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Monday, January 7, 2018

Sunday 30 dec 18. sorry i'm still in last year BUT.....Tavern at the end of the world open mike, "usual suspects" and a NEW (13th group) formed. I had Gee Julie and Jonathan from Butterscott harmonize and he quipped "Peter, paul and Mommy Dearest" (folks be wishin' we WUZ leavin' on a jet plane!) Because of Patti Smith birthday, Gee Julie did "dancin' barefoot" (Girl on top HAS covered it!). also a joy, after covering Stones "last tyme" to do the flip side "play with fire" and sing like my 1969 mono copy of Out of our Heads. We needed a third on harmony and like when Graham nash joined Crosby and Stills, Byrds "so you wanna be a rocknroll star" and "i'll feel a whole lot better" (hmmmm.....1969 copy of the Byrds greatest hits!) were sung superbly. Pretty sure Frank Rowe was there....main point is AGAIN and AGAIn and AGAIN! Tavern at the end of the world open mike 730 pm!"....

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

"New Year's Eve. gee Julie won tickets to Heroes off'n WMBR at Sonia so that was IT! (decision; "what y'all doin'" etc) . walking in to the tune of Prince's "Kiss" and 2018 ended with Bowie's "rebel rebel" and talkin' heads '"same as it ever was". a champagne toast and a white trash buffett (10 different kindsa pa-tater chips plus bread and dip etc) and New Year's Day as rang in with "New Year's day" by U-2 (checked out release date; a month later Hopelessly obscure recorded "she's my best bette" so you know where i was comin' from....Gee Julie and I danced to some Madonna song and sang to each other (the Motor City tri-fecta was DJ Chris from Figures on a Beach!) 0200 exit song may have been the T. rex-y "so alive" by Love and rockets....a good WFNX playlist from the 'common" "hits"! gud for dancing. DO like Heroes on facebook and there's a big Bowie night comin' up; I'm certain every manjack of a one in Figures on a Beach bought Ziggy Stardust day of release, so DJ Chris gonna be playin' it RIGHT!".....

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

" day of Thor 3 Jan 19. Haley House. Jazz by any means necessary. Dudley Square. roxbury. I thought I'd walked into a scene from On the Road as upright bassist was scat-singing with drums, keyboards, couple horns channeling Pharoah Sanders. Fulani Haynes (my dad has DNA matches with that family) is a Lady Day type singer and when SHE sang, i was a side actor in Mahongany. Gee Julie and I spoke to her on the stoop after collards and mac and cheese and a very nice lady. "we're gonna do a John Coltrane song from 1957...who was born in '57?" I's one year old northern Virginny but the drummer said "1940!" The cats backing her up are all teachers from Berklee and Conservatory, way outta my league and probably playin' be- bop when the only kerouac-ing i did was in the carseat of a '50s chevy (Dad always bought Chevys and his stepfather worked at Ford in dearborn, mee-che-gan.....hmmmm....).....I've been tuning in 0500-1100 or til i go to work Jazz spectrum WHRB, sometymes eric in the evening WGBH, hearing all this beatnik-era '50s jazz, so if you wanna hear it live in Dudley, pick you up the Bay state banner and read the Haley House ad!".....

Jazz By Any Means Neccasary with Fulani HAynes

Thursday, January 10, 2019

"saturday night 5 Jan 19 to the New! Improved! Club Bohemia. They put up a curtain; lights on back there but dark as shit in the that Simon Ritt of the Daughters come to see his fellow Thunders backup musician Joe mazzari do a White Stripes thing in 61 Ghosts playin' Howlin' Wolf's 'commit a crime"? By cracky it is! 145's bassist had called me that week from watertown NY about playing saturday night's at tavern at end of world; he DID drive six hours to play a Chris Spedding cover with 145! Ducky was on drums but Judd Williams was there to support guys he'd been in the Most with. (syracuse NY power-pop band from the skinny tie days). Lastly Stigmatics, ALWAYS awesome with their cover of Heartbbreakers "Born to lose".....that real Kids/Heartbreakers sound ALWAYS there! Between Micky Bliss playing varmints cd, guitarist Bob Roos DID give me a couple cds: 'thanks to boston groupie news/Kenne Highland/John Keegan/Lucille Mutty (born 17 Nov!).

Friday, January 11, 2019

"OK, AGAIN thanks to Bob Roos of many bands to remind when i'm playing with him but i THINK this is club linehan-ago-go gig schedule. friday 1 feb 19 cantab with Cazbats! saturday 9 feb 19 it's MJ Quirk birthday party Midway cafe matinee. early march crunchtime record release,also on bill STATE OF THE UNION. 5 apr 19 with Butterscott,Cantab on Jonathoan's REaL birthday. dont forget tavern at End of World open mike sunday 7 pm, they need bands every saturday night and lastly; spend valentine's-day at the outpost 187, hampshire street, cambridge, Leon Rich says that is his NEXT busker open mike. looks like a busy year so far!".......

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