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Monday, January 8, 2018

Sad morrisey
"4-5 jan 18 was a 30 hour work shift in blizzard; a triple maybe? so a hard day's night and the squealing pig, brigham circle and shepherd's pie was THE thing to have! Manchester United versus darby counties was nil-nil. this is all from my facebook wall: deborah staines, London groupie news: "Arsenal! arsenal!". final score which i saw, Man United 2-0; my dumbass joke is Morrisey was still depressed. BUT gittin' some Gooner gab, Nancy Foster (New Age magazine) queries; "didnt DC5 pull for arsenal?!"....there IS a map by which region each team you go for; western NY-Bills, Boston, patriots et al. I SHALL have to research this; ALL good Brit-rock bios have our favourite rockers pulling for whomever....thank you nancy, this gives me something to google!"...


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

"sat 6 jan 18; Boston rock folk sharing "dirty water performed by simon ritt" on youtube to me. being snowbound and instead of listening to "snowblind" by Sabbath, I checked it out and it takes a Canadian (Ma's great-gran and her Civil War brothers born Prescott Ontario but said Amerika First in 1840s, moved to rochester) to do it right! Everybody gets name checked, photos etc. and did i love "love that Kenne Highland" and photos of me? preserved for posterity! Got my flowers while fucken livin! even got to play with eddie flowers! (haha!) Hey Gizmos fans! Simon loves Unattached with Jamie Jetson and Billy Nightshade, Gulcher recording artists. BUT, London Groupie News, Gooners fan ala Ray and Dave Davies Deboarah Staines posts "the ex husband Peter (Staines) Gunn on lead guitar..." it's on my wall a ides of feb 80 cover of "dirty water". I DID/do love the Inmates, gotta check out their Allin and I are actually doing an album of loo-rock, for those with potty mouths....fucken brilliant, i'm so FUCKEN brilliant! "and they hate you if yer clever and despise the FOOLS"-Ken Ono Gizmo!"...

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

"tyme again for weekly Miguel D'Amour roommate appeal; Miguel D'Amour plays lead guitar on "shes my best bette" and needs a roommate by 31 march 18. DO call 617-470-7422 he would prefer Boston Groupie News readers versus Craig's List;'Nuff Said! and make mine marvel!"....


Thursday, January 11, 2018

"saturday 6 jan 18, frank chip langille fiddy-ith birthday afternoon show midway cafe. took 42 bus to midway (my facebook wall notes), tokyo tramps had vanilla fudge harmonies and sounded like "white lace and strange", thunder and roses (youtube) late 60s cream/hendrix power trio stuff. there was a funk number worthy of Wool from Alexandria bay NY (check out youtube for their cover of "combination of the two" by janis!). "have you ever loved a woman", 1961 freddie king 45, sounded more like Cream than the august
Tokyo Tramps
Tokyo Tramps
Photo:John Keegan
75 album EC was here, which i gave a good review WIUS tipsheet; Tramps drummer even kinda look like Ginger Baker! (ginger hair). greedy geezer did solo 12-string Let It Bleed songs bluegrass style in between sets. vagabond kings were a thin lizzy tribute band with a Kenne klone on bass (as was birthday boy; Yukikio from Tramps did a video melange of the night!). This did NOT seem like a Sara Billingsley show but she actually saw the two guitarists of vagabond kings when they were in steel assassin opening for metallica channel '84 and knew my twin Chip! my world gets smaller....More research on Steel Assassin.: 9 jan 86 they play the channel but i was at chesterfield kings 10 jan 86 and also in hopelessly obscure/johnny and jumper cables; now in Hopelessly Quirk and Kaiser and the jumper Cables. Guitarists were "note-for-note" double thin lizzy leads, been together 33 years (41 for me and kaiser tho!), ghost of Solomon Gruberger would have liked them! lastly, Stone Crusher, their singer impressed much (video) shirtless in zero degree weather, emphasis the visuals and projected vocals....i can only handle one Bon Scot vocal per cables gig, this guy was Percy Plant/david byron (uriah heap ("of shit"-gruberger joke for carl biancucci) and rob halford, judas priest sad wings of destiny, $1, nuggets record store. i think they admitted to a Priest influence plus "metal with progressive tendencies". Tokyo Tramos ate at Doyle's, I introduced them to Orchestra Luna's singer gig! stop calling me frank, sally o'brien's! (please warn Raggs the cat, animal crashing post-gig!). this will be an MJ Quirk birthday gig. Ken Kaiser CANT make this gig, i think but i'll cobble a band (swamp yankee ingenuity)....why we'll call it Stop Calling Chip Frank!!!! ("thanks for coming can't wait to see what you'll write about this"....Beer and Loathing in Jamaica Plain!")(Highland S. Thompson submachine gun)"....

Friday, January 12, 2018

"let's forget the Bills losing the playoffs and close the week with TWO gigs. Andy Excuse has cantab friday 9 feb 18, 9 pm club linehan-ago-go, birthday boy IS Mike Quirk, so "show him that you love him, show him that you care"....a week later friday 16 feb 18, sally o'briens, stop calling me frank and kenne highland clan: mark don and Mel! or Ken Mike and Matt Burns/Brewer. maybe those are my first gigs of year plus maybe Geezers granite street garage in see y'all there maybe?!?!?!?!".....

"Geezer gig OFFER is 2 march 18, Quincy, Lou Reed's birthday....i cant QUITE say no, eh?"....


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