Willie BGNTWO.jpg - 5.73 K Ocasac BGN.jpg - 6.12 K The Late Risers Club WMBR at MIT Nervous Eaters pIc by Denise Donahue Johnathan Richman. Oedipus - for a while he had rainbow colored dandruff.

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Willie Loco
Lost, Baggatelle
Boom Boom Band
Still playing.
Carter Alan DJ WMBR
Late Risers Club
Johnny Angel Thrills, City Thrills
Blackjacks, Swinging Eriudites
Talk radio host KFI-AM as Johnny Wendal
Commercial actor
Married.Two children.
Johnny Barnes The Johnny Barnes Group Lives on a boat in New Bedford,
author and lots else going on...
Dave Bass Young Snakes
Moved to Philly.
Wrote two books on Phlly
music, needs publisher.
Mach Bell Thundertrain, Mach 3
Joe Perry Project
Mach 5, Bag O' Nails
Music Teacher
Carl Biancucci Classic Ruins Classic Ruins and other bands.
Ian Blast Marc Thor, La Peste In China working for Duracell.
Matt Burns V Classic Ruins, et al.
Cantone's Early punk club Building Rehab
#69 abolished.
The Club Early punk club Inactive
Billy Cole Real Kids, Baby's Arm Real Kids
Mike Collins Thrills,City Thrills, Band 19
Outlets, Backjacks
Special Ed Teacher,
Upright bass player - Chicago
Ric Coraccio The Boize
Car Mechanic
The Lyres, The Last Ones
Calibration Techniction
Brother Cleave Fox Pass, DJ. Spinnig records
all around.
Crazy Jane
( Langston )
Noted scenster Living in Atlanta.
Two children.
Peter Dayton La Peste
Peter Dayton Band
Artist based in NY
Dee Ranged -
Diane (Wright) Hobson
Dee Tales and
Woof Magazine
Retired Counseling Therapist.
Living in RI.
Has 5 grandkids
Frank Dehler Unnatural Axe English Teacher
Harvard Extension School
Axe reunions
Lenny Dupont Third Rail - 1976 Teacher - Married w/one child
Lives in Boston
Ralph Fatello The Vinny Band Surf blog Ralph's Pic
Married w/ three children.
John Felice Real Kids Real Kids
Rayboy Fernandes The Atlantics Owner of Boston
Butta Beats
Hip Hop/Rock Studio
Mark Flynn Billygoons, DJ. DJ in NYC
John Fox FU's FU's
Paul Gleason Lazers guitarist Real Estate Broker, Boston, Ma
Joanne Greene Scenester Rock critic in Seattle
Tamie Heidi WMBR
Late Risers Club
Off KROQ-FM now.
Doing bits on 93.1 Jack FM.
Kenne Highland Gizmos, Afrika Korps
Hopelessly Obscure
Johnny and the Jumpercables.
Now in Highland Moore
with Jody Urbati Moore
Cal Cali and MJ Quirk.
Jeff and Jane
Rentals Rentals, Video artists.
Have a shop in the Hudson Valley
Liz Ireland Critic for
many publications.
working in computers
and training horses
Nikki Jarrett The Lazers Went to LA
2007 = now back in town.
Richee Johnson Boize, Marc Thor,
Baby's Arm
The Last Ones
CAD Designer
Suzie Kerr
(now Wright)
Swinging Erudites Married in Nashville. Still singing.
Linda Leather Kids Are Alright
Married in LA, Ca.
Two children-Cory and Alison.
Kathei Logue
aka Candy
Manager of groups
and Upstairs Rat bar, Killer Children publisher, etc.
Librarian.Living in NJ with
husband artist Taylor Blanchard
Jon Macey Fox Pass Still making music
Link to Jon
Judy Map Maps Married to David Minahan.
Several children.
Mono Man DMZ , Lyres Lyres
Barry Marshall The Marshalls Record producer
and Professor
see his web site.
Danny McCormack Marc Thor,Lyres,
Mighty Ions
The Last Ones
Computer Consultant
David McLean Boom Boom Band CPA Woodshole
Oceanographic Institute
Boom Boom's still.
Randi Millman WLYN Books Johnny D's.
David Minahan Neighborhoods Producer at the Wooly Manmouth Studio.
Married to Judy Map.
Carmen Monoxide
Miscarriage Mag
Bass player
Elementary school teacher
in Vancouver
Dave Morrison Trademarks Works in NYC museum
Richard Nolan Third Rail Mortician and
Third Rail still playing
Albert O WMBR, DJ WBCN Hi-def radio.
Oedipus WTBS (WMBR)
from WBCN
Rich Parsons Unnatural Axe
Boys Dept. @ Filenes
Reunions of the Axe.
Newbury Comics.
Shel Pierce The Runes Cover band Early Iron
Fred Pineau Atlantics/Bonjour Aviators 5Point and Bay City Rock
Ric Provost Thundertrain Skunkmonkey
in Florida
JJ Rassler DMZ Downbeat 5,
Thee Cuban Heels
The Rat Boston's Original
Punk Club till 1997
Could you just cry?
Jonathan Richman Modern Lovers Still touring USA/Europe
Frank Rowe Baby's Arm/Classic Ruins Classic Ruins
Suzy Rust
Wrote the Liberty Guardian Has a web site
Carl Square Mighty Ions, Resonators
Ions reunions, church choir
Ron Scarlett Ron Scarlett Group Occasional accoutic solo gigs
Steven Silva Thundertrain Skunkmonkey
in Florida
Marc Thor Marc Thor Band Teaching music in NYC
Tmax The Noise The Noise
Greg Urbatis
( Yerbassist )
Swinging Erudites
The Queers
Computer Programmer
plays with Fight Dirty
Linda Viens (Price) Children of Paradise
Witch Doctor
Crown Electric Company
Kingdom of Love
Much requested back up singer
Joe "The Count" Viglione Into everything. Even more so.
See for yourself
Chuck Warner Throbing Lobster Label Hyped To Death Label
Tom White Unnatural Axe/Mighty Ions Reunion shows.

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