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Monday, Dec. 26, 2022

Kenne had a Merry Christmas

Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2022

freitag 23 dec 2022. 0730. Tyme for a shoutout to Bevis Frond show on WMBR. i heard "Puzzles" by the yardbirds! This 3 Apr 67 45 was the non-lp flip of "Little games" and it's a james patrick "better than Zepplein" extravganza! Again, Pagey is best thing on 45; frenetic acoutic guitar intro, two chords back and forth like he played on Christa Paffgen's "I'm not sayin'" but what REALLY GOT ME was pagey's raga-inspired lead at end, probably a Tele....either way great stuff which i probably had on a three dollar Yardbirds bootleg about Fiddy years back, full of non-lp 45s etc".....



Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2022
Sonntag/ Tannenbaum. BET TV 100-230 pm was The Temptations 1998 movie which I HAVE seen umpty-nine tymes but ALWAYS something new. Maybe I tuned in about noon or so but by then it was about 1969 and my favourite Temptations period is when they went psychedelic! And my FAVOURITE toon that I can relate to is "Cloud Nine"! (tuning out and tuning out!). 25 oct 68 release, so Lydia Lunch and i BOTH heard it on WCMF-FM rochester NY, great wah-wah....

I bought "sunshine of your love" in august '68, Joplin 45s in September and while this WAS a hit, surely Beatles white album.....and my taste aint changed since! (except for listening to Rory gallagher and TASTE!)".....


Thursday, Dec. 29, 2022

"day of Wodin. 28 dec 2022. Practice - A good half hour set list for New Year's Eve BGN staff private party and OF COURSE the side projects are interesting too! starting riffin on Mountains "never in my life' with al hendry on drums, larry newman -bass, captain easychord-keys and john keegan -sax.

This variation on a Mountain theme is called, maybe, "My Mountain has crumbled". Also, captain easychord has been doing Jeff Beck's "Hi Ho Silver Lining" so, after fiddy years, i tried my hand at the solo; good fun last night indeed!".....


Friday, Dec. 30, 2022

"Freitag 30 Dec 2022. Three years ago i was in four bands; today; "still the same' und herr Drumpf ist nicht der Koenig. Kenne Highland Air Force records with Mister Pee-boddy near John Proctor's house; his second wife was Miss Lyn's granny's distant cuzzin. mad painter practices Friday 27 jan 2022 AND NOT to 'arguing with ghosts" of my distant cuzzin Linda garreau highland, talk of 2024 South by southwest has made me sing "I'm a believer"; I just wanna take the greyhound through Appalcahica again! On The Road, hillbilly style!

KHAF (air force) WILL be playing Asa tribute to the Burren sunday 5 march 2022 and Nobody gets on the Guest List coz the money's fer Asa's lads, ye pocky bastids...AND wikipedia sez brebner is a sept of Clan farquharson; Miss Lyn should go in the basement of 85 Turner road, Holliston, mass and dig out her farquar album on Eleketra! (My Blind Shrink asks; 'is that an elektra complex?").

LAstly, but not leastly, y'all know band four is mag Four, Johnny and the Jumper cables, so look! "i'll sleep when warren Zevon's dead!" oh, wait....AM I in the eternal twilight zone? "Stop the World....When I get off!""....



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