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These are the scrapbooks with pasted club listings from the paper that the list was mainly made from.
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Various Years Club Listings - Boston Punk Scene

Dates in YELLOW are ones we're sure of. Other gigs need a date or day to be 100% sure.
If anyone has further confirming info please contact us at The BGN.
Anything in GREEN is an unusual event or something of interest.
Listings for 1976... Click Here.
Listings for 1977... Click Here.
Listings for 1978... Click Here.
The Channel gig listings... Click Here.


Somerville High - Feb 18 Fri Modern Lovers
Speakeasy (Central Sq.) - Feb 19 Sat Modern Lovers


Stone Phoenix Coffeehouse (1120 Boylston St) - Jan 12+13 Fri+Sat The Modern Lovers

Paul"s Mall (733 Boylston) - March Aerosmith, Mother Earth
K K K Katy's (Kenmore Club) (Kenmore Sq.) - April Aerosmith, Sadbird
Scarbough Fair (Revere Beach Blvd) - April 26-29 Aerosmith and Ing

Boston Club (969 Comm Ave) - May 8-10 Tues-Thur Genya Raven


Cape Cod Coliseum - July 17 David Bowie

The Rat - Sept 25 Wed Grand Opening - Phluph This is the first day with the club being owned by Jimmy Harold. It existed in the sixties with acts like the Remains and The Lost. This is day one for the punk era.

The Rat - Sept 29 Sun New England Talent Showcase with Chris Martin Group, Hearts, Quick, Run Dry, Fox Fire, Live Lobster, Dead End Kids, Phluph, Hobo Road Wiley Crawford Group

The Rat - Nov 25 Mon The Kids. This would be the first show by what would become the Real Kids.
Rat Opening Kids first show

The Club - Dec 31 Tues Reddy Teddy

The Rat - Dec 31 Tues Johanna Wild


The Club - Jan 2-4 Thur-Sun Reddy Teddy
The Club - Jan 8-11 Wed-Sat Radio King

Paul's Mall - April 7 Mon Kraftwerk


Jazz Workshop - Jan 8-11 Thur-Sun Patti Smith


Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 25 Sat The Fools, Unafraid
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 26 Sun The Redeemers
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 27 Mon Voyce, Lookout and The Cruise
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 28 Tues Sinn Fein, Braintrust, Halfshadow
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 29 Wed Poor Boys, The Nova Mob
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 30 Thurs Rash of Stabbings, Chain Link Fence, Noonday Underground, DL Shred
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 31 Fri Barrence Whitfield and the Savages, The Accidents and DJ Bowzer
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 1 Sat Boys Life, Lifeboat, Drezniak and DJ Bowzer


Tennis Up - February 15 Boys Life w/Unnatural Axe, Peter Dayton, Pastiche, No Exit

The Underground - March 24 Boys Life w/Neats
The Underground - April 20 Sun The Cure and Mission of Burma
The Rat - April 21 Mon Boys Life w/The Dogs
The Club- April 24 Thurs Boys Life w/The Neats & People in Stores

The Punkt Data Gallery (256 Hanover St, 2nd Floor, North End) - May 3 Sat Tri X Pan Exposures by Philin Phlash.

The Underground - May 6 Tues Boys Life w/ The Instigators
The Underground - May 12 Mon Vectors Benefit
The Underground - May 13 Tues The Pepitones and Brocken Idols
The Underground - May 14 Wed Ground Zero & Vitamin
The Underground - May 15 Thur Someone & the Somebodies and Ground Zero
The Underground - May 16 Fri Someone and the Somebodies and The Insect Surfers
The Underground - May 17 Sat Shrapnel and the Vectors
The Underground - May 18 Sun Pastice and Wunderkind

The Underground - May 14-15 Wed-Thurs Shane Champagne, the Upstarts
The Underground - May 16-17 Fri-Sat Peter Dayton and The Remakes

The Rat - May 10 Mon The Dawgs, The Make
The Rat - May 11 Tues Idol Threats, The Eggs, Flick Tracy
The Rat - May 12 Wed Risers, The Games
The Rat - May 13+14 Thurs+Fri The Dawgs, Harlequin, P.S. Wild
The Rat - May 18+16 Sat+Sun from NYC The Rattler with the Lyres and The Lonely Boys

Cantones - May 20 Boys Life w/Telephones
Thayer Street Loft- May 24 Boys Life w/ Loners & People in Stores
Cantones - May 30 Boys Life w/Thrills
The Underground - May 31 Boys Life w/Peter Dayton

The Channel - June 4 General Foods, Broken Idols, New Models
The Channel - June 5 Reckless, Jon Butcher Axis
The Channel - June 6 Human Sexual Response, Third Rail, France
The Channel - June 7 Pastiche, The Peytons, The Satellites
The Channel - June 8 John Lincoln Wright & the Sourmash Boys
The Channel - June 11 Lou Miami and the Kozmetix, MPC, The Instigators
The Channel - June 12 The Thrills, The Mirrors
The Channel - June 13 Sass, Balloon
The Channel - June 14 Trapper, Johnny Barnes & The Automatics
The Channel - June 15 Robin Right & the Right Country, John Hicks & the Revolution
The Channel - June 18 Lyres, Mission of Burma
The Channel - June 19 Crystal Ship “A Tribute to the Doors”
The Channel - June 20 Shane Champagne, Gang War
The Channel - June 21 American Teen, Andy Mendelson, The Elevators
The Channel - June 25 The Spores,Straight Lines
The Channel - June 26 The Dawgs,The Satellites
The Channel - June 27 Third Rail, Mystery Dates, France
The Channel - June 28 Mande Dahl, Lip

Cantones - June 2 Boys Life w/ Lou Miami
Cantones - June 17 Boys Life w/Peter Dayton
Cantones - June 18 Boys Life w/Peter Dayton
Thayer Street Loft - June 21Boys Life w/People in Stores & Steve Stain
Underground - June 29 Boys Life w/Steve Stain
Underground - June 30 Boys Life w/The Reader

The Channel - July 2 The Phantoms,The Optics
The Channel - July 3 Dutch Courage,The Marshalls
The Channel - July 4 The Vinny Band, New Models & Broken Idols
The Channel - July 5 Pastiche,La Peste & Admision of Guilt
The Channel - July 9 The Mundanes, Boys
The Channel - July 10 The Peytons, The Needs
The Channel - July 11 Balloon, The Tweeds
The Channel - July 12 The Atlantics, The Teasers also Arthur Slick & The Nice Girls
The Channel - July 16 Ras Karbi, Shane Champagne Band
The Channel - July 17 Joe Cocker, France
The Channel - July 18 American Teen, Darling
The Channel - July 19 The Stompers, The Thrills
The Channel - July 23 The Others, Peter Dayton Band
The Channel - July 24 State of Mind, Seth
The Channel - July 25 Human Sexual Response, The Make, Slow Children
The Channel - July 26 James Montgomery, Carmody
The Channel - July 30 The I-Tones
The Channel - July 31 The Shades, The Rems

The Rat - July 1 The Rumble with Pastiche and Boys Life
Underground - July 20 Boys Life w/Clothespins
The Rat - July 15 Boys Life w/the Deacons
On the Rocks Yarmouth, MA - July 22 Boys Life
Cantone - July 23 Boys Life w/Loners
Cantone - July 24 Boys Life w/Loners

The Channel - Aug 1 The Elevators, Peytons, The Eggs
The Channel - Aug 2 The Necessaries, Shane Champagne Band, New Models
The Channel - Aug 6 The Marshalls, The Phantoms
The Channel - Aug 7 The Trademarks, Eric Van, Killer Children
The Channel - Aug 8 Reckless,darling, The Double
The Channel - Aug 9 Lou Miami and the Kozmetix,Rubber Rodeo, Tennie Komar + The Silencers
The Channel - Aug 13 France,State of Mind
The Channel - Aug 14 John Butcher Axis,Shane Champagne
The Channel - Aug 15 Sass,The Nationals
The Channel - Aug 16 Count Viglione’s Love & Flame,Aunt Helen, The Optix
The Channel - Aug 20 The Needs,Steve Goddard, The Deal
The Channel - Aug 21 Robert Ellis Orrall,The New Models, The Telephones
The Channel - Aug 22 The Neighborhoods,The Peytons, General Foodz
The Channel - Aug 23 The Rattlers,Swinger’s Resort, Johnny Barnes

The Rat - August 2 Boys Life w/Speedies & The Peytons
Underground - August 4 Boys Life w/Speedies
Jaspers - August 10 Boys Life w/The Neighborhoods
The Living Room Providence, RI - August 12 Boys Life w/The Neighborhoods
Main Act - August 15 Boys Life w/The Neighborhoods & The Speedies
Compass Longue Yarmouth, MA - August 18 Boys Life w/The Neighborhoods
Downtown Lounge Portland ME- August 20 Wed Boys Life with The Stains
1270 - August 20 Wed Human Sexual Response

The Channel - Sept 2 New England,The Billies, France
The Channel - Sept 3 The Peter Dayton Band,The Refrigerators, The Sonics
The Channel - Sept 4 State of Mind,Mad Actor
The Channel - Sept 5 The Atlantics,La Peste, 2 x 4’s
The Channel - Sept 9 Airport,The Daughters,
The Channel - Sept 10 Loners,Trademarks, New Models, Vinny, Gremies
The Channel - Sept 11 Midnight Traveller,Stolen Kisses
The Channel - Sept 12 Balloon,The Eggs, The Modes
The Channel - Sept 13 The Elevators,The Make
The Channel - Sept 16 AugustBreakdown, Boy’s Life
The Channel - Sept 17 John Butcher Axis,Lip
The Channel - Sept 18 Beaver Brown,American Teen, The Trademarks, The Tweeds
The Channel - Sept 19 Levon Helm,The Cate Bros. Band
The Channel - Sept 20 James “Blood” Ulmer,The Lyres, Slow Children
The Channel - Sept 23 Jinx,Steve Goddard & The Deal, The REMS
The Channel - Sept 24 The Teasers,Broken Idols, Mona
The Channel - Sept 25 Lou Miami and the Kozmetix,Big World, The Upstarts
The Channel - Sept 26 The Stompers,State of Mind
The Channel - Sept 27 The Feelies,Mission of Burma, The Trademarks
The Channel - Sept 3 Boy,The Runes

The Rat - September 5 Boys Life w/Mundanes & The Peytons
Living Room Providence RI - September 6 Boys Life w/Neighborhoods
The Canterbury - September 12 Boys Life w/Upstarts
The Cantubury - September 13 Boys Life w/Upstarts
The Channel- September 16 Boys Life w/ August & Breakdwon

The Rat - Sept 21 Sun Thrills, from Detroit Niki Corvette, Someone and the Somebodies
The Rat - Sept 22 Mon Benefit for Phantom's Drummer    Needles, Rems, Jinx and surpise guest
The Rat - Sept 23 Tues The Phantoms, D.C. Tenz, Design
The Rat - Sept 23 Wed Tennie Komar and the Silencers, Names, Paper Dolls
The Rat - Sept 24 Thurs+Fri The Make, New Models, Hot Dates
The Rat - Sept 25+26 Sat+Sun Runners Up to Boston's Battle of the Bands - France, Dawgs, The Eggs
Main Act - September 26 Boys Life w/The Neighborhoods & Atlantics

The Channel - Oct 1 American Teen,The REMS, DC Tenz
The Channel - Oct 2 John Cougar & The Zone,Root Boy Slim & Cryin’ Out Loud, The Shades
The Channel - Oct 3 The Elevators
The Channel - Oct 4 The Bush Tetras,Boy’s Life, Wunderkind
The Channel - Oct 5 The Mo-Dettes,Robert Ellis Orrall
The Channel - Oct 5 Mo-Dettes,The New Oct
The Channel - Oct 7 Revolver,Junk Mail, The Sods
The Channel - Oct 8 The Modes,August
The Channel - Oct 9 Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels,American Teen, Lip
The Channel - Oct 9 Mitch Ryder,American Teen, Lip
The Channel - Oct 10 BB King
The Channel - Oct 10 Johnny Barnes,Spies, Axes
The Channel - Oct 11 The Necessaries,La Peste, The Mirrors
The Channel - Oct 12 The Blushing Brides,The Franklin Lymestone Band
The Channel - Oct 14 The Stranglers,Pastiche, The Trademarks
The Channel - Oct 15 The Refrigerators,The Observers, The Names
The Channel - Oct 16 Didi Stewart & the Amplifiers,The Tweeds
The Channel - Oct 17 Kid Creole & The Coconuts,Vinny, Immune System
The Channel - Oct 18 Asleep At the Wheel,The Mundanes, Poodle Boys, The Dark
The Channel - Oct 18 Hooks,The Mundanes, Poodle Boys, The Dark
The Channel - Oct 20 Baloon,The Martells, Reckless, Little Joe Cook & The Thrillers
The Channel - Oct 21 The Outlets,The Graphics, The REMS
The Channel - Oct 22 I-Tones,The Games
The Channel - Oct 23 France,24 Carat, The Vejables
The Channel - Oct 24 The Atlantics
The Channel - Oct 24 The Atlantics,The Eggs, Swingers Resort
The Channel - Oct 25 S.V.T.,The Lyres, The Modes
The Channel - Oct 26 Steppenwolf,State of Mind, France, Observers
The Channel - Oct 28 Hurricane,Rox, The Guy Williams Band
The Channel - Oct 29
The Channel - Oct 30 The Dawgs,The Loners, Wave Length
The Channel - Oct 31 human sexual response

Jaspers - October 3 Boys Life w/The Neighborhoods
The Rat - October 10 Boys Life w/The Outlets & Mickey Clean
Living Room - October 12 Boys Life w/Mission of Burma
The Rat - October 16 Boys Life w/ Missions of Burma & Insect Surfers
The Rat - October 17 Boys Life w/The Outlets, Last Stand

WERS Live - October 19 Boys Life
Downtown Longue Portland ME - October 24 Boys Life w/The Deacons
Downtown Longue Portland ME - October 25 Boys Life
The Channel - October 31 Boys Life w/Human Sexual Response and Thrills

The Channel - Nov 1 Sylvain Sylvain and the Teardrops,The Rudies, The Upstarts
The Channel - Nov 4 Tina Peel & The Vejtables,Vacum Heads “Fifi goes pop!”
The Channel - Nov 5 The Rubber City Rebels,The Creamers, Airport
The Channel - Nov 6 The Lines,Afraid
The Channel - Nov 7 The Neighborhoods,The Boyfriends, Boy’s Life
The Channel - Nov 8 The Speedies,Lou Miami & The Kozmetix, The Make
The Channel - Nov 12 American Teen, John Butcher Axis,State of Mind, The Stompers
The Channel - Nov 13 Chicken Legs & The Nighthawks,former members of Little Feat
The Channel - Nov 14 The Slits,Bound & Gagged, V;
The Channel - Nov 15 Bush Tetras,The Rudies, The Suburbs
The Channel - Nov 18 Gang of Four,Mission of Burma, Pylon
The Channel - Nov 19 The Phantoms, Mona, The Sods
The Channel - Nov 20 The Neighborhoods, Pastiche, The Lyres,The Gremis, Swinger’s Resort, The Outlets
The Channel - Nov 21 Balloon, The Hot Dates, The Eggs
The Channel - Nov 22 Oingo Boingo, Arthur Slick & The Nice Girls,General Foodz
The Channel - Nov 26 Nervous Eaters,The Necessaries, Vinny
The Channel - Nov 28 Shane Champagne, Tweeds & The Dawgs
The Channel - Nov 29 Lydia Lunch & The Devil Dogs,The Swinging Madisons, The Dark
The Channel - Nov 30 12 hour beefit, H.E.L.P The Elevators,The Balloon & 9 other hot bands

The Rat - November 1 Boys Life w/Joan Jet & The Outlets
The Channel - November 7 Boys Life w/The Neighborhoods & The Boyfriends
Jaspers- November 8 Boys Life w/The Neighborhoods Somerville, MA
The Living Room Providence, RI - November 10 Boys Life w/The Fast
Tufts University Medford MA - November 14 Boys Life
Cantones - November 15 Boys Life w/Junkmail
Inn Square Men's Bar - Nov 19 Wed Trademarks
Inn Square Men's Bar - Nov 23 Sun Trademarks
Merrimac College MA - November 21 Boys Life
The Underground - November 26 Boys Life w/Swingers Resort
Underground - November 28 Boys Life w/Lapeste
The Living Room Providence RI - November 29 Boys Life w/The Neighborhoods

The Channel - Dec 3 Tennie Komar & The Silencers,The INA Ray Band
The Channel - Dec 4 (College Party Night) The Lines,The Rems
The Channel - Dec 5 The Atlantics, American Teen,Someone & the Somebodies
The Channel - Dec 6 The Stompers,Lip
The Channel - Dec 7 Boston Incest party The Peyton’s, The Marshalls, The Paley Brothers, Willie Loco Alexander, Lenny Kaye
The Channel - Dec 9 Iron Butterfly,France
The Channel - Dec 10 The Graphics, The Games, 3 oz
The Channel - Dec 11 Channel Christmas Party,The Sealbeaters
The Channel - Dec 12 Oak,The Needles, Face To Face
The Channel - Dec 13 Martha & The Muffins,The Fleshtones. Scientific Americans
The Channel - Dec 14 I-Tones, Ras Kabi & WCAS DJ Peter Simon
The Channel - Dec 17 The Lyers,The Taxi Boys, Pepitones
The Channel - Dec 18 Nona Hendrix & Zero Cool,The Make, Mickey Clean & The Outer City, Face Lifts
The Channel - Dec 19 Joan Jett & The Black Hearts,Jon Butcher Axis, The Loners
The Channel - Dec 20 The Elevators, Lou Miami & The Kozmetix,The Outlets
The Channel - Dec 21 The Neats, V;, Sickness, CCCP-TV,The Dark, Young Snakes, Basic Drives
The Channel - Dec 26 Ballon, August, Guy Williams Band
The Channel - Dec 27 Johnny Barnes & The Automatics,Jon Butcher Axis, The Probers
The Channel - Dec 31 The Neighborhoods, La Peste,The Trademarks

Cantones - Dec 15 Mom Suade Cowboys and Wave Length
Cantones - Dec 16 Tues Suade Cowboys and The Mighty Ions
Cantones - Dec 17+18 Wed+Thurs The Mighty Ions and Art Yard
Cantones - Dec 19+20 Fri+ Sat La Peste and Boys Life

Bradford Ballroom - December 4 Thurs Boys Life w/The Neighborhoods & Kid Creole
Bradford Ballroom - December 8 Mon Nervous Eaters, Pastiche, Zion Initiation - Fashion Show, MC Oedipus.
Wellsley College - December 6 Sat Boys Life
Malden Catholic High School - December 12 Fri Boys Life w/ The Outlets
The Rat - December 13 Sat Boys Life w/Shrapnel & The Proof
The Rat - December 16 Tues Boys Life w/Outlets, LaPeste & Tennie Komar
Cantones - December 19 Fri Boys Life w/LaPeste
Cantones - December 20 Sat Boys Life w/LaPeste
The Underground - December 30 Tues Boys Life w/Upstarts

1981 Club Listings

Paradise - March 6 Fri U2

Lulu White - Feb 26 Shane Champagne, The Upstarts
Lulu White - March 4 The Liars, the Mirrors
Lulu White - March 5 Nervous Eaters, The Outlets

The Rat - April 20 Mon Dezeners, First
The Rat - April 21 Tues Games Atomics, Markey Mussel and te Clams
The Rat - April 23 Wed Rave, Daughters

Cantone's - May 11 Tues Del Fuegos and Lou Miami
Cantone's - May 30 Wed The Hard Tops, Mean Arithmetic
Cantone's - May 30 Thurs Second Division, Tea in China
Cantone's - May 30 Fri Toby Dammit, Sensible Shoes
Cantone's - May 30 Sat Prime Movers, Darleks
Cantone's - May 30 Tues Hex and Vital Signs

Mavericks - May 12 Wed Brian Brain, Local Noise Organization
Mavericks - May 13 Thurs The Lifers, Post Moderns
Mavericks - May 14 Fri Someone and the Somebodies, Limbo Race, Crimson Head
Mavericks - May 15 Sat Head Cheese, V;, The Del Fuegos
Mavericks - May 15 Sun Surgical Penis, Klinik

Jumbos - May 11 Tues DJ Rick Anzalone Spins, Junk Mail
Jumbos - May 12 Wed Under the Influence, Lyndon Johnson Band
Jumbos - May 13-15 Thurs-Sat Massachusettes
Jumbos - May 18 Tues The Graduates
Jumbos - May 20 Thurs Uncle Pleasant Band, Tragic Masque
Jumbos - May 21 Fri Hangin' Woman Creek
Jumbos - May 3-5 Thurs-Sat Southern Rock with Roadhouse

The Paradise - May 15 Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, The Orbits
The Paradise - May 16 Tom Dickie and te Desires
The Paradise - May 17 DOA, the Dark
The Paradise - May 19 Bow Wow Wow, New Models
The Paradise - May 20 Inner Circle and Suede Cowboys
The Paradise - May 23 The Plastics, the Insect Surfers
The Paradise - May 24 The Cunts Rock and Roll Spectacular X
The Paradise - May 30 Teardrop Explodes. La Peste
The Paradise - June 2 Robert Gordon
The Paradise - June 3 Joe Ely
The Paradise - June 5 The Stranglers

Cantone's - June 29 Mon Stains and Vitamin
Cantone's - June 30 Tues Hex and Vital Signs
Cantone's - July 1 Wed Los Paramounts and Gluons
Cantone's - July 2 Thurs Pug Easy and Bimbos
Cantone's - July 3 Fri Suede Cowboys and Men and Volts
Cantone's - July 4 Sat Slow Children and The Upstarts

1270 Boylston - July 22 Wed Boys Life and Thrusters
1270 Boylston - July 29 Wed Outlets
1270 Boylston - August 5 Wed Third Rail

Beachcomber (Quincy) - July 21-25 Tues-Sat Trademarks
Old Cambride Babtist Church - July 24 Sat Limbo Race, People In Stores and CCCP-TV

The Rat - June 5 Peter Dayton, Classic Ruins and Paper Dolls
The Rat - June 6 Mirrors, Berlin Airlift and The Games
The Rat - June 7 General Foodz, Redline, The Scam
The Rat - June 8 Struggle, Free Beer (name of band) $1 admission
The Rat - June 9 Bottles and Reality
The Rat - June 10 Maximum Drift, Squad 16, Egyptions
The Rat - June 11/12 Trademarks, X-Davis, Seven
The Rat - June 13 Boys Lide, Shrapnel and Graphics
The Rat - June 14 Neats, 007 and X-Dreams
The Rat - June 15 Zodiodoz, TBA
The Rat - June 16 La Peste, Future Dads and Art Yard
The Rat - June 17 Runes, GG Turner and Articles (free adm.)
The Rat - June 18 /19 New Models, Someone & the Somebodies, TBA
The Rat - June 20 Taxi Boys, Sonics and Daughters
The Rat - June 21 The D Club, Mod Lang and Limbo Race
The Rat - June 22 Unction and Glass Negative
The Rat - June 23 Los Paramounts and Specimens

The Rat - July 13 Mon Square Peg, Jaguar (1$ Admission)
The Rat - July 14 Tues Rober C. Reale Band, Hi-Beams, AYM
The Rat - Junly 15 Wed The Deziners, The Spuds, Vital Signs
The Rat - Junly 16 Thurs The Outlets, the New Toys, The Freeze
The Rat - July 17 Fri City Thrills, New Toys, Korea
The Rat - July 18 Sat Lou Miani & the Kozmetics, Thrusters, Wild Stares
The Rat - July 19 Sun The Mechanics, The Lifters, October Days

The Channel - August 5 Dance Beams,The Gluons Ones, Hi Beams, Jaguar
The Channel - August 6 Image, The Daughters, The Sods
The Channel - August 7 Boys Life, Future Dads, Shrapnel
The Channel - August 8 The Atlantics, The Orbits, The Snake
The Channel - August 12 Dance Party, The Jacals, Propetariat, The Ally Beats
The Channel - August 13 Kid Morrocco, The Lazars, Fire Dept
The Channel - August 14 Private Lightning, Face To Face, The Upstairs
The Channel - August 15 Killing Joke, Things That Fall Down, The Young Snakes
The Channel - August 19 The Trademarks, Angry Young Bees
The Channel - August 20 (? Some sign) August, The Fans
The Channel - August 21 The Stompers, The Lifters
The Channel - August 22 Black Flag, Lou Miami & The Kozmetix, The Outlets
The Channel - August 26 Marky Mussel & The Clams, Aym, Conquest
The Channel - August 27 City Thrills, The Creamers, Section 8, 40 Guys
The Channel - August 28 Shane Champane Band, The Elevators, The Prime Movers
The Channel - August 29 Jon Butcher Axis, American Teen, Johnny A's Hidden Secret

The Rat - August 10 Mag 4, U.S. Rock
The Rat - August 11 Reality, The Lanks, Simplistics
The Rat - August 12 The Articles

Jaspers - August 13 The Stompers, The Rox
Jaspers - August 14 John Bucher Axix, Mag 4

Cantone's - August 17 Mon The Alleybeats and Prime Movers (billed as Rockabilly Monday)
Cantone's - August 18 Tues Specimens and Bimbos
Cantone's - August 19 Wed Proletariat, Present Tense, and Ski Mask
Cantone's - August 20 Thurs Last Ones, MIA's and John Hovorka Group
Cantone's - August 21 Fri Slow Children, Mag 4 and The Scam
Cantone's - August 22 Sat Limbo Race and Family Fun

The Rat - Sept 1 Sat Mag 4, Patio Act
The Rat - Sept 2 Sat The Fans, Vitamin and special guests
The Rat - Sept 3 Sat From Athens - Love Tractor, Skin
The Rat - Sept 17 Sat From Athens - Love Tractor, Skin
The Rat - Sept 18 Sun Moving Targets, Busted Statues
The Rat - Sept 19 Mon Four Bands!
The Rat - Sept 20 Tues Unattached, Stratford Survivors Names, Paper Dolls
The Rat - Sept 21 Wed WERS and Rocket (Records) - 2000000 B.C. and Sniper
The Rat - Sept 22 Thurs Lou Miami and the Kosmetix and Classic Ruins
The Rat - Sept 23 Fri WERS Presents The Effigies, Proletariat
The Rat - Sept 24 Sat From Texas The Teddy Boys, Prime Movers, Pink Cadillac
   1:00 pm Special Videobeat Concert - Effigies, D.Y.S., Last Rites - The show will be taped for Videobeat.
The Rat - Sept 25 Sun From Athens GA Arms Akimbo, Noonday Underground

Jacks - Nov 29 Sun The Groceries, Swade Cowboys
Jacks - Nov 30 Mon Vas Deferens, The Decoders
Jacks - Dec 3 Thurs Hypertension
Jacks - Dec 3-4 Sat Angry Young Bees, Lynn La Prad
Jacks - Dec 3-5 Sun Angry Young Bees, Planet Street

Cantones - Nov 30 Mon London Showcase: The Clothespins, the Cartoons
Cantones - Dec 1 Tues Afirmative Action, Radio Romantics
Cantones - Dec 2 Wed TNT Knights #5, Prime Movers, Sappy Wits
Cantones - Dec 3 Thus Decoders, Hard Tops, Hunger City
Cantones - Dec 4 Fri Decorm, Sweet Evil
Cantones - Dec 5 Sat The Last Ones, Urban Allies, Psycho

The Club - Nov 29 Sun Voltage, Jack Darling , special guest
The Club - Dec 2 Wed New Rock Showcase
The Club - Dec 3 Thus THe Runes, the Del Fuegos, The Scared Children
The Club - Dec 4 Fri The New Models, THe Mystery Dates, Primative Romance
The Club - Dec 5 Sat Future Dads, the MIA's

The Media Workshop (367 Boyston St) - Nov 22 Sun FU's, Gang Green, Jerry's Kids
The Media Workshop - Nov 29 Sun FU's, Freeze, Jerry's Kids

The Club - Nov 29 Sun Voltage, Jack Darling, and Surprise Guest
The Club - Dec 2 Wed New Rock Showcase
The Club - Dec 3 Thurs The Rues, Del Fuegos and The Scared Kids
The Club - Dec 4 Fri The new Models, the Mystery Dates, Primitive Romance
The Club - Dec 5 Sat The Future Dats, the M.I.A.s

Jumbos - Nov 28 Sat Sass and Tears
Jumbos - Dec 1 Tues Scared Kids, Kids Gloves - MC Rich Anzalone
Jumbos - Dec 2 Wed The Phantoms, Famous Strangers, The Needles
Jumbos - Dec 3-5 Thurs-Sat Southern Rock with Roadhouse
Jumbos - Dec 8 Tues Trademarks and Vital Signs

Bradford Ballroom - Dec 16 Wed Bow-Wow-Wow

Streets - Dec 26 Wed Black Flag, Vitamin


Media Workshop - Jan 3 Sun Jerry's Kids, FU's, Freeze, Gang Green SSD Control, The WIld Stares

Media Workshop - March 5 Fri Flipper, SSD Control, The WIld Stares

Mavericks - Feb 17 ThursGRAND OPENING - Liquid Liquid
Mavericks - Feb 18 Fri Primary Colors, Limbo Race
Mavericks - Feb 20 Sat The Dark, Young Snakes
Mavericks - Feb 25 Thurs M.I.A.'s, Zodio Doze
Mavericks - Feb 26 Fri Peter Dayton, Stipper
Mavericks - Feb 27 Sat Boys's Life, 007
Mavericks - March 4-5 Turs-Fri Flipper
Mavericks - March 6 Sat Bunnydrums
Mavericks - March 13 Sat Tiny Desk Units

Boston Garden - March 16 Tues The Cars with Nick Lowe

Cantones - Feb 18 Thurs Shockers, Drezniak
Cantones - Feb 19 Fri Suade Cowboys, Stereotypes
Cantones - Feb 20 Sat Stealers, Bones
Cantones - Feb 24 Wed Specimens, Score, Air Raid
Cantones - Feb 25 Thurs Attitude, Modes
Cantones - Feb 26 Fri TBA
Cantones - Feb 27 Sat Rampage, Agents

The Honey Lounge - Feb 19 FriM.I.A./s and Ozone-
The Honey Lounge - Feb 20 Sat The Sex Execs, 21-645, Proletariat
The Honey Lounge - Feb 21 Sun Psycho, Annoyed
The Honey Lounge - Feb 24 Wed Boo Boobr
The Honey Lounge - Feb 25 Thurs 007
The Honey Lounge - Feb 26 Fri Future Dads
The Honey Lounge - Feb 27 Sat Limbo Race, Unctionbr

Cantones - March 3 Wed Tynan Cross, Batik
Cantones - March 4 Thurs Your Mother, East Wind
Cantones - March 5 Fri Limbo Race, Ice Age
Cantones - March 6 Sat Sweet Evil, ancestor Worship
Cantones - March 10 Wed Rough Cuts, Second Division
Cantones - March 11 Thurs Score, Exports
Cantones - March 12 Fri Gary Shane and the Detour, David Champagne's Pink Cadillac, Solicitors
Cantones - March 13 Sat Suade Cowboys, Last Sacrifice
Cantones - March 17 Sat Square Peg, Kitch-n-Sync
Cantones - March 18 Sat Air Raid, Racer
Cantones - March 19 Sat Urban Allies, 21-645, Gluons
Cantones - March 20 Sat Bimbos, Psycho, Commandos

The Honey Lounge - March 3 Wed Little Dears, Disarray
The Honey Lounge - March 4 Thurs Ice Agebr
The Honey Lounge - March 5 Fri Liquid
The Honey Lounge - March 6 Sat Boys Life, Prime Movers
The Honey Lounge - March 11 Thurs Amoebas in Chaos
The Honey Lounge - March 12 Fri Marky Mussel and the Clams, Real Kids
The Honey Lounge - March 13 Sat Dangerous Birds

Mavericks (112 Broad St)- March 31 Sun Beastie Boys, The Young and Useless
Mavericks - April 1 Sun Christmas, Megabeat
Mavericks - April 2 Sun Del Fuegoes, Stickball, Blank Rains
Mavericks - April 8 Sun Hoagie, Jerry's Kids, Vision Decay
Mavericks - April 9 Sun Squirm, Smegma and the Nuns
Mavericks - April 15 Sun Prime Movers, Ward 8, Hopelessly Obscure
Mavericks - April 16 Sun Proletariat, Psycho
Mavericks - April 22 Sun The Undead (From NYC), Stranglehold
Mavericks - April 23 Sun Lyres, Dogmatics
Mavericks - April 29 Sun Kraut, Freeze, Stranglehold
Mavericks - April 30 Sun Dangerous Birds

Brandeis - April 24 Mon Ramones

Mavericks - May 1 Sun Bad Brains, ,

McNastys - May 2 Sun Bad Brains, Negative FX and Gang Green

The Channel - May 20 Thurs The I-Tones (Jam Rocker Sound)
The Channel - May 21 Fri Jon Butcher Axis and Probers
The Channel - May 22 Sat The Orbits, Bebe Buell and Spuds on Parage
The Channel - May 25+26 Tues+Wed Nu Music Revue
The Channel - May 27 Thur Rock For Nuclear Disarmament.
    with Mission of Burma, Lyres, Sex Execs and Modes ALL AGES.
The Channel - May 28 Fri The Fools, Dawgs and Unmanned Flight.
The Channel - May 29 Sat The Chi-lites

Gallery East - May 29 Sat Gang Green, F.U.s, C.O.sJerry's Kids and DYS.
The Channel - May 31 Mon Angelic Upstarts, Jerry's Kids, Vile - ALL AGES.
The Channel - June 2 Wed Flock of Seagulls and November Group
The Channel - June 4 Fri Professionals and Kraut (from NYC)
The Channel - June 11 Fri Enemy and James Montgomery
The Channel - June 12 Sat Liquid Liquid, blind Dog Stares (Escape from NY nite)
The Channel - June 16 Wed Steel Pulse
The Channel - June 17 Thurs Bauhaus
The Channel - June 24 Thurs All Ages Boston Rock Party

Gallery East - June 12 Minor Threat, FU's, SS Decontrol, Proletariat
Gallery East - June 12 Del Fuegos, Dogmatics, Spearhead,GO, Prime Movers
Gallery East - August 13 Necros, Negaive Approach, Meamen, Gang Green, DYS

Cantone's - Oct 8 Fri Dangerous Birds, V; , Christmas, Wild Stares
The Living Room - Dec 3 Fri Neighborhoods
The Rat - Dec 3 Fri The Del Fuegos
The Cantones - Dec 5 Sat The Del Fuegos
Spit - Dec 6 Mon The Del Fuegos
Jumping Jack Flach - Dec 8 WedThe Del Fuegos

First Cambridge Congressional Church (11Garden St, Cambridge) - Dec 17 Fri Misfits, FU's, DYS and Negative FX


Spit - Jan 5 Wed The Bongoes
Spit - Jan 6 Thurs U.K. Subs
Spit - Jan 7 Fri Oedipus Spins
Spit - Jan 8 Sat Tony V

Cantone's - Jan 15 Sat Del Fuegos, Prime Movers and The Unattached
Cantone's - Jan 19 Wed The Tupper Weird Party with Prime Movers, Kustons, Dogmatics, Ruff Mix and Sorry,
Cantone's - Jan 20 Thurs The Pack and The Chance
Cantone's - Jan 21 Fri Dangerous Birds and the Post Moderns
Cantone's - Jan 22 Sat Marlo's Bon Voyage Party for the Real Kids - Good Luck in France.   Come and support one of Boston's best bands.
Cantone's - Feb 4 Fri Del Fuegos - Record release party.

The Paradise - Feb 20 Sun Levon Helm and Rick Danko with Rubber Rodeo
The Paradise - Feb 21 Mon The FIrst , Working Class, The last Ones
The Paradise - Feb 22 + 23 Tues+Wed X and Del Fuegos
The Paradise - Feb 24 Thurs WCOZ VIdeo Night
The Paradise - Feb 27 Sun Johnny Thunders, The Count Viglione, The Daughters

The Paradise - Mar 1 Tues Robert Ellis Orral, Steve Sweeney
The Paradise - Mar 2 Wed Berlin Airlift, Relectors, Planet Street
The Paradise - Mar 3 Thurs Tower of Power
The Paradise - Mar 6 Sun Carla Bley
The Paradise - Mar 8 Tues Louden Wainwright
The Paradise - Mar 9 Wed Kate & Anna Mc Garrigle
The Paradise - Mar 10 Thurs David Johansen
The Paradise - Mar 16 Wed Berlin
The Paradise - Mar 17 Thurs The Stompers

Maverick's - Feb 19 Proletariat and Sorry

Bradford Ballroom - Mar 12 Sat 5PM Mission of Burma (FINAL SHOW), Dangerous Birds and Negative FX 9PM Mission of Burma , Proletariat and Christmas

The Metro - March 30 The Ramones

Jonathan Swift's - April 1 The Troggs

The Paradise - Mar 22 Tues Robert Fripp
The Paradise - Mar 24 Thurs Iggy Pop and The Smart
The Paradise - Mar 28 Mon Wall of Voodoo, Dangerous Birds
The Paradise - Mar 29 Tues Doug and the Slugs, Junk Mail
The Paradise - Mar 30 Wed The New Romantics, Andy Watson Band and The Exports

The Paradise - April 2 Sat The First, Relentless Cookouts
The Paradise - April 5+6 Tues+Wed Garland Jefferies
The Paradise - April 7 Thurs The Stranglers, Stickball
The Paradise - April 12 Tues Rockats
The Paradise - April 14 Gary US Bonds and Foreign Legion
The Paradise - April 17 Sun Lizzie Borden & the Axes, Nuns
The Paradise - April 21 Thurs New Models
The Paradise - April 25 Thurs The Blasters, Rank & FIle

The Channel - April 1 The Stompers
The Channel - April 8 Robin Lane and the Shake
The Channel - April 10 Krautv The Channel - April 27 Flipper

Jumping Jack Flash - April 11 Hi Beams
the Rat - April 16 Hi Beams

The Living Room - April 1    Schemers, Detectives and Parallel Fifth
The Living Room - April 3    The Make and The Lads
The Living Room - April 6    The Stranglers and New Rules
The Living Room - April 7    Cool It Reba, Blind Dates and Volga
The Living Room - April 8    Rockats, Peter Dayton and Junk Mailv
The Living Room - April 9    Fools, Planet Street and Threats
The Living Room - April 22    The Neighborhoods and Real Kids
The Living Room - April 23    Schemers, Enemy and Foreighn Legion
The Living Room - April 29    Hi Beams
The Living Room - April 30    Lou Miami and the Kosmetix

Storyville - April 1 Shrapnel, unattached, Cool Rays
Storyville - April 2 The Neats, Arms Akimbo
Storyville - April 7 Dangerous Birds, Production Club
Storyville - April 9 The Dream and Mike Viola Alliance
Storyville - April 13 Hopelessly Obscure, Dogmatics and Volga
Storyville - April 16 The Individuals
Storyville - April 20 Late Risers Club WMBR Benefit
Storyville - April 21 Digney Fignus and Modern Electrics
Storyville - April 22 Dish and the Hi Beams
Storyville - April 23 Beat Rodeo and Velvet Monkeys
Storyville - April 27 Boys Say Go
Storyville - April 29 Angry Young Bees, Skatterbrains, Rockaholics
Storyville - April 30  Bush Tetras

Maverics - March 31 Beastie Boys, The Young and Useless
Maverics - April 1 Christmas and Megabeat
Maverics - April 2 Del Fuegoes, Stickball and Blank Rains
Maverics - April 8 Hoagie, Jerry's Kids, Vision Decay
Maverics - April 9 Squirm, Sbegma and the Nuns
Maverics - April 15 Prime Movers, Ward 8, Hopelessly Obscure
Maverics - April 16 The Proletariat, Psycho
Maverics - April 22 The Undead, Stranglehold
Maverics - April 23 Husker Du, Proletariat, Sorry 3pm All Ages show
Maverics - April 23 Lyres, Dogmatics
Maverics - April 29 Kraut, Freeze, Stranglehold
Maverics - April 30 Dangerous Birds

Scotch''n Sounds (Brockton) - March 31 Neighborhoods
Scotch''n Sounds (Brockton) - April 1 Berlin Airlift
Scotch''n Sounds (Brockton) - April 2 Mightnight Traveler
Scotch''n Sounds (Brockton) - April 7 Lowgistics
Scotch''n Sounds (Brockton) - April 8 The Atlantics, Mike Viola Alliance
Scotch''n Sounds (Brockton) - April 9 Orleans
Scotch''n Sounds (Brockton) - April 14 The Dream, Neon
Scotch''n Sounds (Brockton) - April 15 The Enemy
Scotch''n Sounds (Brockton) - April 16 The Stompers
Scotch''n Sounds (Brockton) - April 21 Midnight Traveler
Scotch''n Sounds (Brockton) - April 22 Robin Lane and the Shake
Scotch''n Sounds (Brockton) - April 23 Robbert Ellis Orrall
Scotch''n Sounds (Brockton) - April 30 The Lines

Inn-Square Men's Bar - March 31 Neats and Del Fuegos
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 1 Wild Kingdom
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 2 Didi Stewart and the Amplifiers, escorts
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 4 Squad 16, The Buddy System
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 5 Three Colors
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 6 Blue Shadow
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 7 Downtime, Rods & Cones
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 8 Lou Miami and the Kosmetix, Stratford Survivors
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 9 Athens, Viking
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 10 John Lincoln Wright and the Sour Mash Review
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 13 Increadible Casuals
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 14 Dangerous Birds, Ward 8
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 16 Billy Price and the Keystone Rhythm Band
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 20 Unattached, Hopelessly Obscure
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 22 Rubber Rodeo, Relentless Cookout
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 23 Peter Dayton Band, Skatterbrains
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 27 Children of Paradise, Bam Bam
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 28 The Reflectors, Digney Fignus - WCOZ Night
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 29 Fri Hypertension
Inn-Square Men's Bar - April 30 Sat New Models

Chet's Last Call - April 15 The Mid City Clones
Chet's Last Call - April 28 The Pack

Jumping Jack Flash - May 10 Tues The Pack

Paradise - April 25 Mon The Blaster
Paradise - April 26/27 Tues/Wed Renaissance
Paradise - May 5 Thurs Stompers
Paradise - May 8 Sun Garland Jeffreys
Paradise - May 10 Tues Average White Band
Paradise - May 12 Thur Modern English
Paradise - May 17 Tues Shriekback

The Living Room - April 26 Tues Flipper
The Living Room - April 29 Fri REM, Arms Akimbo, TBA
The Living Room- May 1 Sun The Proletariat, 007, Rash of Stabbings
The Living Room - May 6 Fri Martha and the Muffins, Reflectors, Thrillers
The Living Room - May 7 Sat Hi Beams, Gary Shane & the Detours
The Living Room- May 8 Sun Tom Dickie & the Desires
The Living Room - May 14 Sat John Martyn, Primary Colors, 3 Colors
The Living Room - May 19 Thurs The Brains
The Living Room - May 20 Fri November Group, Sex Execs
The Living Room - May 21 Sat Modern English
The Living Room - May 23 Mon Circle Jerks
The Living Room - May 27 Fri The Neighborhoods, Boys Life
The Living Room - May 28 Sat The Stompers
The Living Room - June 4 Sat Thurs Robin Lane and The Shake

Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 1 Sun Big Sixteen
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 2 Mon Sign Lanquage, Twister
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 3 Tues Lolita
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 5 Thurs Pencils
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 7 Sat Del Fuegos
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 8 Sun Paul Rishell Band
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 9 Mon Empty Rituals, Chance
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 10 Tues Megabeat, Post Moderns
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 11 Wed The Flies, Salem 66
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 12 Thurs Memphis Rockabilly
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 13 Fri Limbo Race, Three Colors
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 14 Sat Reflectors
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 18 Wed The Meetings
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 19 Thur City Editions
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 21 Sat Viking, Athens
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 27 Fri The Neats
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 28 Sat Peter Dayton
Inn-Square Men's Bar - May 29 Sun Paul Richell

Scotch 'n Sounds - April 27 Wed The Tits
Scotch 'n Sounds - April 28 Thurs Fine
Scotch 'n Sounds - April 29 Fri Gary Shane & the Detour,Lowgistics
Scotch 'n Sounds - April 30 Sat The Lines
Scotch 'n Sounds - May 4 Wed Laquidara
Scotch 'n Sounds - May 5 Thurs the Make
Scotch 'n Sounds - May 6 Fri Midnight Travelers
Scotch 'n Sounds - May 7 Sat New Models
Scotch 'n Sounds - May 13 Fri Stompers
Scotch 'n Sounds - May 14 Sat Through the Door, Last Child
Scotch 'n Sounds - May 19 Thurs Lowgistics
Scotch 'n Sounds - May 20 Fri Jonathan Edwards
Scotch 'n Sounds - May 21 Sat Berlin Airlift
Scotch 'n Sounds - May 26 Thurs Midnight Traverls
Scotch 'n Sounds - May 29/30 Sun/Mon The Lines

Storyville - May 4 Wed Breakfast in Bed, Fine China
Storyville - May 5 Thurs Defunct
Storyville - May 6 Fri Sex Execs, Buddy System
Storyville - May 7 Sat Limbo Race, Personal Effects, Post Modern
Storyville - May 11 Wed New Romance, Loose Ties, The Runes
Storyville - May 12 Thurs Hypertention, Downtime
Storyville - May 13 Fri The Lifters, The First, Ozone (From NYC)
Storyville - May 14 Sat Dish
Storyville - May 18 Wed Three Hands, Twister, Diatribe
Storyville - May 19 Thurs Ruber Rodeo, Zodio Doze
Storyville - May 20 Fri Polyrock, Single Strings, Science Friction
Storyville - May 21 Sat Boys Life, Bang ,Bang, Bang
Storyville - May 25 Wed Kool Rays, 4 New Heroes
Storyville - May 26 Thurs Jeff and Jane Hudson, Primary Colors
Storyville - May 27 Fri Willie "Loco" Alexander, 3 Colors
Storyville - May 28 Sat Raybeats, The Cyclones, Del Fuegos

Mavericks - May 1 Sun WMBR Benefit: SS Decontrol, D.Y.S. and Vitamin
Mavericks - May 6 Fri The Whorelords (from NYC), , Artless, Zero Zero
Mavericks - May 7 Sat The False Prophets , Proletariat
Mavericks - May 14 Sat Jayne County, Smegma & the Nuns
Mavericks - May 20 Fri The Del Fuegos, The Lyres
Mavericks - May 21 Sat The Nililistics (from NYC), Drunk Driving, Wild Stares
Mavericks - May 22 Sun Fang (from MYC), DYS, Impact Unit WZBC and Conflict Mag - all ages 3pm
Mavericks - May 27 Fri Spurs (from NYC), Dangerous Birds
Mavericks - May 28 Sat Heart Attack (from NYC), Special Guests All ages 1pm

Spit - May 5 Thurs The Bangles

Jumping Jack Flash - May 10 Tues The Pack

Metro - May 17 Tues Dave Edmunds and NRBQ

The Channel - April 27 Sun Flipper,Stares, Panixquad
The Channel - April 29 Sun Pousette Dart Band
The Channel - April 30 Sun The Neats, Lyres, Prime Movers
The Channel - May 1 Sun The Outlaws
The Channel - May 4 Wed Jah Wobble & The Invaders of the Heart
The Channel - May 5 Thurs Mac Creek
The Channel - May 6 Fri The Enemy
The Channel - May 7 SatMatha and the Muffins
The Channel - May 11 Wed Robert Gordon
The Channel - May 13 Fri New Models

The Channel - May 14 Sat Last Performance Ever The Atlantics with The Dream and Athens.
The Channel - May 15 Sun Flipper, Crucifix and The Holy Men - ALL AGES.
The Channel - May 20 Fri The Stompers, The Make and Powerglide.
The Channel - May 21 Sat Rubber Rodeo, Sex Execs, Cinebar.
The Channel - May 22 Sun Circle Jerks, Gang Green and Stranglehold- ALL AGES.
The Channel - May 27 Fri November Group, Jeff and Jane Hudson and Bang Bang Bang.
The Channel - May 26 Thurs Mutabaruka and the High Time Players with Jah Ma Roots.

Boston Common/Rock Against Racism - May 14 Sat MDC, Crusifucks, The Dicks and more

The Rat - May 4 Wed Boys Say Go
The Rat - May 13 Fri A Furious night for those that dare.
   Titantics, Dash Rip Rock, Witch Doctor, Spiral Jetty
The Rat - May 14 Sat Rods and Cones, Bristols, Parade, Native Sun.
The Rat - May 15 Sun Come out in support for STREET Magazine with comedian Barry Crimmons as Host
   Matweeds, Last Stand, Bristols, Dave Herlihy, Heyday, Bulkhead, Circle Sky, Critical Mass, Merchants, Green Fuse, Java Jell - Doors open at 5 pm.
The Rat - May 19 Thurs Helldorado Productions along with Touch and GO Records presents The Didjits, Anastasia Screamed, Buffalo Tom, Meltdown
The Rat - May 20 Fri Nervous Eaters, Dawgs, Beachmasters, Stop Calling Me Frank.
The Rat - May 21 Sat Neats, Classic Ruins. Johnny and the Jumper Cables, Flying Scotts.
The Rat - May 22 Sun Dredd Foole and the Din, Runes
The Rat - May 25 Wed Adolescents

The Rat - May 29 Sun 2pm and 8:30pm shows 007

The Channel - June 3 Fri The Suburbs, Primary Colors, Rods and Cones
The Channel - June 4 Sat Nona Hendryx,Someone and the Somebodies
The Channel - June 8 Wed Rita Marley, One People
The Channel - June 11 Sun Berlin Airlift, The Lifters and Angry Young Bees.
The Channel - June 12 Mon Minor Threat and Jerry's Kids - ALL AGES
The Channel - June 17 Fri Lou Miami and the Kosmitix and Til Tuesday

Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 8 Zodio Doze, The Phantoms
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 9 The Dark
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 10 Through the Doors, Pi Alley
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 11 Midnight Traveller, The Streets
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 12 Koriala
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 13 Fine China, Maximum Drift, Young Rationals
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 14 Cool Step, Azroc, David Peacock Group
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 15 2 Million B.C., Axeminster Molly
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 16 The Dream, Damiam Steel
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 17 The Lines, The Buddy System
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 18 THe Lines, Liquid Trance
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 19 Koriala
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 20 Muggs, No Jukes, Vigtones
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 21 Soul Dukes, Arthkur Slick and the Nice Girls, John Michaels Band
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 22 Mongo, Empty Rituals
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 23 The Reflectors, Digney Fignus, Sandman
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 24 B. Willie Smith, Silver Lining
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 25 Berlin Airlift, The Lifters
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 26 Koriala
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 28 Loose Ties, Mystics, Ron Scarlett and the Transcendents
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 29 Skin, Vas Deferens
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 30 New Romance

Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 1 Fri The Bangs, The Lifters
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 2 Sat Dream Syndicate, Children of Paradise
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 3 Sun The Decentz
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 4 Mon Peter Dayton Band
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 5 Tues The Zone, Mid City Clones
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 6 Wed Chris Jones Band
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 7 Thurs Dish
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 8 Fri The Trademarks, Black and White
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 9 Sat Human Switch Board, M.I.A.'s
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 10 Sun Downtime, Integrated Ciruits
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 11 Mon The Young Rationals
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 12 Tues Sign Language, Zodio Doze
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 13 Wed Aztec Two Step
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 14 Thurs Fine China
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 15 Fri The Reflectors
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 16 Sat Skatterbraindt
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 17 Sun New Man
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 18 Mon The Chance
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 19 Tues The Meetings
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 20 Wed Plan 9, Hopelessly Obscure
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 21 Thurs Lizzie Bordon and the Axes
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 22 Fri Sex Execs, Buddy System
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 23 Sat Lyres
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 24 Sun Didi Stewart, Patty Larkin, Girls Night Out
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 25 Mon Three Hands
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 26 Tues Juke Jumpers
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 27 Wed The Cobras
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 28 Thurs Del Fuegos
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 29 Fri Planet Street
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 30 Sat Limbo Race
Inn-Square Men's Bar - July 31 Sun Big 16

Spit - August 10 Wed Someone and the Somebodies
Spit - August 11 Thurs kajagoogoo
Spit - August 12 Fri Yello party
Spit - August 17 Wed Madness
Spit - August 18 Thurs Fixx
Spit - August 24 Wed Sex Execs
Spit - August 25 Thurs November Group
Spit - August 31 Lou Miami

The Living Room - Aug 11 Thur Grand Alliance
The Living Room - Aug 12 Fri THe Blasters
The Living Room - Aug 13 Sat Robin Lane, Rash of Stabbings, Junk Mail
The Living Room - Aug 16 Tues Saxon
The Living Room - Aug 17 Wed Andy Pratt
The Living Room - Aug 19 Fri New Models
The Living Room - Aug 26 Fri Lou Miami & the Kozmetic, Til Tuesday, Johnny Barnes & the Back Bay Beat
The Living Room - Aug 28 Sun Proletariat<9>

The Rat - Aug 9 Tues Classic Ruins
The Rat - Aug 10 Wed Corrosion of Conformity, Sorry
The Rat - Aug 11 Thurs Til Tuesday, Zodio Doze
The Rat - Aug 12 Fri Stars That Wouldn't Shime, Mother May I
The Rat - Aug 13 Sat Reflectors
The Rat - Aug 16 Tues Classic Ruins
The Rat - Aug 18 Thur Del Fugoes, Plugz
The Rat - Aug 19 Fri Gun Club, Plugz
The Rat - Aug 20 Sat Gun Club, Del Fugoes
The Rat - Aug 23 Tues Classic Ruins
The Rat - Aug 25 Thur Beastid Boys and Stranglehold
The Rat - Aug 26 Fri Linbo Race, Turbines

Scotch'n Sounds - Aug 12 Fri The Enemy, Athens
Scotch'n Sounds - Aug 13 Sat November Group, Primary Colors
Scotch'n Sounds - Aug 18 Thur Neighborhoods, The Export
Scotch'n Sounds - Aug 19 Fri Mightnight Traveler
Scotch'n Sounds - Aug 20 Sat Berlin Airlight, John A's Hidden Secret
Scotch'n Sounds - Aug 24 Wed THe View, The Ampeaters
Scotch'n Sounds - Aug 26 Fri The Stompers
Scotch'n Sounds - Aug 31 Wed Through the Door
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 2 Fri Lowfistics

Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 8 Mon Muggs, O-Positive, Flies
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 9 Tues Runes, THe Not, Strangeways
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 10 Wed Jet Set, Frames
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 11 Thur Lyres, Classic Runes
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 12 Fri Peter Dayton
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 13 Sat Boston Brats, THe Dark
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 14 Sun Koriala
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 15 Mon The Shakes, The Undertaker & His Pals, Nite Owl
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 16 Tues Manray, Accidents, Shelter
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 17 Wed Tragus, Maximum Drift
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 18 Thur Native Tongue, Zodio Doze, Bob Valentine
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 19 Fri The Enemy
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 20 Sat Midnight Traveler
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 21 Sun Koriala
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 22 Mon Pack, Empty Sets, Clicks
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 23 Tues Some, Azrock, THe Method
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 24 Wed Liquid Trance
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 25 Thur Del Fuegos, Dogmatics, Noonday Underground
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 26 Fri Through the Doors, Pi Alley
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 27 Sat Til Tuesday
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 28 Sun Koriala
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 29 Mon TBA
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 30 Tues Prufrock, GG Turner, THe Taint

Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 8 Mon Video Free Europe
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 9 Tues Fabulous Roys
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 10 Wed The Dogmatics
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 11 Thurs Peter dayton Band
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 12 Fri Primary Colors
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 13 Sat Hypertension
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 14 Sun The Escorts, The Shakes
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 15 Mon Young Rationals
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 16 Tues Sign Lanuage
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 17 Wed Bam Bam, Skin
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 18 Thurs New Models
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 19 Fri Til Tuesday
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 20 Sat Billy Price and the Keystone Rhythm Band
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 21 Sun Paul Rishell Band
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 22 Mon Face the Nation
Inn-Square Men's Bar - JAug 23 Tues Bricks
Inn-Square Men's Bar - JAug 24 Wed The Pencils
Inn-Square Men's Bar - JAug 25 Thurs The Incredable Casuals
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 26 Fri The Trademarks, Athens
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 27 Sat The Reflectors, Bristols
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 28 Sun Paul Rishell Band
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 29 Mon Liquid Trance
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 30 Tues Three Colors
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Aug 31 Wed Blue Angels

Metro - Aug 4 Thurs Eddy Grant
Metro - Aug 11 Thurs Kajagoogoo
Metro - Aug 17 Wed Madness
Metro - Aug 18 Thurs The Fixx

Storyville - Aug 6 Sat Bush Tetra, Fine China
Storyville - Aug 11 Thurs Hypertension
Storyville - Aug 12 Fri Prince Charles and the City Beat Band, Rods and Cones
Storyville - Aug 14-22 Closed for Renovation!e
Storyville - Aug 23 Tues The Neats, Busted Statues
Storyville - Aug 25 Thurs 007, Skin
Storyville - Aug 27 Fri Jeff and Jane Hudson
Storyville - Aug 27 Sat Primary Colors, MIA's

Paradise - July 26 Tues Berlin Airlift and The Dream
Paradise - July 27 Wed Dancin' at the Dise
Paradise - July 28 Thurs Renaissance
Paradise - July 31 Sun Donnie Iris and Barry Marshall
Paradise - Aug 3 Wed NRBQ and T-Blade & the Esquires
Paradise - Aug 7 Sun Red Rockers
Paradise - Aug 10 Wed The Blasters
Paradise - Aug 11 Thurs Ellen Foley

Metro - Sept 13 Tues Graham Parker

Paradise - Sept 6 Sat Jet Screamer, Tragus, Azrock
Paradise - Sept 7 Sat Lizzie Borden and the Axes, X-Dreams, X-Boyfriends
Paradise - Sept 8 Sat Bill Bruford, Patrick Moraz
Paradise - Sept 13 Tues Adrian Belew
Paradise - Sept 15 Thurs Mitch Ryder
Paradise - Sept 20 Tues The Alarm
Paradise - Sept 22 Thurs Tower of Power
Paradise - Sept 27 Tues Howard Devoto

Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 6 Tues Chris Jones Band
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 7 Wed The Accidents, Big Tall Wish
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 8 Thur Hypertension
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 9 Fri Peter Dayton Band
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 10 Sat Rubber Rodeo
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 11 Sun Paul Rishell Band
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 13 Tues Sign language
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 14 Wed The Pencils
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 15 Thur Future City, The lads
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 16 Fri Lou Miami & the Kozmetix
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 17 Sat Lyres, Del Fuegos
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 18 Sun Limbo Race, The Chance, Children of Paradise, Del Fuegos
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 19 Mon Young Rationals
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 20 Tues Love Tractor
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 23 Fri The Decentz
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 24 Sat Increadible Casuals
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 25 Sun Paul Rishell Band
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 27 Tues True West
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 29 Thur Sex Execs
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Sept 30 Tues The Reflectors, The Bristols

Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 6 Tues Chris Bright and the Stars, George, Anonymous Passion
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 7 Wed Harlequin, Snipero
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 9 Fri James Montgonery, The Jackels
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 10 Sat Berlin Airlift, Liquid Trance
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 11 Sun Koriala
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 12 Mon X-Dreams, White Lies, Mr. Wizard
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 13 Tues Dreamhunter, Blind Dates, Drezniak
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 14 Wed Vas Deferens, Smegma and the Nuns
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 15 Thur August, Axeminister Molly, L88's
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 16 Fri The Enemy, Mike Viola Aliance
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 17 Sat Midnight Traveler
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 18 Sun Koriala
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 19 Mon Woman of the Oppisite Sex, Bang Bang Bang, Zero Zero
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 20 Tues Send Me To Camp, James Demon, Jitters
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 21 Wed Three Colors, Salem 66
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 23 Fri The Lines, The Mirrors
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 24 Sat The Lines, The Buddy System
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 25 Sun Koriala
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 26 Mon Boy Next Door, Blues Astronauts, Bleeding Hearts
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 27 Tues Circus in Tune, Manray, Busted Statues
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 28 Wd Christmas, Common Denominator
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 30 Tues Peter Dayton

Scotch'n Sounds- Sept 6 Tues Bricks Janez
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 7 Wed Mr. Wizard
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 8 Thur Peter Dayton, Control Uo
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 9 Fri Fat City
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 10 Sat The November Group, Sex Execs
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 13 Tues GG Turner, X-Dreams
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 14 Wed motortrip, T's
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 15 Thur The Lowgistics, The Zone
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 16 Fri Jon Pousette Dart
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 17 Sat Til Tuesday, Drive
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 20 Tues Rocket, Liquid Trance
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 21 Wed Laquidara
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 22 Thur Midnight Traveler
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 23 Fri Robin Lane & the Chartbusters
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 24 Sat Blind Dates
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 29 Thur The Neighborhoods
Scotch'n Sounds - Sept 30 Tues The Stompers

Jumbos's - Sept 16 Fri Gary Shane & the Detour, The Gagg
Jumbo's - Sept 23 Fri Berlin Airlift, Smuggler
Jumbo's - Sept 30 Tues Lesley West, Corky Laing & New Mountain

Jumbo's - Oct 1 The Reflectors

Scotch'n Sounds - Oct 1 Through the Doors
Scotch'n Sounds - Oct 8 David Johansono

Storyville- Sept 7 Wed Funk-N-Chaino
Storyville- Sept 8 Thur Rods & Cones, Common Denominator
Storyville - Sept 9 Fri Limbo Race
Storyville - Sept 10 Sat The Dark
Storyville - Sept 14 Wed Del Fuegos, The Zone
Storyville - Sept 15 Thur The Lifters, Cool Rays
Storyville - Sept 16 Fri New Models
Storyville - Sept 17 Sat Lyres, Dogmatics
Storyville- Sept 21 Wed Glen Philips Band, Museum Direktors
Storyville- Sept 22 Tues Shockabilly, Men & Volts
Storyville - Sept 24 Sat Til Tuesday, Red
Storyville - Sept 28 Wed Blind Dated, The Accidents
Storyville - Sept 29 Thur Hypertension
Storyville - Sept 30 Tues Rubber Rodeo, The Buddy System

The Living Room - Sept 10 Sat Mitch Ryder, THe Fleshtones, THe Schemers
The Living Room - Sept 13 Thur Love Tractor
The Living Room - Sept 16 Fri Neighborhoods, Rash of Stabbings
The Living Room - Sept 17 Sat Lou Miani & the Kozmetix
The Living Room - Sept 29 Thurs Brian Brain
The Living Room - Sept 22 Thur Louins

The Living Room - Oct 1 Fri Robin Lane & the chartbusters

The Rat - Sept 9 Fri The New Math
The Rat - Sept 10 Sat The Neighborhoods, The Unattached
The Rat - Sept 11 Sun Hoodoo Third Anniversary
The Rat - Sept 15 Thur The Neats, The Del Fuegos
The Rat - Sept 16 Fri True West
The Rat - Sept 17 Sat Love Tractor, Skin
The Rat - Sept 22 Thur Lou Miami & the Kozmetix, Classic Ruins
The Rat - Sept 23 Fri Legal Weapon
The Rat - Sept 28 Wed Noise Party, Del Fuegos, Linbo Race

Inn-Square Men's Bar - Oct 6 Thur Til Tuesday

B.F.V.F. (1126 Boylston St) - Oct 7 Fri Birdsongs of the Mesozoic

Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 1 Sat Fools, Liquid Trance
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 2 Sun Otis Lewis and the Fabulous Soul Dukes
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 3 Mon Impulse,Swami and New Man
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 4 Tues Strangeways, Jetset, Turbines
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 5 Wed Loose Ties, The New Deal
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 6 Thur Pi Alley, Damien Steel
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 7 Fri The Fabulous Roys
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 8 Sat The Neats, Digney Fignus
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 14 Fri Lyres, Classic Ruins, House of Cards
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 15 Sat Berlin Airlift
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 21 Fri Til Tuesday
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 28-29 Fri-Sat Lines

The Living Room - Dec 1 Mon The Alarm, THe Schemers
The Living Room - Dec 13 Tues Rain Parade, Holy Cow and the Calves
The Living Room - Dec 14 Wed Digney Fignus, Danny Spanos
The Living Room - Dec 15 Thurs Love Tractor
The Living Room - Dec 16 Fri Jon Butcher Axis, Johnny Barnes
The Living Room - Dec 17 Sat Robin Lane & the Chartbusters, Gary Shane & Detours, The Threats
The Living Room - Dec 18 Sun Big Country
The Living Room - Dec 20 Tues Grove Masters
The Living Room - Dec 22 Thurs The Detectives
The Living Room - Dec 23 Fri THe November Group, Huse of Cards
The Living Room - Dec 25 Sun Scemers
The Living Room - Dec 31 Sat Neighborhoods, Schemers, High Beams

Scotch'n Sounds - Dec 10 Sat David Johanson, The Neighborhoods
Scotch'n Sounds - Dec 11 Sun Euphoria
Scotch'n Sounds - Dec 14 Wed THe Drive
Scotch'n Sounds - Dec 15 Thur The Lines
Scotch'n Sounds - Dec 16 Fri J.D., Billy and Ken
Scotch'n Sounds - Dec 17 Sat New Models, Sex Execs
Scotch'n Sounds - Dec 21 Wed The Drive
Scotch'n Sounds - Dec 22 Thur The Neighborhoods, Swami
Scotch'n Sounds - Dec 23 Fri The Stompers
Scotch'n Sounds - Dec 24 Sat Closed
Scotch'n Sounds - Dec 25 Sat The Logistics
Scotch'n Sounds - Dec 26 Mon Mike Viola
Scotch'n Sounds - Dec 28 Wed The Trademarks
Scotch'n Sounds - Dec 31 Sat Midnight Traveler, The Logistics

Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 12 Mon The Lads, Flicks, No Idea
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 13 Tues Luane Crosby Band, Vagrants, Night Owl
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 14 Wed Blind Dates, Circus, In Time
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 15 Thur Liquid Trance, Shade and Click
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 16 Fri Lyres
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 17 Sat Romeful of Blues
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 18 Sun (Ladies Night)
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 19 Mon Video Free Europe, Kent Pearson, Room 9
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 20 Tues The Positions, Ata-tat, Nightland
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 21 Wed Cool Rays, The Undertaker & His Pals
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 22 THurs The Dark, Salem 66, Busted Statues
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 23 Fri Til Tuesday
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 24 Sat Closedm
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 25 Sun (Ladies Night)
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 26 Mon Sapian, ThE Editors, tThe Clone
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 27 Tues Beauty and the Beast, Emergay Sons, Control U
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 29 Thurs Native Tongues, Zodo Doze, House of Cards
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Dec 31 Sat Berlin Airlift

Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 12 Mon Voyce, X-Boyfriends
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 13 Tues Young Rationals
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 14 Wed John Lincoln Wright
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 15 Thur Hypertension
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 16 Fri Digney Fignus, Buddy System
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 17 Sat Til Tuesday
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 18 Sun Paul Rishell Band
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 19 Mon THe Zone, Moulin Rouge
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 20 Tues The Shakes, Wandells
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 21 Wed John Lincoln Wright
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 22 Thur Memphis Rockabilly Band
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 23 Fri New Models
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 24/25 Sat/Sun Closed
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 26 Mon Arthur Slick & Nice Girls, THe Effect
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 27 Tues Volcano Suns, Turbines
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 28 Wed Lizzy Bordon, VIper
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 29 Thur Mimi Jones Band, Pencils
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 30 Fri Peter Dayton
Inn-Square Men's Bar - Dec 31 Sat Barence Whitfield & Savages, Del Fuegos

Berklee Performance Center - Dec 13 Tues Spandau Ballet

Paradise - Dec 13 Tues The Alarm

Paradise - Dec 31 The Stompers

1984 Club Listings

The Living Room - Jan 5 Thurs Dez Dickerson
The Living Room - Jan 6 Fri New Models, Til Tuesday

Chet's Last Call - Jan 6 Fri The Turbines, Salem 66
Chet's Last Call - Jan 7 Sat Maniacal Reason, Mystique

Inn-Square Men's Bar - Jan 5 Thurs Duke Rbillard Band , Barance whitfield

Scotch'n Sounds - Jan 7 Sat Robin Lane & the Chartbusters

Jumpin' Jack Flash - Jan 4 Wed Chris Bright and the Sods, Common Denominator
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Jan 5 Thurs Dish
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Jan 6 Fri Midnight Traveler
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Jan 7 Sat New Models
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Jan 11 Wed Du Bang Gang

Jonathan Swift's - Jan 12 Thurs Lyres and Del Fuegos

Chet's Last Call - Jan 21 Sat The Beastie Boys

Paradise - Jan 22 Sun Hot Tuna

Orpheum - Jan 23 Mon Billy Idol with Til Tuesday
Orpheum - Jan 24 Tues Billy Idol with The Lines

Channel - Feb 3 Fri Neighborhoods

Inn Square Men's Bar - Feb 25 Sat Ska party with The Scatterbrains
Inn Square Men's Bar - Feb 26 Sun Paul Rishell Band
Inn Square Men's Bar - Feb 27 Mon Silver Lining
Inn Square Men's Bar - Feb 28 Tues The Easter Shuttle, Les Miserables
Inn Square Men's Bar - Feb 29 Wed John Lincoln Write and the Sour Mash Boys - Free Chili Night-Lincoln Texas Red

Inn Square Men's Bar - Mar 1 Thurs Rounder Records' Michael Hurley, Fiddlin' Slim
Inn Square Men's Bar - Mar 2 Fri X and Del
Inn Square Men's Bar - Mar 3 Sat Lyres, Plan 9
Inn Square Men's Bar - Mar 4 Sun Bnefit for Kevin McCarthy with Rods & Cones, Children of Paradise, Paul RIshell Band

The Rat - Oct 2 the Sawbucks, The Blackjacks, Scruffy the Cat, The Iolaros, The Swinging Erudites

Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 19 Dub 7, Skin, THe Blare'os
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 20 The Neighborhoods, Beat Surrender
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 22 The Cruise, Lookout
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 23 Brain Trust, Te Edge, State of the Union
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 24 FU's, Noonday Underground, Rockin Bob Cats
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 25 Blockyard, Fury, The Zone
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 26 Ball & Pivot, The Somebodies
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 29 Modern Pioners, mata Terra, Slim & the Sarcastics
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 30 Odyssey, UXB, The Front
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Oct 31 Pleasure Point, Judy's Tiny Head, The Editors
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Nov 3 Dish, Body Politics
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Nov 8 Red, Breakfast in Bed, Sons of Sappho
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Nov 17 Girls Night Out

Bunratty's - Oct 30 Tues New Models, Miss Understood
Down Under - Oct 30 Tues The Cruise, Kiss Me Blind, The Mechanics
Jacks- Oct 30 Tues Any Two Words, Clean Wipe
Paradise - Oct 30 Tues The Stores, Free Time, Quantum
Rat - Oct 30 Tues No Idea, Taint
Spit - Oct 30 Tues Steve Strick

Bunratty's - Oct 31 Wed New Man, The Zone
Casbah - Oct 31 Wed New Models, Down Avenue
Chets- Oct 31 Wed Volcano Suns, Scruffy the Cat
Jacks - Oct 31 Wed The Skeletones, The Pretty Poison, the Visigoths

Johnny D's - Oct 27 Sat The Odds, Moose and the Mud Bugs
Johnny D's - Oct 31 Wed The FU's, The Honeymoon Killers, and Sorry
Johnny D's - Nov 1 Thurs O-Positive, Sons of Saffo
Johnny D's - Nov 3 Sat Volcano Suns, Christmas
Johnny D's - Nov 7 Wed Wandells, Blaros
Johnny D's - Nov 8 Thurs Drezniak, Most Experts

The Rat - Oct 25 Thurs (A group playing the songs of) Killing Joke, Stranglehold (early show) Dub 7, Chanin Link Fence (late Show)
The Rat - Oct 26 Fri Del Fuegos, the Bristols
The Rat - Oct 27 Sat Del Fuegos
The Rat - Oct 31 Wed Haloween Party! with Downtime
The Rat - Nov 1 Dogmatics record release party
The Rat - Nov 2 Robin Lane
The Rat - Nov 3 John Cale
The Rat - Nov 8 True West
The Rat - Nov 10 New Models

Johnny D's - Oct 24 Busted Statues, Arbitrary Set
Johnny D's - Oct 25 Hunting Lodge, Sleep Chamber
Johnny D's - Oct 27 The Odds, Moose and the Mudbugs
Johnny D's - Oct 31 Salem 66, Honeymoon Killers, Sorry
Johnny D's - Nov 1 Sons of Sappho
Johnny D's - Nov 3 Volcano Suns, Christmas
Johnny D's - Nov 7 The Wandels
Johnny D's - Nov 8 Drezniak
Johnny D's - Nov 10 Band 19 and Classic Ruins
Johnny D's - Nov 7 The Daughters, the Visigohts
Johnny D's - Nov 8 Scrufffy the Cat, Lifeboat

Down Under - Oct 31 The Outlets, Strangelhold and Chain Link Fence

Paradise - Dec 15 Sat Jerry's Kids (Final Show) and Gang Green

1985 Club Listings

Rat- Jan 12 Sat Del Lords, Scruffy the Cats, The Bobcats
Rat (Upstairs)- Jan 12 Sat Johnny Angel
Rat- Jan 13 Sun Radio Beat Benefit with Volcano Suns, FU's, Swinging E's and ½ Transplant,
Rat- Jan 14 Mon "Fresh Sounds" with The Whay, New Parts from Old, Tax Collectors
Rat- Jan 15 Tues "Fresh Sounds" with United Nations, Target
Rat- Jan 16 Wed Benefit for Grassroots International: M.C. is Carter Alan of WBCN with Blackjacks, Scruffy the Cat, Chain Link Fence, The Underacheivers
Rat- Jan 17 Thurs Drongos, Dogmatics and Dark Cellers
Rat- Jan 18 Fri Record Release for Prime Movers, Slickee Boys and Chain Link Fence
Rat (Upstairs)- Jan 18 Fri The Marshalls
Rat- Jan 19 Sat I-Tones, Lizzie Borden and the Axes and The Roosters
Rat (Upstairs)- Jan 19 Sat Kenne Gizmo Highland
Rat- Jan 24 Thurs The Primevals - John Felice and Alpo
Rat- Jan 25 Fri Rods & Cones
Rat- Jan 26 Sat Peter Dayton

Scotch and Souonds - Jan 31 Thurs Neighborhoods

Jonathan Swifts - Jan 17 Thurs Link Wray and Billy Bragg

Johnny D's - Feb 2 Sat Moose and the Mudbugs and Plan 9

Jumping Jack Flash - March 16 Sat Neighborhoos

The Rat - May 10 Fri Last Stand, The Strange, City Heat
The Rat - May 11 Sat Alex Chilton, Turbins, The Pets
The Rat - May 12 Sun Pleasure Point, Beat Surrender, The Boatmen
The Rat - May 13 Mon Yu Yu Hop, BPS
The Rat - May 14 Tues Bristols, Treat Her Right, Ironics
The Rat - May 15 Wed Blurt, Primitive Romance, Happyland
The Rat - May 16 Thurs Young Rationals, Picture This, City Heat
The Rat - May 17 Fri Dogmatics, Last Stand, Rash of Stabbings
The Rat - May 18 Sat New Models, MX, If Then Go To
The Rat - May 19 Sun Beachmasters
The Rat - May 20 Mon Sin City, Scared of Horses, Mantra
The Rat - May 21 Tues Bristols, Mission Impossible, Greeting Committee
The Rat - May 22 Wed jeff Hudson's War Games, Manufacture, Sons of Sappho
The Rat - May 23 Thurs Band 19, Underachievers, Stringers
1985 The Rat - May 24 Fri Scruffy the Cat, Da Bo Deans, Last Round Up, Steve Bob and Rich
The Rat - May 25 Sat dB's, Chain Link Fence, Capture the Flag
The Rat - May 26 Sun Axminister, Reckless Hearts
The Rat - May 27 Mon France, Caroline in Control, City Heat
The Rat - May 28 Tues Bristons, Secret Word, Ped King
The Rat - May 29 Wed Someone and the Somebodies (Final Show), Three Hands
The Rat - May 30 Thurs The Five, Volcano Suns, Throwing Muses
The Rat - May 31 Mon Prime Movers, Outnumbered, The Odds

The Channel - April 21 Sun The Minutemen, Sorry

The Rat - April 20 Sat The Blackjacks, The Raunch Hands, The Van Dykes
The Rat - April 21 Sun One Fish Two Fish, The Buddy System, City Heat
The Rat - April 22 Mon The Skeletones, You Told, The Boss Tweed Band
The Rat - April 23 Tues Vivisect, I.T. 80, The Shockers,
The Rat - April 24 Wed Chain Link Fence, Johnny and the Jumper Cables, Rapture of the Deed
The Rat - April 25 Thurs Push Push, I-Witness, Blockyard, The Front
The Rat - April 26 Fri Nervous Eaters, Last Stand, The Underachievers
The Rat - April 27 Sat Adventure Set, Three Colors, Middle Class America

Jonathan Swifts - April 29 Mon Drezniak

Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 21 Fri Barry Marshall &Rockin' Robins, Trooping the Color, Judy's Tiny Little Head
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 22 Sat Skin, Push Push, Mission Impossible
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 28 Fri The Blackjacks, The Wild Bunch, The Wandells
Jumpin' Jack Flash - June 29 Sat The Fleshtones, Johnny & the Jumper Cables, Capture the Flag

Jumpin' Jack Flash - July 5 Fri Rick Berlin: The Movie, Picture This
Jumpin' Jack Flash - July 6 Sat Scruffy the Cat, Drongos, Chainlink Fence
Jumpin' Jack Flash - July 12 Fri Lou Miani & the Kozmetics, Dub 7
Jumpin' Jack Flash - July 13 Sat Rods & Cones, Sussman-Lawrence, Beginners Only
Jumpin' Jack Flash - July 17 Wed Eugene Chadbourne, The Archbishop's Enima Fetish, Condo Pygmes
Jumpin' Jack Flash - July 18 Thurs Bat Cave Night - Free Admisssion Dressed in Black - Happyland, Holy Cow, Sleep Chamber
Jumpin' Jack Flash - July 19 Fri Dogmatics, The Turbines, Last Stand
Jumpin' Jack Flash - July 20 Sat Slickee Boys, Prime Movers, SchuylerHeinkel
Jumpin' Jack Flash - July 26 Fri The Neighborhoods, The Smithereens, The Skeletones
Jumpin' Jack Flash - July 27 Sat The Neighborhoods, Beat Surrender

Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 1 Thur Hearts on Fire, Strange featuring Steve Cataldo
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 2 Fri Adventure Set, Life on Earth, Metta Terra
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 3 Sat Farrenheit, Lizzie Borden and the Axes, Bang
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 8 Thur Three Colors, A Boy and His Dog, The Pets
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 9 Fri Blackjacks, Skin and special guests
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 10 Sat Girls Night Out, from Tennessee - The White Animals, Body Politics
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 16 Fri Digney Fignus, Bamboo Gang, Box
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 17 Sat The Outlets, the Flies, Capture the Flag
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 23 Fri Lyres, Band 19, O Positive
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 24 Sat New Man, Trooping the Color, Image
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 30 Fri Down Avenue
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Aug 31 Sat Butthole Surfers (first Boston appearance) and the Gospel Birds

Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 5 Thur Final area appearance of Archbishop Enema Fetish, The Swinging Erudites and Sons of Saffo
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 12 Thurs Go Go music finally hits Boston with Outrage
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Sept 19 Thurs Sonic Youth

Chet's Last Call - Sept 7 Sat The End, the Nationals, Peeling Autumn, Battery Bridge
Chet's Last Call - Sept 11 Wed Easy Going Guys
Chet's Last Call - Sept 12 Thurs The Heard, Corsairs, PG13
Chet's Last Call - Sept 13 Fri The Gospel Birds, Capture the Flag, Black Cat Bone
Chet's Last Call - Sept 14 Sat Pajama Slave Dancers
Chet's Last Call - Sept 15 Sun The Givens, Nuclear Theater

Bunratty's - Sept 7 Sat Gary Shane and the Detour, Body Politics
Bunratty's - Sept 8 Sun The Wrecking Crew, Blind Lemon Pledge and THe Seeing Eye Dogs
Bunratty's - Sept 9 Mon The Handsome Devils, Billy Kover
Bunratty's - Sept 10 tues Hearts on Fire, Pleasure Point
Bunratty's - Sept 11 Wed Ball & Pivot, The Fables
Bunratty's - Sept 12 thurs Visitor, Wide Angle
Bunratty's - Sept 14 Sat Extreme, The Jackals, Muggs
Bunratty's - April 17 Mon Willie Loco Alexander

Jumping Jack Flash - Sept 7 Sat Blackjacks, Prime Movers, Young Guns
Jumping Jack Flash - Sept 8 Sun The Falcons
Jumping Jack Flash - Sept 9 Mon Moulin Rouge, Boatmen, Cement
Jumping Jack Flash - Sept 10 Tues Day One, Fiction, Rumerz
Jumping Jack Flash - Sept 11 Wed Lu Kharizma, Fear of Failure, Linda Barrier & Co.
Jumping Jack Flash - Sept 12 Thurs Trouping the Color, The Image, Zeitgeist
Jumping Jack Flash - Sept 13 Fri Scruffy the Cat, Push Push, The Beachmasters
Jumping Jack Flash - Sept 14 Sat Rick Berlin - The Movie, Third Rail and Beginners Only
Jumping Jack Flash - Sept 20 Fri Dogmatics and Clinton
Jumping Jack Flash - Sept 24 Tues Marty Jones Band
Jumping Jack Flash - Sept 26 Thurs Sonic Youth
Jumping Jack Flash - Sept 27 Fri Green on Red

Boston Food Co-op (449 Cambridge St, Allston) - July 2o Sat Classic Ruins, The Primevils

The Ranch House (Marshfield) - November 29 Neighborhoods


The Rat - Jan 31 Fri Neighborhoods - Early Show

The Rat - Jan 31 Fri Neighborhoods - Late Show

Green Street Station - August 15 Fri The Dogmatics, Moose and the Mudbugs, Pirhanna Brothers
Green Street Station - August 16 Sat Black Cat Bone, Boll Weevils, Feeding Frenzy

Molly's - Sept 16 Tues The Corsairs and The Meistermen
Molly's - Sept 17 Wed Moose and the Mudbugs, Snake Out
Molly's - Sept 18 Thurs The Lines
Molly's - Sept 24+25 Wed + Thurs The Beat Farmers

Green Street Station - OCT 30 Thurs The Pixies, The Turquoise Bros
Green Street Station - OCT 31 Fri The Five, Valdez the Sinner, the Gorehounds
Green Street Station - Nov 1 Sat Beachmasters, Maiarians, Dark Cellars
Green Street Station - Nov 2 Sun Lecco's Lemma Live
Green Street Station - Nov 6 Thurs Life on Earth, the Train
Green Street Station - Nov 7 Fri Titanics
Green Street Station - Nov 8 Sat The Vipers, he Bags, te Time Beings
Green Street Station - Nov 9 Sun Lecco's Lemma Live
Green Street Station - Nov 13 Thurs Alison D
Green Street Station - Nov 14 Fri Increadable Casuals, Circle Sky, Ray mason
Green Street Station - Nov 15 Sat The Zulus, the Stingers, the Kessels
Green Street Station - Nov 16 Sun Lecco's Lemma Live
Green Street Station - Nov 20 Thurs By Design
Green Street Station - Nov 21 Fri Treat Her Right, THe Boogy men
Green Street Station - Nov 22 Sat The Noise 5th Anniversary Party - The Five, Moving targets, Slaughter Shack
Green Street Station - Nov 23 Sun Amyl & the Icons
Green Street Station - Nov 28 Fri Hendrix Tribute with World of Distortion
Green Street Station - Nov 29 Sat Lecco's Lemma Live Rap Party
Green Street Station - Nov 30 Sun Lecco's Lemma Live

THe Rat - Dec 31Big Black, Vocano SUns, Pusssy Galore


TT The Bears - Jan 17 Sat Day show 3 Pm Cro-Mags
TT The Bears - Jan 17 Sat Evening show. Dogmatics Benefit: Last Stand, Outlets and The Matweeds
TT The Bears - Jan 19 Mon Pub Night
TT The Bears - Jan 20 Tues Men Folk, Kneeling on Rice, Lizards in a Circle
TT The Bears - Jan 21 Wed Dear John, Trooping the Color, The Love Club
TT The Bears - Jan 22 Thurs Al Smith's Memorial Dance proceeds go to the Shriner's Hospital
TT The Bears - Jan 23 Fri The Neats, Condo Pygmies and the Cave Dogs
TT The Bears - Jan 24 Sat All Ages 3PM The Volcano Suns and The Lemonheads
TT The Bears - Jan 24 Sat Evening Show - Barance Whitfield and the Savages, The Fabulous Roys and Big Barn Burning

Chet's Last Call - June 17 Wed Play Ethics, The Philters
Chet's Last Call - June 18 Thurs The Greenheads, Dogzilla
Chet's Last Call - June 19 Fri The Hendersons, Cool McCool, Hip Civikians
Chet's Last Call - June 20 Sst East of Eden
Chet's Last Call - June 25 Thurs Anesthesia Scream
Chet's Last Call - June 28 Sun MOVIE - Last Hoose on the Left, Sore Hounds

Penalty Box (Chet's Last Call)- Nov 14 Sat Cool McCool, Change of Fate, Galaxy 500,
Penalty Box- - Nov 15 Sun Bedrock Cafe
Penalty Box- - Nov 20 Fri Flying Scotts, Happy Campers
Penalty Box- - Nov 21 Sat The Hendersons, Mat McKenzie Band, Lost Pitots
Penalty Box- - Nov 22 Sun Underground FIlm Fest - Warhole and Kenneth Anger
Penalty Box- - Nov 28 Sat Buzz & the Gang

The Rat - Nov 14 Sat ALL AGES 3PM - Neats, Classic Ruins, 98 Colors
The Rat- Nov 15 Sun BFVF Benefit for Visiting Artists: Country Bumpkin, Modern Art, Juvinile Amphibians in Frmaldahyde, Screaming Headless Torsos, McGreggor McGree
The Rat - Nov 19 Thurs WZBC Nite #3 THink Tree, Dry Wall Screw, Scarecrow
The Rat - Nov 20 Fri WSUL and WHRB Present The Bags, Nervous Eaters, Titantics, The Slaves, The Eels
The Rat - Nov 21 Sat WMBR BENEFIT Condo Pygmies, Slaughter Shack, Johnny and the Jumper Cables
The Rat - Nov 22 Sun The Brued, The Gorehounds, Ex-GIrlfriends, Scared of Horses Mat
The Rat - Nov 25 Wed The Threats, The Peasants, Argumental ID, Turtles Under Fire
The Rat- Nov 26 Thurs Bim Scala Bim, THings That Aren't Food, No Such Animal, The Leftovers
The Rat - Nov 27 Fri Plan 9, WIllie Alexander, Danny Mydlack, Charmaig DeForest, Electric Lizards
The Rat - Nov 28 Sat THe Reducers, Nova Mob, The Pets, Mannish Boys
The Rat- Nov 29 Sun The Blackjacks, The Shambles

TT the Bear's- Nov 14 Sat ALL AGES 3PM - Verbal Assault, Soul SIde 9PM SHOW 3 Colors, The Connells
TT the Bear's- - Nov 17 Tues Myraid Creatures, Roxul, Baboon
TT the Bear's- Nov 18 Wed Padro Jones, Nobody Home, Rhino Park
TT the Bear's- - Nov 19Thurs Last Stand, BIg Huge, The Dineros,
TT the Bear's- Nov 20 Fri Barrence Whitfield & the Savages, Mat Weeds
TT the Bear's- - Nov 21 Sat ALL AGES 3 PM DOA, No Means No 9PM SHOW Big Dipper, Pixies, Crowbar
TT the Bear's- Nov 22 Sun Alex Chilton, Tommy Keene
TT the Bear's- - Nov 24 Tues Common Ground, Liquid Nik, Mind Over Matter
TT the Bear's- Nov 25 Wed Flat Rabbit, Play Ethic, Parade
TT the Bear's- Nov 27 Fri Gut Bank, The Bags, Inside Outburst
TT the Bear's- - Nov 28 Sat Dumptruck, Class Action, Kairos Green Street Station - Nov 14 Sat Dreed Foole, Swamp Thing, Visagoths
Green Street Station - Nov 20 Fri Buzz & the Gang, Gingerbread Men,Neutral Nations
Green Street Station - Nov 21 Sat Incredible Casuals, Things That Aren't Food, In Case of Jerome
Green Street Station - Nov 25 Wed Matweeds, BIg Huge, Blake Babies
Green Street Station - Nov 27 Fri The Roys, Cool McCool, Phil Tawa, Change of Fate
Green Street Station - Nov 28 Sat Zulus, Titantics, Vergil & the Merls

Penalty Box- - Dec 5 Sat Queers, Ex-Girlfriends, Stop Calling Me Frank

TT the Bear's - Dec 2 Wed World of Distortion, THe Promise, Jaime Shaler
TT the Bear's - Dec 4 Fri Lyres, John Felice, The Queers
TT the Bear's - Dec 5 Sat ALL AGES PM DI , Tender Fury 9 PM SHOW O Positive, The Cucumbers
TT the Bear's - Dec 10 Thurs A Scanner Darkly, Bell People
TT the Bear's - Dec 11 Fri Rick Berlin, Chain Link Fence, Waterworld

The Rat- Dec 2 Wed Flaming Lips
The Rat- Dec 3 Thurs XXX Presents Tender Fury
The Rat- Dec 4 Fri Gorehounds, Venutukgs -record party, Electric Love Muffin, Tall Paul

Green Street Station - Dec 2 Wed Maelstrom, Eels, The Duckbills, High Speed Vomit
Green Street Station - Dec 3 Thurs Skeggie presents: Ray Mason, Either Orchestra, The Motherfolkers
Green Street Station - Dec 4 Fri The Bags, Buttet Lavolta, Green (from Chicago)
Green Street Station - Dec 5 Sat 3D live bradcast with The Pixies, Big Barn Burning, Coat of Arms
Green Street Station - Dec 6 Sun Mark V as Cher, Helen Reddy, Stevie Nicks, Xanna don't, The Maybes
Green Street Station - Dec 9 Wed Tribute to Led Zep with Swan and Liquid Symphony
Green Street Station - Dec 10 Thurs The Blaros, Miss Bliss,Blue Valentines
Green Street Station - Dec 11 Fri Treat Her Right, Cavedogs, Drumming on Glass
Green Street Station - Dec 12 Sat Blind Idiot God, Slaughter Shack, Common Ailments of Maturity
Green Street Station - Dec 12 Sat Live Skull, Madding Crowd, Subskin Cables
Green Street Station - Dec 13 Sun 3pm: All Ages - Requium in WHite and quests 9PM: Cool McCool and quests
Green Street Station - Dec 16 Wed Bohemian Angels, Gas, Food, Phone. Lodging and guesta
Green Street Station - Dec 17 Thurs The Dharma Bums, The Superfonics, The Shambels
Green Street Station - Dec 18 Fri Christmas, Mommy
Green Street Station - Dec 19 Sat Live Skull, Madening Crowd, Sub Skin Cables
Green Street Station - Dec 20 Sun Green St Christmas show with Salvation Navy, Danny Mydlack, Golden Joe Baker, Xanna and Goo
Green Street Station - Dec 23 Wed Impersonator night with George Michael and Michael Jackson
Green Street Station - Dec 24 Thurs Merry Christmas
Green Street Station - Dec 25 Fri The Time Beings, Kenne Highland
Green Street Station - Dec 26 Sat John Felice and the Lowdowns and guests
Green Street Station - Dec 27 Sun TBA
Green Street Station - Dec 30 Wed Southing SOunds for Baby, Turtles Under Fire and guests
Green Street Station - Dec 31 Thur New Years Eve with Zulus, Plan 9, Hullabaloo


Green St Station - Jan 17 Fri The Maxie Awards

Chameleon (830 Lynnway, Lynn - March 30 Wed Rods and Cones and Good Question
Chameleon (830 Lynnway, Lynn - April 6 Wed Mass and Special Events
Chameleon (830 Lynnway, Lynn - April 13 Wed The Fools and FOrever 19
Chameleon (830 Lynnway, Lynn - April 20 Wed Tribe and The Lemmings Boys Camp

TT The Bears - April 8 Fri Godzilla, She Cried, Limited Partnership
TT The Bears - April 9 Sat The Rain Dogs, Blake Babies, Information
TT The Bears - April 10 Sun Oona's 10th Anniversary Party
TT The Bears - April 12 Tues Myriad Creatures, Evangelists, Section 8
TT The Bears - April 13 Wed John Stewart (ex-Kingston Trio)
TT The Bears - April 14 Thurs Dharma Bums, Sally's Dream and Big Clock
TT The Bears - April 15 Fri Miracle Legion Men-n-Volts, The Natives
TT The Bears - April 16 Sat Rods and Cones, Mambo X and Water World
TT The Bears - April 17 Sun Barrence Whitfield and the Savages, Plate O Shrimp

Bunratty's - July 18 Mon The Bags
Bunratty's - July 19 Tues The Neighborhoods, Bristols, 145
Bunratty's - July 20 Wed Lyres, Luddites, Voodoo Dolls
Bunratty's - July 21 Thurs Riot, Rock City
Bunratty's - July 25 Mon Zulus
Bunratty's - July 27 Wed Condo Pygmies, Titantics, Lazy Susan
Bunratty's - July 29 Fri Shake the Faith, Triage, Girl on Top
Bunratty's - July 30 Sat Raindogs, Two Saints, Tax Collectors
Bunratty's - Aug 5 Fri Unattached Blaros, Johnny & the Jumper Cables
Bunratty's - Aug 9 Tues Ultra Blue

TT The Bears - July 15 Fri Barrence Whitfield and Mambo X
TT The Bears - July 16 Sat Bim Skala Bim, The Last Roundup and Monsignors
TT The Bears - July 19 Tues Agent Orange, 8 Balls, Little Billy
TT The Bears - July 20 Wed Fat Elvis, Stop Calling Me Frank
TT The Bears - July 21 Thur Looters, Mahatma Dogma, Steve Weinstein + the 4th Boat Band
TT The Bears - July 22 Fri Lemonheads, Last Stand
TT The Bears - July 23 Sat Vernon Reed, She Cried, Tiny Lights
TT The Bears - July 26 Tues Judgemental, The Diversions, New Found Toy
TT The Bears - July 27 Wed Lemmings, Sob Story, Bachelors of Art
TT The Bears - July 28 Thur Amazing Mud Shark, One Life, Roxul
TT The Bears - July 29 FriBig Dipper, Zuzu's Petals
TT The Bears - July 30 Sat The Bags, Splat Cats, Piranha Brothers
TT The Bears - Aug 5 Fri Incredble Casuals, Plate o' Shrimp
TT The Bears - Aug 7 Sat Bullet LaVolta, Gut Bank, Gallexy 500

Green Street Station - Oct 14 Fri Run Westy Run, Nixon's Head, The Merchants
Green Street Station - Oct 15 Sat Carmaig and Forest Band, Zanna Don't, Nobody Home
Green Street Station - Oct 16 Sun Noise 7th Anniversary, Galaxy 500, Danny Mydlack, WIllie Alexander, Jen Rossi
Green Street Station - Oct 20 Thur Denieros, Drumming on Glass and special quests
Green Street Station - Oct 21 Fri Slaughter Shack and Special quiests
Green Street Station - Oct 22 Sat Universal Congress of, Lovein Six, Special quests
Green Street Station - Oct 23 Sun Oats for Peach Benefit, Subskin Cables, Bulkhead, Heyday, Black Knife Spot
Green Street Station - Oct 27 Thur We'll be at the Somerville Theatre to see Sonic Youth
Green Street Station - Oct 28 Fri Titantics, Lazy Cowgirls, Voodoo Dolls
Green Street Station - Oct 29 Sat A Scanner Darkly, UT + special guests
Green Street Station - Oct 30 Sun Urge Overkill + special guests

The Rat - Oct 14 Fri Rick Berlin the Movie, Runaway Dan, Fun House
The Rat - Oct 15 Sat Titantics, The Highwaymen, Immortals
The Rat - Oct 20 Thur Helldorado night, Sloth, Porn Orchard
The Rat - Oct 21 Fri Salem 66, Cavedogs, Galaxy 500, Bitch Magnet
The Rat - Oct 22 Sat Straw Dogs, Hari Kari (frm NYC), Left Nut
The Rat - Oct 28 Fri The Fleshtones (tentative)
The Rat - Oct 29 Sat The Bentmen (4th Anmual Halloween show), Cxzema
The Rat - Oct 30 Sun Reptilicus, Johnny and the Jumper Cables, Fab Motion, Judgemental
The Rat - Nov 3 Thurs Kruse Records presents Chemical People, Grin
The Rat - Nov 4 Fri Unattached, Boneyard
The Rat - Nov 5 Sat The Rain, Jonses, Thrill Hammer
The Rat - Nov 10 Thurs Billy Ruane's Birthday Party (tentative)
The Rat - Nov 11 Fri Zulus, The Bristols

Middle East - Oct 18 Tues Gilbert Makes Monty Rock, "Tom Jones" featureing Springa, The Old Curmudgeons, Smokin' Daze
Middle East - Oct 23 Sun Benefit for WZBC with Norman's Band (featuring Roger Miller), David Prescott and others
Middle East - Oct 25 Tues All Ages - Beat Happenings, Girl Trouble
Middle East - Oct 30 Sun Urge Overkill, Spick Dog, Mudhoney, Blacknife Spot

TT the Bears - Oct 14 Fri Record release for Last Stand, Bullet Lavolta, Chaotic Past
TT the Bears - Oct 15 Sat Cucumbers, Men and Volts, Xanna Don't
TT the Bears - Oct 18 Tues Boy/Girl, Bridge, The Hard Tops, Bleading Hearrs
TT the Bears - Oct 19 Wed Terri Bright, Fab Motion, White Fire, Masters of the Obvious
TT the Bears - Oct 20 Thur Big Top, Ed Redeeming Qualities, Stop Calling Me Frank
TT the Bears - Oct 21 Fri Tribe, The Natives, Drama Club
TT the Bears - Oct 22 Sat Zulus, Glass Eye, Things That Aren't Food
TT the Bears - Oct 25 Tues The Swinging Teens, The Time Beings, Spellman Block, Vital Image
TT the Bears - Oct 26 Wed September Reighn, Don't Try This At Home, Parade, Stick People
TT the Bears - Oct 27 Thur Absolute, Tax Collectors, Talking to Animals
TT the Bears - Oct 28 Fri Dreams So Real, Game Theor, The Marlarians
TT the Bears - Oct 29 Sat Lyres, The Catheads, The Vindicators
TT the Bears - Nov 3 Thur Knots + Crosses, Gary Shane
TT the Bears - Nov 4 Fri Gutbank, Ritual Tension, Hoboken Might
TT the Bears - Nov 5 Sat The Connells, Wild Seeds, Agent 13
TT the Bears - Nov 11 Fri The Neats, Amazing Mud Sharks
TT the Bears - Nov 12 Sat Gang Green, Last Stand


The Rat - Jan 28 Sat Wrecking Crew, Eye for an Eye, Point Blank

Orpheum - Feb 2 Thurs Cheap Trick, Neighborhoods

Axis - Oct 25 Wed Sleep Chamber


Pearl St Northhampton Feb 3 Sat Neighborhood

The Rat March 16 Fri Neighborhoods and The Bristols

The Rat - July 20 Fri Joe, Big Wheel, Baldinos, Void and in the Balcony Quam-Mojo-
The Rat - July 21 Sat Dogzilla, The Selves, Psycho-Neurotic-Squeeb Band, Rip Off and in the Balcony Motherfolkers
The Rat - July 26 Thur Stanton Park Record Release Party Green Magnet School, Bulkhead, Medicine Ball,
    Johnny and the Jumper Cables, Eight Balls and in the Balcomy Dharma Bums
The Rat - July 27 Fri Stanton Park Record Release Party - Part 2 Foul Balls, Willie Alexander, Voodoo Dolls,
    Drumming on Glass and in the Balcony The Assassins

Venus De Milo - November 29 Neighborhoods - Video shot for "Hangin"

1995 Club Listings

The Rat - May 5 Fri Scatterfield, Mother May I, Pods, Crowsdell, The Incorruptables
The Rat - May 6 Sat Maclads (from England), Chum, Big Bad Bullocks
The Rat - May 7 Sun 4pm All Ages - Maclads, The Bruisers, Public Nuisance, August Spies
The Rat - May 9 Tues Crashworship, Slughog, Quintron
The Rat - May 10 Wed Radiotricity, House O' Raven, Whatever
The Rat - May 12 Fri Stardarts, Orbit, Rusty Plank
The Rat - May 13 Sat Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black!, The Peecocks, Serum, Architectual Metaphor
The Rat - May 17 Wed Paradigm, Controlled Agression , Downward
The Rat - May 18 Thurs Earthworm, W.O.C.C., Bad Larry
The Rat - May 19 Fri Stickmen, Like Hell, The Nines, THe Bones
The Rat - May 20 Sat The Mitch memorial Show: Watch for Rat Alumni Greats & very Special Guests!
The Rat - May 24 Wed The Otherdays, The Smalls, Huck
The Rat - May 25 Thurs TBA, Hix, Spendiforous Monster
The Rat - May 26 Fri Underball, Blau Zur, Blanket Party, The Goblins
The Rat - May 27 Sat TBA, Black No. 9, Tomato Monkeys, Load
The Rat - May 31 Wed Small World, Slow Children, CPA, THe Burrs

2011 Club Listings

The Paradise - June 23/24 Thurs/Fri The Del Fuegoes, Nervous Eaters and Lyres

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