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Monday, Jan. 12 2015

KEN-firmed gigs: celebrate Jim Condon (RIP) birthday with MJ Quirk birthday bash jam at Granite Rail, Quincy saturday 7 feb, 1030 pm, i believe. this should be great fun and there's even a couple of practices!

ITally tour during NFL playoffs, got a call from Italia and Mad Max Sonic Daze, so I'm leaking this to the press since Max goes "so it's a done deal?" Me: "where'd you learn that american slang? Gizmos World Tour?" but truth is, he made me an "offer i cant refuse" (cue up, theme from "The GizFather"!) sometyme before Halloween and back by 11-17-15 (Elton John album meets Miss Lyn!) is a two week tour of Italy; Krazee Ken/Mad Max/Gene Crazed and a drummer whom i will have to "dub", as in knighthood! ("know ye hencely, thou are now known as...")...ok, so good Italian band doing Kenne's greatest hits (Gizmos through Be More Flamboyant, as played by Andrew Loog Oldham AND Handsome Dick Manitoba!) PLUS we're recording THREE new Kenne originals, this is involving "files" (?) (just role the fucken tape like 1976!) with Carl Biancucci and Darren Hill, whom i BELIEVE produced Keith Bowniece! "so"....all this and wall street journal this morning WRKO sez jobs are plentiful, stock market going up and they played a snippet of Highland Wolf's "sittin' on top of the...." "world" and/or "throne"? (or both!)...."...

Tuesday, Jan 13, 2015

I been reading Google Books on the history of Fayette County, Pennsylvania and also the Rees family of Kent County Delaware; Dad's granddaddy McBee goes back five generations to the WELSH BAPTIST Rees family; in fact 1800 census, Rachel Darling (mother was a Rees and she's my great-great-great-great) living in Delaware, widowed, five children, one slave; Sampson Darling, free man of Greek colour appears in 1820/1830/1840 census and i been readin' about slave manumissions of my Welsh Baptist kin; looks like they all headed to SW Pa. after the revolution of course....but that's OLD news, in current news coast to coast had George Noory talkin' about aggressive cops "Robocops..."Gee Julie merely groaned "oh god..."....well, it was 3AM aka zero dark thirty!!! "the right tyme of the night"...AND morning coffee in my Grecian Echoes cup, Grecian Echoes, WNTN Newton and the sports report in Greek! SO (actually, i heard it 0600 on wall street journal this morning) OHIO STATE wins championship! I am, like Elvis, "Good Luck Charm"! Gene Mullet took picture of me at grocery store holding Ohio State trashcan (Gizmos played Columbus Ohio on Halloween but next day was a BIG game! as in "crosstown traffic"!) and goin' back to dead people (why not?!?) I have TWO KINections to Columbus; on Dad's side Yosts from west virginny that died as confederate POWs in Camp Chase (which IS haunted!) AND Ma's great-great grandfather Draper, a Vermont Yankee, is buried NEAR Columbus (it's on find-a-grave!) my aunt Ruth, almost age 99 claimed "there's some Indian in that line"...get a DNA test! family tree Dna!"....

I am part of a Facebook Ulster Scots group; more propaganda is, about Border Reivers; a revier is a thief, so basically these Lowland families would reive or "rustle" each other cattle, so with the Scots-Irish into the South and Texas, that is the origin of "cattle rustling". BUT, my point is, in this Gizstory lesson and i quote: "families that struck terror into the hearts of men....the Maxwell's..." if you knew Miss Lyn's grandmother Cardinal".....(yeah she'd get mad and throw coffee cups at innocent people!!-Ed)

Wednesday, Jan 14, 2015

Yuma Though tired from work, let me put in a plug for Tracy Stark (Naked and the Car Thieves on RCA!) meetup at Model Cafe, easily more friendly than a gaggle of Greek speakers! (The) KONKS-ing out after work = 0300 reveille with WRCA playing Danny Stiles and old '40s music, Country Classics with Johnny Cash's 1961 "Johnny Yuma" (I LOVED that show and other olde westerns as a young lad in North Carolina and the fact that he "was a rebel" and got "fightin' mad"...yep, I reckon I got Ulster-Scot ancestry, but strike LESS fear in the hearts of men like the Maxwells OR Blackhalls (my Funky Wagnell dictonary lists them under McTaz clann!)...also at 0300 WRCA they have comedy! a Joe Pesche routine about browsers; funny!;10 pm friday nights WRCA plays old radio shows!; will surely lissen "Sometyme in Winter" (Blood sweat and Tears b-side and Steve Katz IS my Facebook friend and not "someone like Ken") for WJIB this morning, whilst drinkin' ground coffee in my Grecian Echoes cup, heard "drinkin' rum and coca-cola"; Ma was 13 during D-Day, I was 13 during Woodstock, but now, finally, maturity (?) (O no!) I am diggin' her music! The '40s are where it's at! bring back all them ole styles (they did in the '70s if i remember my Lisa Robinson/Rock Scene/Creem columns!)".....

Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015

Miguel D'Amour (Hopelessly Obscure) rang me up last night and i can "tell everybody i know...who's got Rocknroll Soul" that he's looking for a roommate, so call 617-470-7422, he DOES read this column, but is Hopelessly Obscure on Facebook. also his band with a Venutian needs a female singer and/or female keyboardist, the sound IS garage....hmm....sounds like Gregg Zoske Hall or Some Brood members would flesh out that sound well...ok, "you know his name/look up his number" (authorize by D'Amour hisself! dont need no NSA leaks here, whether Chelsea/Bradley Manning In/out of drag, making JV McDonough grimace!) remember Miguel has done Bon Musicia with me, so mucho brigada and Ciao Miguel!

where's my Mateus?

Friday, Jan. 16, 2015

Elmo interesting lissenin' to charlie rose on 1200 AM blumberg radio, but then on WRKO, the Jim Bonhannon show, 15 Jan is National Hat Day! quoting a Kenservative Liberally: "Abe Lincoln brought in the stovepipe hat craze, but JFK, who HATED hats almost about killed the hat industry; I used to have a hat but during JFK quit wearing it"...tres interesant! going back to the 1860s, which I did even during the 1960s, Ma's family has been Republican SINCE Abe Lincoln, and i tried to get some memories from her when i visited 1 December; '52 and '56, she liked Ike, so, voting straight Republican like my grandmother, she NEVER voted for a Kennedy and voted for Nixon twice? other 1860s fact; researching both grandfathers of Dad's father John Wilbur McBee, i have John McBee, blacksmith, born virginia 1827, living in Basnettsville, Virginia in 1860 census plus Elisha M. Darling, shoemaker, born 1838 Pennsylvania living in Dunkard, Pa. in 1860 census; surely THEY would remember the Lincoln stovepipe hat craze, though living in Appalachia (AND buried with their wives in west virginny!) or as Elmo says; "hat/hat/hat....hat/hat/hat...hat/hat/hat/hat/hat".. ..(and here is a periodic table of hats!)

Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015


it bein' cauld, Gee Julie and i went to video underground, Washington street, jamaica plain near the Midway and it's rent two, get a third! only made it through one so far BUT that was (Julie choice): Boogie Nights! ok, so I missed it whilst performing with the Gemini on a Full Moon (Dino) lineup at the Kirkland, but now...yes! (as in, see it!) high school 1977, Ken Kaiser recorded "Wild Mouse" on Mother's Day, '77 (got his Ma Flowers too!) and Music to Kill By (Gulcher) was finished...whole different world! 8-tracks/rotary phones/the fashions...only when I was at Slickee Boys gigs in DC or at Cantone's/Rat, no one I knew dressed/acted like that! either way, wikipedia lists the soundtrack and now (post "death to disco"!), I DO dig all them disco/AM/smiley face toons...Wahlberg's DotRat accent slips through a few tymes, but only a linguist like me would notice....New Year's Eve 1980...not QUITE as wild as Burt Reynold's party! (more like Dick Clark/Frank Rowe's house with Boston Groupie News staff AND....the Blondie horn chorus! and i fell asleep with a cat on top of me!); enter the '80s, cocaine and Miami Vice white's all good, it's all schlock, Video Underground is da BOMB and if you wanna score a copy of Plan Nine used cheap...go down J.P.!".....


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