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Monday, December 27, 2021

KH Airforece at Newburyport Brewing
"Boxing Day Sonntag 26 Dec 21. I REALLY enjoyed playing Newburyport Brewing Company; kinda like a New Hampshire roadhouse in some ways. James "Hoodoo' Ryan whom lives there stopped by looking for Lt Larry Newman whom had "25 miles to drive!' (rephrasing Edwin starr). Mad Painter played for hour and half and being in the North Shore boonies, we even had REAL kids (babies with headphones!) dancing to painter's "Heep meets Mott' '70s sound; I coulda been back in Brockport NY ca 1974 at the barge inn! Kenne Highland's Air Force even got away with Velvet Underground and Stooges covers! A gospel-inflected "God Don't want me in heaven and the devil don't want me in hell" had the crowd doing the Holy Dance. Crowd and club staff ALL loved both bands, we will be back and EVERYBODY got a free six-pack! Newburyport? need to do some colonial research on this!"....

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Monntag 27 December 22. Grokking I Am Not Gone volume two, a tribute to Asa Brebner. It leads off with "I walk the streets" -Steve Rosenbaum on all the instruments. Of him, I knew naught but a lil google and born Toledo Ohio, 1978 college in Ann Arbor Michigan and played Bookies in Detroit then moved and "Circling L. A.". facebook is; Steve Rosenbaum music. This guy's a real power popper: favourite group; The raspberries. (Ditto for Jimmy Zero of Dead Boys but NO drinks poured over Steverino's head!). BUT "Let the Music Do The Talkin'!" (and buy mach bell's books!): My scrawled Highland-glyphics notes say: "acid Beach Boys "Darlin'" Byrds guitar'. So take those Pet Sounds through 20/20 LSD/manson Beach Boys harmonies and add Roger McGuinn and you get the sound. BUY IT! Money goes to Asa's young'uns: $16 each, 2 for $25 Venmo: Larry-Newman-14, Paypal: or send check or money order to: Larry Newman, 10 Whippoorwill Lane Kittery, ME 03904.....


Wednesday, December 29, 2021

"day of Wodin. 29 dec 21. slow news day SO...> artist and that is...Patty Pravo! on her 1978 album miss Italia (which TOTALLY outsold the Korps Hello World!) RCA italiana PL 31392 12 inch album is: "Notti Bianche" originally by Bonnie Tyler! ("It's a heartache"). this album is SO 1978! How about "Bello" written by david byrne and...Maurizio monti? originally by talking Heads! And it's "Love- Building on Fire' first release by talking heads February 1977; I met ken Kaiser Friday 11 feb 77 and the next day we were recording Afrika korps MUSIC TO KILL BY! (and the heads and patti outsold us both!) lastly; "Dai sail su" written by dennis DeYoung and Patty Pravo! originally by Styx (opened for Brownsville Station academy of music February 1974, Solomon Gruberger and I watching!) "Come sail away" first release by Styx (1977), Patty's cover 1978. One last note and there IS youtube of all this: "It's a heartache' first release by bonnie Tyler November 1977; 19 Nov 77, Afrika korps at cantone's with teddy cantone "Lyn, where did you GET these guys?"; maybe we shoulda dyed our hair blonde....'....

Thursday, December 30, 2021

day of Thor 30 Dec 21. "All kindsa gigs, all kindsa gigs'...sunday 2 jan 21. 1100-2 pm. Captain Easychord at the jungle brunch! THEN 4 pm, he joins kenne Highland's Air force at Midway thanks to the FABULOUS Stigmatics! Saturday 8 jan 21, Lt larry newman does Preservation, british Invasion tribute with Tsunami of Surf. Friday 14 Jan 21, Richard Mensch-sky offers KH and squadron a Cantab gig with johnny plankton and Hixx. Sunday 16 Jan 21, KH and Air Force play the ole plough Mess around. Micky Bliss offered captain easychord a night at Cantab Saturday 22 Feb 21. THINK that's it....more to come? "Black to Comm"!"....

Friday, December 31, 2021

"Freitag 31 Dec 21. Lt Larry Newman USMC handed out vinyl gifts to KH Air Force squadron. As 'is mum-in-law would say, mine was "Spot On!" and "Brilliant!". Johnny Chante Elvis: Johnny farrago (1968). born Quebec City as Jean- Yves Belanger (no relation to me or Kerouac, though his cousine include Miss Lyn, Madonna AND Celine Dionne! he was in Les Mercedes, 1962 ye-ye group with Rene Angelil (the future Celine Dionne). rene was in Les Baronets who did the beatles "C'est fou, c'est tout' in 1964; that's "Hold Me Tight", same album as "Komm Gib Mir Die Der hande" if you reside in Lembach, Alsace-Lorraine. My distant cousine linda Garreau spent our one year wedding anniversary Montreal and the record racks in the Metro were amazing! I bought many a cheap Quebecois copy of American oldies, like "please Love me forever" sung in the French. A note that I'm GLAD I wrote: In mr Celine's book, he took Johnny farrago to Memphis for Elvis's funeral and hey Bruins fans! Mr and Mrs Celine Dionne BEACOUP GRANDE Montreal Canadian hockey fans! (One of Dad's mother's distant cuzzins, the obituary said he was a big Edmonton Oilers fan; must be those Lockwood cuzzins too off to Moose Jaw Sakatchawan!"). So Johnny sings Elvis songs in candian French quite well! "oldies" as it were. had a well-known career! $3.99 savers price, but discogs will sell you a copy for $5,49 and e-bay has a $13.95 copy! Well, I;m not seeing Kiss open for Stooges tonight; that was 1973. But Happy New Year Kenneway!"....

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year


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