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Monday, Dec 29, 2014

"MJ Quirk drove into a PACKED parking lot at Ralph's Diner Worcester with me, MJ Burns & Gee Julie as the town turned out for Captain PJ! A Ralph's Burger (size of a Bronto Burger!) was in order but Ken Kaiser come down saying "we're on in 5 minutes!" Gee Julie as burger roadie!

Obscure The Korps did the Hopelessly Obscure e.p..Sonic Daze's "Bette Bette" plus some Gizmos, "Jailbait Janet" and THREE Hello World tunes; I had a Marshall but with Ken Kaiser on guitar as Dave Davies/Mick Ralphs, I opted to sing with guitar around my size 38 waist ala Paul Rodgers/Ray Davies. LB Worm recorded this for Wormtown archives and sent PJ the audio while he's "layin' in a hospital bed" and there IS a video!

lemme rave about the bands that followed; great MOTO set, I DID tell JV McDonough it's like the Buzzcocks-pop harmonies/power-pop; Gizmos-esque smut-rock lyrics though, as I tried to explain to Paul my Dad's Midwestern roots. Classic Ruins ALWAYS good, Frank Rowe as jeff beck, Carl Biancucci as Jack Bruce AND Jeff Crane on guitar a very nice edition; final toon: Jeff sings Thunders "born to lose" aping Johnny's lead and check out THIS Worcester female vocal trio: Deb Beaudry (Fuz Brains); Cheryl Crane (Cry Babies) and Kathy Peters (Musclecah!). Musclecah was next, Chris Lillyman was in General Foods ("we should sound like that!"-Ken Kaiser, 1980; whose Marshall you think you's using plus who tooned me?!Grey Chris Lilly is de Man!). I been a Kathy Peters fan since 20 auguste 78, Auguste Phenomenon at the Blue Moon in Millis/Milford, one of those fucken towns; met Preston Wayne that night as we did "johnny b. goode" with the Count! (Time Beings played also, lotta GREAT olde-school Worcester bands). ok, so in '78 Kathy Peters was VERY pregnant and did an MC5 medley; this tyme (2014) she sings the damned's "New Rose" and then "ramblin' rose"/"kick out the jams" (MC5) better'n me (knows words!) in her Joplin-cum-'76 Martha Hull-cum Fantasy (Fla. band with 16 year old neo-Joplin singer); she blew my mind once opening for me and the Lyres, Above Club, Worcester, covering MC5's "Miss X"! her projection and soul IS AMAZING and her and JV McDonough of MOTO can not only outplay Carl Biancucci with one manicured finger BUT look better in a dress! gentlemen DID wear trousers one Ralph's gig where she was Merry Clayton on my "Gimme Shelter" cover (still rockin' it since 3 june 73 with O. Rex!) AND Grand Funk's "Heartbreaker"! (the band was Quirk/Carl/Matt then, 2000 maybe;"dont you know Im a 2000 man!"). two more facts, relatively speaking: Jamie Jetson's brother was there (played punk cello!) and Captain PJ's sister was there; visited her XMAS '84, Worcester with PJ, and being French-Canadian, she's "good people"".....


Tuesday, Dec 30, 2014

Dead moves

"I have taken a perverse pleasure in noting HIPPIE HOUR at the Midway Fridays 6-830 pm and FREE! ok, i DID own about seven Grateful Dead records (Pigpen years!) but after buying the Stooges Elektra albums late '71, I reckon I sold them to future Gizmo Eddie Flowers (so he tells me!) So, a Hard Day's Night and tattooed Gizmos fan Jillian behind the bar; in a house full of DeadHeads! long-emmy-lou harris white haired ladies in abundance; once Gee Julie met me, she quipped in her Kennesque way "these people are Jerry-atric!" BUT, catching Uncle Johnny's band whose setlist was that live '72 double lp (gimme a fucken break, i got Kick out the jams labour day '72 and again, the Dead albums ended up in Alabama!); the double drumming was like watching the Allman Brothers! (oops; chicken vs. egg, Solomon Gruberger, in O. Rextasy/O. Rex mid-70s era "the Allmans have TERRIBLE taste in music...the Dead...jazz"...and now Solomon and Skydog Allman are backin' up Pig Pen in rocknroll Heaven/Hell!) these Dead boys were a quintet; Sir Douglas: two guitars, bass, percussion and double drums and again, GREAT Jerry-type lead player and the synchronicity between the drummers, JUST like Hart/Kreutzman; one did the beat, the other added the flourishes; James Brown had two drummers (probably engineered by Bob Both, who engineered Hello World, good god, y'all!) AND Beep Beep and the Roadrunners from mental Worcester! (go fund captain PJ!) the Deadheads WERENT snobs, they actually introduced themselves to ya! (pot vs. booze, i guess) AND Jillian at bar DID ask how "the boys were" (that means Stenson Eddie Flowers!) I even danced with Gee Julie in SHAMELESS abandon, folks wearing skull and roses gear, to the Dead's version of "johnny b. goode", which, back in '72;"it's AINT CHUCK BERRY!", but maybe, with MY "touch of gray", i've mellowed a wee bit too, though the next mofo tells me i look like Jerry or Santa Claus, i'll Altamont your ass! Roky Erikson, i'll take though...PIECE...i mean Peace...i mean, i want me a piece....of your heart and/or Humble Pie! (just whipped cream and a cherry on top!)"

"LB Worm's live recording of Korps at Captain PJ benefit is 33 minutes of Kenne Highland!!!!


Wednesday, Dec 31, 2014


Sunday, was wicked bored, went to Bill Murray double feature at Brattle; I been diggin' his films! Rushmore is a public school bloke obsessed with a teacher and Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is kind of a Jacques Cousteau parody (cue up the Paley Brothers parody!) But what MAKES the films was Mark Devo-braugh's soundtracks! (ok, Alice AND Highland are soundtrack geeks!) just by hearing the Creation in the opening credits or Kinks "nothin' in this world stop me worryin' 'bout that gurl" or the who's "you are forgiven" A Quick One, Townshend and Moon going MENTAL blastin' outta movie can Google the soundtracks and find Wikipedia for FANATICAL RECORD COLLECTING LISTING! BUT, the Jacques Zissou movie: Bill Murray blowin' away pirates as "search and destroy" is blasting and, aboard ship, a sailor with an acoustic does Bowie covers in Brazilian Portuguese! (Seu Jorge, bon musicia!) (shout to Miguel D'Amour! Mucho brigado! Eddie Brigati (Rascals!) first you hear Bowie's "queen bitch" as credits roll (Mick Ronson!) then the unplugged Portuguese version aboard ship as Seu Jorge sits there rappin "watchin' the cruisers below" in portugese! BRILLIANT! think i heard him on a world music radio show; covering hunky dory and ziggy albums, unplugged and in Portuguese..Love it to DEATH!".....

Knight story let me recommend online Knight Moves: The KJ Knight Story; he drummed on Amboy Dukes survival of the fittest live album which I lissened to obsessively after Parris Island and until i heard the Ramones whilst at Camp Pendleton auguste 1976. go to the Wikipedia about Rusty Day, who sang on amboy dukes migration (both $1 august '76, post Parris Island purchases from a Brockport NY main street record store), there's a hyperlink there; dude grew up with Rusty Day in a Dee-troit suburb near where from the Highlands hail and lotsa Nuge stories too!".


Thursday, Jan. 1, 2015

how to bring in 2015; First Night, then Hogmany Day at the Brattle with Marx Brothers marathon: a day at the races/animal crackers/duck soup/a night at the opry, 1937/'30/'33/'35, not sure if my folks saw 'em for a nickel in Detroit OR the Strand Theater, Brockport NY. let's not fergit coffee at Algiers with Rob Chalfen of the Outpost, as we discussed the Vanilla Fudge PLUS, leaving the Brattle, my Spencer ancestor's lot is now a Citizen's Bank and my Blodgett ancestor's lot is the John Harvard House! (read the samuel eliot morrison book on harvard with grid coordinates of said lots). Ma's dad (and my cuzzin!) was Spencer Blodgett and i traced both lines back to Harvard Sqaure, only BLOCKS from Groupie Towers where i first heard live at the rat on demi-monde WTBS sunday 12 march 1977; otherwise my Puritan ancestors in 1630s Newtown did NOT have as much fun as me, for which I shall Shirley burn in Hell Tonight (just wanted to quote Thundertrain for NO reason atoll!)"....

Saturday Jan. 3, 2015

wicked tired after work, so "Radio On"...danny stiles on your dials playin' ole 78s on WRCA 1330 AM, switch to Coast to Coast WRKO 680, then back to country classics wrca 0500 (ok, i'm fucken OLD, i piss like a racehorse and "Radio On" cures my "jUST CANT GO TO SLEEP", WICKED RARE early kinks song!). BUT, for something completely different, and poor Gee Julie waking up going "oh god the Posedion adventure" at 0600, yes maureen mcgovern "the morning after"...i THOUGHT it was Larry Azrin (records are HIS best friend!) but some dude i didn't know (I called 0700)...88-REWIND on WMBR! (that's saturday 0600-0800 and yes i AM up with NO hangover! or cats sleeping on me). the presenter said this show started by a college (MIT!!!!) "chart geek" and continued and today was the WRKO playlist of 19 june 73! YES! i remember what i'm wearing coz that month i took my high school yearbook photo! sunday 3 june 73 O. Rex recorded a Grand Funk cover of "Gimme shelter" as played on WFMU! AND, in the charts and I DO have a photo with him live at Granite Rail, Quincy was "avenging annie"- Andy Pratt! (lifted my leg on his WASP pedigree and we ARE distant cuzzins in colonial Malden or some fucken thang, Ma bein' Swamp Yankee all the way or "just plain YANKEE" as my cuzzin Grandpa Spencer Blodgett always said. the 1973 charts had GOOD soul, GOOD country and "smoke on the water"! dare i cut this rant short? the late great Sol Spector said on our O. Rex maxi-45, "My head's in '73"!!!!!!!!!"

Sunday Jan. 4, 2015

Film harvard film I had Gee Julie circle the new Brattle theater schedule, and, having been to Japan (I'm more well-hung and snow white tan; TODD was the Nazz; and a pain in the asssss); "Kenne, I'd like to see the Japanese films." so....ALL week long, Studio Ghibli! The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, a document-terry (dactyl) on three producer/di-rectors; the "free spirit", "I have no schedule" "ecentric" is Hayao Miyazaki, dry sense of humour, father sold Japanese Zero airplanes during WWII, but he (the son) is anti-war...and other eccentricities; it was like watching Henry Miller in REDS! (I guess at age 72, you really DONT give a fuck what people think!) But the star is a white "yuki" (cat), black Manx tale, who, when being filmed rolls over and Miyazaki says "oh, i guess you have NO schedule, do you?"; sure is a lot one can learn from critters! (Ellie Mae, RIP!)".....

one more Hayao Miyazaki quote (duck dynasty "i'm a low-tech guy in a high-tech world": "I am 20th century man in 21st century world" (born 1941!) or close to it; cue up Kinks "20th century man" vs. "21st century schizoid man" by King Crimson! (and back in '71 never thought I'd live long enuff to see a new milenium!"....

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