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Monday, December 28, 2020

Kenne takes a day off to be fanatical.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Kenne Gizmo
Alex arranging syphony - Photo: Gee Julie
"Sunday 27 dec 20. Nine hour Mad Painter recording session at Lowell Street but we got too songs Virgo-exact; "Love is Gold" and "San Michel". "Love is Gold" is Elton/Kiki "don't go breaking my heart" mixed with "Philadelphia Freeedom" 1974 disco strings. Al Hendry kept a great disco beat on drums; I had to play half as many notes as usual and do dee dee Ramone meets "Be My Baby" (though I did, according to Al Hendry, some Stanley Clark licks on bass!). Schmel herbie Hind did some tasteful "Philadephia Freedom" CLEAN chords (versus the Jesus, Mary and Joseph Chain of Happy the Clown). Alex Gitlin REALLY arranges fucken SYMPHONIES, vocals and keyboards and Gee Julie sang like a Byrd and a Bird, that bird! "San Michel" is kinda French pop via Kinks "Sunny Afternoon". Lt Larry Newman,USMC offered musical advice and "Psych-O-Therapy". There's talk of a mad painter record; the 45 is done and we back in January!"...

Wednesday, December 30, 2020
Eaterville #2 back cover
Monntag 28 Dec 20, Boston Groupie News received Nervous Eaters Eaterville #2 on Penniman records, Barcelona Spain. listened to on Til Tuesday night after work and wired on a Neu Café latte. Packaging is fantastic, picture of Art Freedman from Boston Groupie News "Kids Are Alright" column '80s and "special thanks to Boston Groupie News". Paul McGuire wrote great liner notes about how he went to Rat to see the Stranglers and saw Nervous Eaters; if I wasn't guarding Fort Meade, Afrika Korps DID play cantone's 19 Nov 77. WHAT a great tyme in Boston rock! liner notes say this was a 1978 Rat gig (I saw Eaters/La Peste Cantone's in October on leave from USMC: $3!) broadcast over WBCN, Oedipus introduces band and Eaters are red-hot! Sober, I figured out Steve Cataldo's influences; vocally, 1965 Stones/Them blues-shout and guitar is MC5/Yardbirds and Hendrix's "Manic Despression"; kinda late '60s blues-rock. Not really punk, per se: they weren't Sex Pistols/Ramones! (GOOD musicianship is what I'm trying to say). It's among my top five albums of year which include Stooges live at Goose Lake or whatever it is 1971, the Asa tribute, rock and roll anthology #21 and of course : Reptilians From Andromeda, whom are "old-school" from this era also. Order from, don't know about Boston distribution of this fine disc".....


The Eaterville

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Kenne Gixmo
"Lou Year's Eve, but that was a LAST year at Cantab,"Dead Boston Club". day of Wodin 30 Dec 20, I listened to Boston Rock and Roll Anthology #21 on Varulven. track one is "everything but peace" by 3D out of Beverly, Mass. LIKE Fans of 3D on facebook. band formed 1984 and were on the volume eight comp. There's some 1971 heavy! guitar and a Don Henley vocal singing socio-political lyrics. My flashback says, early 1975 in a Brockport NY townie bar in cold-ass February/March where the bartender put on ALBUMS and played Eagles On the Border. Imagine if Mason Proffit did the "Witchy Woman' guitars; you get the tyme frame. that means I liked it. On to other tracks in the New year! ALSA, let me say send me product for review c/o BGN since I am MALEman, love receiving product in mail STILL, you'd think since 1972 i'd be bored but hey! when Greg Shaw at United Artists sends you Hawkwind and Can albums"...

Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Kenne Gixmo
The Stigmatics - Photo: John Keegan
New Year's Day 2021! year starting out RIGHT. attended a Stigmatics practice as I'm producing them at Lowell Street. One tune has a Cramps "Human Fly" feel to it, so guess I am producer Alex Chilton. other tunes have a Real Kids Red Star album feel; both 1977 albums and guitars are how I wish Afrika Korps had sounded like. Drummer Bob Whitelock is a locksmith by trade; Full Circle; Stigmatics were on a comp in Istanbul care of Tolga Ozbey (Reptilians From Andromeda) and HE writes did I want to play on a project called Diabolco Delerium. Evet! (and that's YES in Turkish!). The ever-far reaching tentacles of Gizmos week; Stigmatics session. Stay tooned! as in Toontown! Jessica Rabbit; my SURreal wife!)"'


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