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Monday, December 30, 2019

"Sonntag 29 Dec 19. Outpost 186. Cesni Trio (like them on facebook). This is traditional Turkish music. instruments among the trio: tanbur, fretless guitar, oud, saz, contrabass, yayli tanbur, ney, darbuka, bendir, cajon , tombak and armenian dhol. Also on facebook page. Turkish makam music. "Turkish art music" 500 years old. In a nutshell, very psychedlic and one lady said her mind "travelled" (didnt I see her at Monterey during Ravi Shankar?). well, you get the idea. The trio played an hour and half, lots of scholarly info, a learning expierience for me. Glad I went!".....

Cesni Trio

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Monntag 30 Dec 19. Boston8Bit: It's Frickin' Freezing. brought to you by TinyOak Booking, geekbeatradio, and Boston8Bit. 21 plus and free! show art by Joe-Lou Art. live visuals by Thresher. T-T)b. Fuzzy Proxy! The Gothsicles! (nice people and great merchandise). Everyone i named has a facebook page. Gee Julie and i caught Chiptune open mic! A young "Afro-punk" in tribal white face and multi-colour wig sang "punk rock gurl' (Dead Milkmen) off a cell phone as electronica blurped from computers. What blew us away was him rapping in Japanese! Next up a young lad reminisced on 20 year anniverary of Y2K and "did your DAD fill up the bathtub"? shit it WAS a generation ago! lastly a "trans woman" (hope i'm bein' half-ass politcally correct) did a song about getting fired which was intermittent screaming and the computer dj doing electronic my '70s dad-rock boomer ears think WAYNE County fronting Can and singing Kraftwerk toons....a lot of interesting stuff at that Jungle and shitty sleety night and no power at BGN but Jungle had power and FULL HOUSE! No youngsters offered me a seat so I left hollering "elder abuse"!!!"......

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy 2020!!!

Happy 1980 Kenne

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Lou Year's Eve. Club Bohemia. There were a lot of veteran rockers there so when Miss Lyn and Gee Julie open up that punk rock retirement home.....

Larry Newman opened with a fantastic set of " unplugged Americana" highlighted by Hank Williams "Never get Out of this world alive" which he too had on 78 rpm! (Needed spoons, tho....).....Frank Rowe solo was fantastic as usual. He DOES have an album in him! Tonight's highlight was about working at the Goddess Bra factory. He almost got me a job there! But if i hadnt worked at Coop wouldnt have met James Straight and the Beareaucrats. The Count videotaped a set of lou Reed and other toons ("out of touch" that Stones song my Facebook friend Chris Farlowe does!). Guitars were me and Schmel H. Hind, Captain Easychord-keyboards, Larry Newman-bass and "Schmel" Hendry-drums. It's on youtube and if ANYBODY plays Happy the Clown meets "Heard her call my name" ostrich guitar it's Schmel H. Hind! Same band for the Kenne set but Pete from Stigmatics jumped up, Brian Young from Thighscrapers Got Our Ya ya's Out on "Live with me" but, fucken Springa from SSD doing "Lookin at you" (MC5) plus Stooges "1969" and "1970"; "it must have been epic!"

J. Lianna Ness, Lollipop/The Noise. Midnight and Larry and drummer backed up Andy Pratt. His Willie Loco-ish take on "Ruby Tuesday" was, to quote a rug-holding Schmel H. Hind, "da fucken ballz". A nice mellow tyme; am i the new fucken punk-rock Guy Lombardo? well you can suck my fucken Dick, Clark! (not Clark Dark; great guy!).

Here are my gigs this year:
8 march 20-Jungle
: mad painter plus a Kenne set.
21 march 20- Kenne with Tsunami of Sound/Smitt E Smitty and State of the Union.
2 apr 20- "when i'm 64" birthday. 2000 hours opener: A few Good men. A fire team of former marine rockers KENsisting of L/Cpl KE Highland, Second Lt. Larry Newman,'Nam vet Ralph Fatello whose M-14 butt was the only WOOD STOCK he ever say and Wayne Viens. I shudder to think what our "jam" will be...."Ballad of the Green Beret"? "The marines Hymn"? A sober version of the Marine Corps Ball!

(In '78, in dress blues, I DID puke in the head standing at attention! "This is my Marine Corps head and I'll puke here if I want!")

The Cal Cali gigs I'll have age 64 are in sunny weather..."every clime and place and to keep our Honour clean"!".......


Friday, January 3, 2020

Freitag 3 Jan 20. Yesterday I got a friended by Mike Heron of Incredible String band! My interest in them via Zeppelin. In 1980-something got an album from Diskovery in Allston (Yolanda RIP) and drunkenly decided the Throwing Muses was ISB played at 78 rpm! Maybe at Johnny D's, Allston, I told them so....dug out my $10 1960 copy of Ray Charles in Concert from Grooves Somerville and it smelt like 1960! inner sleeve listed all the $3.98 albums available on Atlantic (maximum r and b!) and the "high fidelity" vinyl has BLACK Atlantic label.....looks vintage coz it is! Listening to Ray Charles whilst Joe Cocker was Top of the Pops with mad Dogs and Highlanders, I always enjoyed his "sideman"; David "Fathead" Newman. Such a great album....Rick Biskit Roth WMBR 0600 Second Fiddle rightly played a shitload of Sleepy labeef (RIP) and other country sounds followed by the Psychedelic Sounds of Eric Burdon and "Monterey"! A great 45 then and now....Gee Julie joke: "so we're going to Life Alive and then larry Lifeless? Stay toon tomorrow!"....

Saturday, January 4, 2020

"friday 3 jan 20. club bohemia. Creepy Freaks open, a good mix of rockabilly/british invasion/power-pop trio. Evert, on second, has a different drummer now but still sound like 1969 grand funk and first two ufo albums. Larry Lifeless, on third, sat in a chair with his back to the audience looking like madcap laughs syd barrett. had bass and drums. vocally public image ltd. musically flipper. met larry's daughters outside the cantab and he's gonna have his sixth grandchild! I first met larry in 1980 in his loft after the underground; he laid in a chair and put on a very scratched copy of funhouse. i was also one of four watching the sickness at underground. full circle now with larry on guitar and a rhythm section. Only this time he had people! It just took the rest of world time to catch up with his GENIUS!!!!!"........



Larry Lifeless



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