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Monday, January 4, 2021

Kenne takes a day off to be fanatical.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

sonntag 3 Jan 20. Produced the Stigmatics. We got a good drum sound on eight songs in four hours due to Bob Whitelock, drummer, having been in The Lines in the '80s, kencurent with the Hopelessly obscure (he also sang lead on their "Dirty Water" cover, so truly a recording "vet"). Larry Newman of Nikki and the Corvettes helped out with production ideas. Matt Robinson punched in some bass parts but he was VERY steady in a Bill Wyman kinda way. Larry sold some Asa tribute cds (order here:) and with each purchase I handed out BGN 'swag" so guitarist Bob Roos wore a BGN pin (photo) and guitarist Pete macCormack put a BGN sticker on guitar (photo). Tom Hamilton engineered at Lowell Street and LET me tell you about the songs: the BEST of 1977,pick an album that year: Cramps, Real Kids, Ramones and as Tom pointed out "THERE's your Saints song!'. Gee Julie hung like Cher with Sonny at a Phil Spector session tho in my case, these chaps got PHILLED SPHINCTER! Larry even laughed out loud TWICE at jokes as I was infiltrated by the spirit of Jay Gruberger! (Afrika Korps bass). lastly, Randall Lee Gibson IV said (kinda) "I inspired these guys to new heights" and it was 'eerie" (or George Noory!) that Randall told Pete "get kenne Highland and Bob (born 2 April!) said "what about kenne Highland'. Only I'm Solomon Spector now, first production of my So-called Life beginning THIS year, so if you DONT need me to produce you, DONT fuckin call me, I wont call yo' ass neither!

Kenne at Lorge Kenne st Lorge

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Kenne ay Lothr
Monntag 4 jan 20. took a listen to my $2.99 Somerville Grooves white label promo album of first Black oak Arkansas. "property of WUNH" in ink pen and a STICKER; "Selected Cuts for Airplay: "uncle lijah", "when electricity came to Arkansas" "lord have mercy on my soul". FOUR 45s off this album and two were "Lijah' and "Lord have mercy". produced by Iron Butterfly bassist Lee Dorman AND my facebook friend Mike "ride captain ride" Pinera. Picked up my first copy at a SUNY Brockport NY college kid sale for a buck coz Lester Bangs had RAVED about it in Fusion: "moby grape/buffalo springfield/Steppenwolf/captain beefheart/the Band": YES! I hear it! reviewed in my 1973 fanzine and STILL soundin' as great as ever "My heads in '73"!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

day of Wodin 6 jan 20. Listening again to Varulven rock and roll #21; this tyme. Pamela Ruby Russell, my facebook friend! "Space and Tyme" has a Cyndi Lauper-type of vocal (could have been '80s commercial hit) with Brad Hallen of Pastische on bass. sci-fi lyrics too, always catches my interest. Even better is "walk through Fyre", a pop ballade with kind of a Medieval sounde; a good soundtrack for Dungeons and Drag Queens, in case you want to "Be More Flamboyant"! Check out Pamela on Spotify.... or her webpage.

Friday, January 8, 2021

"day of Thor 7 jan 20. Took a listen to Alice Cooper second album Easy Action $3.99 Somerville Grooves cd on Enigma Retro release 27 march 70 (I was more into Easy Rider at that point). Produced by David Briggs whom recorded GRIN (with Mister Martha Hull on drums whom said he said "Be Great or be Gone"!) and Neil Young production ("Neil Dung"- Solomon Gruberger being arschlock); david called this album "psychedelic shit". But its good shit, man...Surfing the web, influences seem to be mid-60s Who/Jefferson Airplane, beatles, Pink Floyd, Quicksilver, yardbirds/Doors....E-bay lists a $115 45 rpm of "Shoe Salesman" (VERY Beatlesque harmonies, even closer than 1967 BeeGees!) b/w my fave: "Return of the Spiders"! (early Cooper yardbirds style band). what makes THAT song is the yardbirds-ian rave up with both guitars working off each other like Page/beck-era Yardbirds or 2021-era Stigmatics Highland/Roos...album still sounding GREAT Fiddy years later tho I don't regret buying Miles Davis Bitches Brew 4 July 70 ("John McLaughlin"!)

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Friday 8 jan 21 was Elvis's birthday and Turner classic music started it about 0600 with Elvis's Double Trouble. Soundtrack released 1 June 67 same as Sgt pepper but Elvis was SQUARESVILLE! He said to two twins at his "engagement" (gig): "Double Trouble huh? sounds lahk a good idea for a song"...hmm...tho
Kenne At Lorge
I AM a distant cuzzin to Priscilla Presley on famous Elvis's band plays their electric guitars iUNPLUGGED; OH! how I miss Schlock around the Clock at orson welles thee-ate-er! Elvis tours Brussels AND (ON youtube!) even WORSE than "do the clam" IS his rendition of "Old MacDonald" singing to a gurl in Belgium on back of truck full of chickens! Maybe someone spiked my Punjabi Dhaba with "Purple Haze"; this is Bollywood on acid! BUT: Saturday 9 jan 21, besides the Three Stooges on AMC and TWO cups of coffee in my big cup that says K (photo) was The Wormwood Star (1956). 0535-0555, zero-dark thirty! Good reads mentions The magickal Life of Marjorie Cameron. Her husband and L. Ron Hubbard were in Crowley et al. She starred in Kenneth Anger's Pleasuredome plus this film thanked Roger Corman. If you've seen SCORPIO RISING, you might get it...anyhow, the way she's made up (on youtube!) she favours a vintage Kinks groupie whom was always the roadie; and I thought it was a gender illusionist! Poetry is discussed, then there's a bizarre ball with masks, then lady drops dead, comes back as spirit...and I got mad painter practice tonight and producing Stigmatics in studio tomorrow! but BESIDES, nice to chill out in morning "TV eye" on me before I head to work...see y'all next week!


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