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Rick Corracio's Personal Journal

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I heard a rumor that The Crybabies were going to kick the night off at 9:00. I showed up about 8:15 and snagged the only legal parking spot right in front of the club, much to the dismay of Artie and Pattie Sniederman, who were right behind me, and looking for a place to put their huge Mercury Marquis. When he realized it was me, he flipped me the FINGER, and he was laughing and cursing as they pulled around.

Alex Piandes and Dinos Mekios were already in attendance. Not wanting to miss a chance to chat with, and plug my bands, to two of the finest Boston D.J's, I put myself on The Crybabies guest list and strolled on over.

Brian (lead guitarist from Muck and the Mires) was telling us about the disappointing show put on by Dave Clark 5 guitarist ,Mike Smith, at the Regent Theatre on Thursday. "They played for an hour and a half," he said, " 45 minutes would have been too much, There was only 150 people there."

Andrea Gillis was tending bar. Damn, she's cute !! I lamented to her that I had driven all the way out to The Dodge Street Bar and Grille just to see her band Red Chord, only to find out that they had cancelled. She bought me a beer.

Frank Rowe showed up with his wife Denise. Amazingly, he was unaware that his new guitarist, Jeff Crane, had quit The Crybabies to join The Classic Ruins.

The Crybabies set was being delayed, the house bass amp was on the fritz. Bassist Cheryl Crane looked a little apprehensive, so I went over and asked her a few questions about her Epiphone bass in an effort to distract her while the sound guy did his thing and got the amp working.

I felt an odd "presence". Turning around, I quickly scanned the room. Yup, there she was, the always alluring, Miss Laura Markley, looking nicely feminine in a flowing, knee length, print skirt and boots. Very nice indeed!

The Crybabies played a wonderful, Byrds-ey, jangley, 12 string guitar drenched set. Steve Aquino is the undisputed master of the 12 string. Interestingly enough, when Steve played in the Lyres, he hated his 12 string. We really had to fight with him to play it. Now he never puts it down., Sniederman's vocals were, as usual, "world class".
Cheryl is my kind of bass player. The notes you don't play, are every bit as important as the notes you do play . That statement will only make sense to other, fellow bassists . I will have to teach her the patented "Rick Coraccio Method" of covering up mistakes without dropping out. Never let them see you sweat, you've got to SELL that mistake.
I did miss former guitarist Jeff Crane's lead work, their new guy was barely audible, so I cannot even critique his playing, except to say, he did not detract from the overall great sound of the band.

The Crybabies new CD, How The Other Half Lives on Dino records has attracted the attention of Little Steven, who regularly plays their version of Man With Money, on his syndicated show. I say, 'good for them'.

I was chatting up two cute girls for about, oh, 15 minutes before I realized they were Ellie and Cat, 2/4ths of the next band to play, The Charms. I offered up my best pick-up line, "So, come here often?" (note to myself; you're such a DORK, Rick). "Well, mostly when we gig here." said Ellie. Ah youth! Apparently these girls are way too young to recognize that outdated line.( hey, it worked like,40 years ago). They played a good, rockin' set.

One of the nice things about the Abbey, is that you can go into the other room were the bar is, and actually have a conversation with someone without shouting.
If this reminds you of Cantones, you are probably approaching the big FIVE OH, if your not already there. There seems to be kind of a resurgence in the Boston music scene, and a lot of the people are the same people, like myself, who were around back in the days of Cantones , The Rat, andThe Club, including , of course, the bands and band members. It's definitely a good thing.

John Felice was leaning against the wall near the girls room, talking to Billy Cole. "What's up John?" I asked. "Best seat in the house" he said. Just then, a tall, dark haired supermodel, glided confidently out of the ladies room, expensive perfume filling our nostrils. "See what I mean." He said, and downed a half a glass of draft beer in one motion, and headed off in her direction. Billy and I looked at each other and simultaneously burst out laughing, as if to say, "Way out of your league, Felice!" But hey, sometimes a guy's got to chase a few skirts around to feel good about himself.

I waved to Filmmaker Cheryl Eagan across the room, I never made it over to talk to her because I ran into Terry Brenner who books the Dodge Street Bar and Grill. I confirmed my Wednesday Last Ones gig, and Terry informed me that Dodge Street has new owners and he will be booking more Boston bands into the club, this is good news, because there was always a conflict between the former owner's and Terry's taste in music.

I forged onward toward the bar to say hi to Mike Quirk and Artie Freidman. Mike offered to assist me in my quest for the perfect Black Russian. While I was talking to Evan and Linda Shore, my friend and Last Ones drummer, Richie Johnson came in, he was all dooded up from his date with a girl he met through his internet dating service. Richie has had amazingly good luck by heading his personal description as "Stupid, ugly guy"!

The Real Kids hit the stage running, and a sea of heads were bobbing in time to the classics. These guys are an unstoppable force. Felice just sucks everybody in, face to face, with gut wrenching emotional honesty, then smacks you right in the forehead with an open palm of driving Fender Telecaster, leaving you feeling so CLEANSED, like a Rock and Roll Baptism.
A good feeling permeated the whole club, like everyone was having a good hair day.
Amen, Reverend Felice.
Andrea flashed the lights, signifying last call. It was a fun night at the Abbey, lots of good friends, pretty girls and great music. RC

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