet longtime fave Nick Cash of 999.
Interview with Nick Cash of 999
They weren't just punk they were nasty. They were in your face and that's just the way they liked it. Great musicians and sharp song writers they were everybody's favorite live band. They were our cover boys for issue #15 from 1978.
The Nervous Eater's Interview
Inspired by the first wave of punk they got a group together and recorded a classic Boston punk record in 1978 - They Saved Hitlers's Brains. Their live shows were sheer energy. They were young, dumb,and inspired. We got them in 1979...
The Unnatural Axe Interview
She is a new talent with an intriguing style & image, he is a legend who is fascinated by her...So we had him interview her.....
Moniqe Ortiz Interviewed By Willie 'Loco' Alexander
Since 1975 he has been at many of the majic moments of Boston Punk ....on stage. As a member of the Real Kids, The Classic Ruins, and currently The Varmints Billy Borgioli has pounded our ears with greatness. We get ALL the info in ...
THE Billy Borgioli Profile
He's THE MAN. This is a much requested interview and he was our first cover boy. This is from Issue #13, 1977.....
Willie 'Loco' Alexander Interview
Before the Vatican Sex Kittens and Kenne Highland Klan… before the kilt, before the crazy, hyper man of today, there was Kenne Gizmo…the crazy, hyper man of then. Kenne Highland has a long career, lived by true punk standards. We caught him in 1978, after the Gizmos...
The Kenne Highland Interview -1978
1977-The Damned were ready to piss on Blowfish and started to undress Miss Lyn! And people seemed to like it!! This interview IS outrageous...for then AND now!
The Damned Interview
We talked to filmmaker Cheryl Eagan-Donovan about her Real Kids documentary All Kinda Girls. She interviewed us for the film...and we think she should include the whole 3 hours in her movie! But she interviewed so many other cool people too...hear what she had to say. She talks about filmmaking, the old scene and her views of the punks she got on film.
The Eagan-Donovan Interview

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