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Monday December 28, 2015

Magot brain
Magot Brain cover
on a rainy day is tyme to lissen to funk albums on dee-troit's westbound label! notes: 1972 ohio players album called PAIN (whip on cover!), a lotta Sly influence, those horns are so prominent! and some funk, some jazz and also some spoken-word Chambers Brothers freakout! (check out chambers bros. Columbia albums, the LOOOOONNNGGG songs and your soul WILL be psychedelicised!); another good'un, for olde-tyme youtube sake was Funakdelics third album MAGGOT BRAIN; alan baase and I, winter '74, worked in a factory as cleanup wearing DEVO suits, there was exactly ONE black Negro workin' with us white trash townies; Henry and I usedta drive down main Street, Brockport wasted blasting Get your Wings on one tyme, and I ALMOST remember the house, after work one weekend, went to some house, got stoned, heard Eddie Hazel do the 10 minute "Maggot Brain" solo and youtube comments: "the ghost of Electric Ladyland"...yes it IS an influence on this 1971 album but second to last song side two is "quality and safety" which has the whole "voodoo chile" with steve winwood on organ side bein' one big jammin' mofo! "what is soul" is more of that chambers brothers "do your thing" spoken word...I need tp researdh this Westbound label more, I've probably passed up lotsa good music!".....

Tuesday December 29, 2015

Death don't have No mercy"-Live/Dead and things DO come in 3's: 1) lil stevie wright-easybeats. bought Pinups fall '73, heard "Friday on my mind"; Tom of the Tiverton, RI Tabers sold me easybeats album early '74 for $1, so I turnt onto them. RIP, stevie. 2) meadowlark lemon. in 1966, i became friends with Carl Tagliabue (nephew of NFL commissioner) in 5th grade Brockport NY (Alan Baase too!) and his dad was kinda a surrogate dad after my dad died in 'Nam (my dad marine sgt., mr. Tags a Naval reserve officer). so the Brockport Middle School (which was where ma graduated high school in '48!) Harlem Globetrotters came to THAT junior high gym, so I surely saw M. Lemon ca. '69! RIP Meadowlark. 3) 0100 Coast to Coast AM, George Noory says Lemmy had died and "he had cancer". I like Motorhead as much as the next guy BUT check out Lemmy on GUITAR with the Rockin' Vicars! Kim Kane turnt me onto this ca. '76 coz the Slickee Boys usedta cover "I Go Ape"! even their first gig at my father's mustache in DC (Dave Koehler was there but he's dead too!) So...I want Ken Kaiser to imagine Toucher Kane on bass, Kim Kane's nose getting in way and...MARTHA HULL (my cuzzin!) COVERS LEMMY!!!!!! RIP Lemmy, he DID do it "HIS WAY"".

Wednesday December 30, 2015

Aztec on Mars
after a Hard Day's Night, curled up with ancient MacBheath tartan blanket, WEEI has a couple college football bowl games with Baylor beating North Carolina Tarheels and LSU Tigers beating Texas Tech; LSU = Bebop Bets of the Tsunamis, Bloomington, Indiana female trio; "the B-52s backed up by the Shaggs"! so I'm certain she's happy (plus she interviewed me for NPR in Bloomington for Gizmos reunion 2014, it's on live cd). west Virginia Saturday night 1015 pm! my other passion, besides music and dead people, is Coast to Coast AM with Mars beig "earthlike" ("Aztec face on Mars";their civilization was similar to Aztecs and/or Egyptians); life on mars. pub. followed by a UFO SKEPTIC and info trails. BlogSpot. com. "bumper music" : "how soon is now?" by the Smiths AND "why cant I touch it?" by buzzcocks! both songs with ?'s, that aren't ? and the Mysterians! lastly, Rob Kennedy of Da Chumps has offered the Korps THREE gigs: one in Boston with Mr. Airplane Man plus Baltimore AND DC...I'm so happy I could steal corn out of a Maryland cornfield, this act of petty larceny MONITORED by the NSA! (a descendant of a convicted felon named Knotts, jewel thief GUARDING the NSA AND stealin' corn! (we woke up the next day to little white worms crawling all over our walls from that corn! ew!!- ed) Hang 'em High! or crop his ear or whatever colonial Maryland crimes I can research!)".....

Thursday December 31, 2015

Wikipedia sez Lemmy played on these three Rockin' Vickers 45s from about 1966: "zing went the strings of my heart" (covered by Move on THEIR first album!) b/w "stella"; "it's alright" (sounds more like "kids are alright" than "Kiss of a rat"!) b/w "stay with me";and "dandy" (herman's hermits 45: 12 sept 66; Kinks 45 b/w "party line" (! a REAL face of mine ever since Tom Taber sold me FACE TO FACE in '72(?)) released October '66) b/w "I don't need your kind". all shel talmy productions and what sticks out is LEMMY as Townsend on GUITAR! haven't been this excited since my (again) Tom Taber copy of My Generation FOUR lifetymes ago! (15 into multiples of 13 there, just 15= 13 plus U-2!). it's Mod/it's power-pop, it's even "freakbeat" and look for more record ravings on Lemmy's pre-Motorhead career, RIP, him!"...

"1016 pm aproxiamately wake up to my lil AM radio, battery blastin' Bill Haley's "see you later alligator"! in mono, man! then "(Spanish) "Just a dream" by Jeemi Clanton"...another 1972 flashback! Jimmy Clanton opened for Sha Na Na march '72, so concerts I saw SUNY Brockport: JF Murphy and free-flowing salt, then Byrds, October '71; followed in march by jimmy clanton, sha-na-na. in Rock On headquarters, 8452 ridge road, brockport NY, Tom Taber DID serenade me with "just a dream", he being 6 years older'n me and knowin' oldies better. Funny = Jimmy onstage at SUNY Brockport holding his nose to sing that adenoidal teenage vocal! hahaha...and MY facebook friend Jimmy Jay played some Jimmy Clanton recently and told an anecdote of Jimmy staying over at house, Jay's kid bothering Jimmy on couch tryin' to sleep (no face painting or swastikas involved!); also Jimmy only had a pair of flip-flops, borrowed Jimmy Jay's sneakers and "hey Jimmy I want them back!" imagine borrowing a piece of Elvis/Kenne clothing = EBAY $$$$$$$$!!!!!!!"....

COAST TO COAST 0300 OR so had Adam Blai of religious talkin' 'bout goin' into a house for an exorcism, as in DONT if you have a deep, dark secret...but if you're "a clear conscious" (c'mon, I was half asleep!), just pray to St. Michael.....hmmm, maybe my real wife is LINDA Blair HIGHLAND! cue up the Lollipop Shoppe's "you must be a witch".....OR: Nancy Sinatra covering the Move's "flowers in the rain" 3 December 71, UK Reprise (her dad's label!) with picture sleeve;b-side is "Glory Road" (Neil Diamond)! and that MIGHT even be IT for the year;1973, stooges, academy of music, NYC, this date and this date in '75, Highland, indiana, I was...."REFRIGERATOR RAPPIN""!!!!!!!!!!!!"..

31 dec 91, Peecocks at Geno's, Capt. PJ dressed up like new year's baby; same date 2015, captain PJ calls! "yeah, i had two strokes but I'm re-habbed! my sister put up my facebook page! tyme for the Gizmos to gig again! yeah!" PJ still sounds same (stroke was only last year but that guy got the constitution of a Nova Scotian, like Alpo's ma) PJ at 774-249-1997 for some mentalness! Happy New Year, mentalness, yee yee and all those other PJ-isms I been enjoying since hopelessly obscure/unattached exit 13, worcester, 13 jan 83) (yet ANOTHER fine gig I talked Ken Kaiser into!)"....

Friday , January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!!!

Saturday January 2, 2016

Ken and Gee Julie spent New Year's Eve watching bonobo videos (them Monkees is damn smart!) and Hogmany was spent at Coolidge corner (Dudley bus on sunday schedule but that's every 20 minutes so in the words of Alpo: "hey! take a fucken Dudley!" ). movies at cooldige seem to sell out except the Danish Girl but suddenly (coz I was sans Gee Julie, who did somethin' else and IS "Somethin' Else"!) "And Suddenly" (I heard the cherry people version on Wcmf ROCHESTER NY summer '68!) there was ONE ticket RETURNED for a sold-out SPOTLIGHT. guess the Godz (on ESP!) were with me that day! ok, so priest scandal movie, broken by Boston Globe 2002, I LOVE these "filmed on location" Boston movies coz I know them streets...they've been comparing this to all the president's men and it WAS priestgate, fo' sho'...all the cover-up by the church COULD lead one to believe the reason Cardinal Law got sent scot-free to the Vatican was the illiminati...and "separation of church and state"; not quite! though over breakfast this morning, I bored Gee Julie with the execution of Edmund Doty of the mayflower for "bestial buggery" (LOOK IT UP! the animals got executed too according to Leviticus!) (Jayne Rogers DOES have the best Bible-Belt posts, by the way!) and I WILL safely say in Puritan tymes there was NO separation of church and, power, religion, conspiracy..and at 3:45 pm I slept not ONCE! supper was at collidge corner clubhouse watching Stanford seem to win the Rose Bowl...but yep, two NEW movies I seen, danish gurl and spotlight, go see 'em and next month is 24-hour SCI FI MARATHON on VALENTINE'S DAY so I SHALL offer MY valentine a ticket!"......

Sunday January 3, 2016

Bonobo with frog
See Saturday's post
yesterday, my facebook friend of five years Evie Sands said she was doing a 1130 interview on jake Feinberg show; decided y'all need to check her OUT as I would say she's RELATIVELY obscure. Wikipedia has article and discography, but some facts: born 26 feb 46, brooklyn (almost 70 and STILL playin' left handed guitar, writin', singin'; she COULDA been Carole King, kinda!), I wanna focus on 45 cat and her two Blue cat 45s (a subsidiary of RED BIRD, get it?). JULY 1965 WAS HER RELEASE of "take me for a little while" (covered by vanilla fudge 1967, b-side of "you keep me hangin' on to that Banarama picture sleeve") and yes she IS "blue eyed soul"; you'll never lissen to the Fudge again! (well...maybe I will...since all but Mark Stein is my facebook friend)...but check out the b-side! "run home to your mama" sung by Evie to a Johnny Rivers "Memphis" beat about "lil boy, run home to your mama, SHE'LL do everything I WONT do for you"...hmm...guess she aint marryin' me! December '65 was "I cant let go" and I LOVE the Hollies but Evie does a bluesy note in the call and response that TOPS "Grahame Nash's soaring tenor" which Sir Paul "thought was a trumpet" when the Hollies recorded their cover at ABBEY ROAD (like corin asheley 13 Jan 66!). again, though, the b-side: "you've got me uptight", in the Ikettes "I'm Blue" vein (my PARENTS got this 45 in manassas, virginny in '64 off the back of a potato ship bag or something; changed my life despite Robert E. Lee and segregated schools!) one more point, all four toons of these two 45s performed on Hollywood a go go on you tube complete with dancing girls, guess Evie's 19; AND "run home to your mama" and or "you've got me uptight" would be PERFECT for Downbeat Five and/or Black Souls! well, I certainly cant sing 'em and no amount of "Lady Godiva's Operation" (Miss Lyn owned skull cover of white light/white heat!) gonna change that!"..


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