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Monday, January 14, 2018

sunday 6 jan 19. tavern at end of world. matinee 5-7pm. micelf and Mitch Murphy Triple Thick. a fun evening of swapping toons and special guests. set lists made ten minutes before show tyme. I'd been listening to a lot of Bo Diddley and had brought my harps ("Bring it to Jerome","Pretty Thing"). Mitch sang a shitload of Townes Van Zandt toons, new on me. Triple Thick guitarist Greg Flanagan joined us for some Roky Erikson covers. And before we jam at the NEXT record collector's convention, Jon Pressman, Butterscott, had sent me a youtube of Gene Clark's "elevator operator" which Triple Thick used to cover! Besides dubbing us "Triple X" after my shirt size, Jon was backed by three guitars dubbed Crosby/Stills Nash and Young, Gifte and black. Two hours worth of toons! lot of medleys like "so you wanna be a rocknroll star" into "pushin' too hard". Again, Tavern's open mike is Sundays 730 pm and they're looking for bands to play saturday night

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Kenne at Large
my eighth cuzzin elvis's birthday til tuesday 8 jan 19, midway cafe. opening: Doctor Finnegan's Circus! like them on facebook! Highlandy entertaining three piece circus troupe who, when out of their 1900s duds looked like ordinary hipsters! still, sword swallowing and lightbulb eating perfect opening act for: Death Pesos! Drummer was friendly and knew i was Kenne, but "lissen baby you really wouldnt understand!". This was RockIronRoll like the first Blue Cheer album and DO check them out! (youtube also). VAT is Mark Drinkwater of Fable Grazer channeling Blue Cheer in another power trio; BOTH VAT and Pesos would sound good on an Evert bill BUT you DO need Finnegan's Circus! Lastly,coz no one is THAT nuts to go on 1130 pm Til Tuesday night, I borrowed mark Drinkwater's '90s Ibanez and his rhythm section and we did a Cream/Mountain jam in E (as in THE only chord) allowing me to channel Pugsley Munion and Eden's Children "just let go" (Hendrix-y octave tricks Johnny Angel taught me above Cantone's at michael bedierbeck's back in '78). Folks DID want more so we did a slow blues in A ("variations on a theme by James marshall Hendrix" aka "red house" only I sang not a NOTE! Just doin' Mahavishu guitar jamming). VAT fellows were kind enuff to drive me home passing Haley House Roxbury (closing soon! sad....) and Highland Tap ("servicemen welcome"!) which is not....VAT has a Monday night at Midway soon, just lettin' y'all know!"

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

"THor's Day, 10 jan 19 leon rich(played with Anderson mar,RIP) had his monthly busking event outpost 186 8-11 pm. various acts: a storyteller ,a jazz singer, Leon singing standards at piano, captain easychords doing originals and Elton John and a duo of ukelele and baritone guitar. I was solo acoustic, so first two Dylan albums ("in my tyme of dyin" and "you're no good", traditional both) and maybe John Lee Hooker's "driftin' blues" but i forget....everyone jammed on "hey jude' at end and just basically FUN!!!!!! The Ibex lady plays flute AND piano, so upcoming Outpost gigs that arent 'hey beat mon jazz" are the Ginger Ibex band saturday 2 march 19, outpost 186 and Leon Rich's next busker night IS Thor's Day, valentine's day, 14 feb 19. if solo, I shall be singin' either downtrodden hank Williams toons or "my baby done left me" blues, keeping in hoiday season (i.e. "i'll never get out of this world alive" coz it was fucken Christimas!!!!!!!! though I got an Emmitt otter t-shirt, so if his jug band wanted to play with me, I'd be happy and not an ole taz".

Thursday, January 17, 2019

saturday 12 Jan 19. Mad Painter auditions new guitarist (I'm on bass; Bob Roos suggested I do the Greg Lake thang and play bass AND guitar but i said "too much equipment to tote!" (as i'm "goin' down the road feelin' bad"). Good early '70s guitarist too! My bass playing inspired by Carl Biancucci channeling Jay Gruberger playing Fontella Bass's "rescue me" with the Black Souls, whom have sally o'brien's 30 march 19, close enuff to also be MY birthday party!)). Flynn Young flawless on drums as usual and he and I did a bass/drum jam on "Tainted Love"; 88-rewind which is WMBR saturdays 0600-0800 takes a playlist and THIS week WBCN 15 dec 81! "freezeframe",U-2,"tainted love","permanent vacation"-New Models, "Judy"-the wonder Flynn Young is such an '80s freak! and it DOES sound better in hindsight!). Lastly, Alex Gitlin MAY allow me, at the risk of being "chased acrost the Kremlin by a two-headed dog" announce mad painter's 2019 'aims and goals" ("of alan baase"?): record, Hull and club bohemia have contacted about dates....hmm, guess that kinda was it but enuff to keep me busy in my 13th band! (or is that Glider onct Cal Cali returns?)"..

Friday, January 18, 2019

ok tyme for MY gig listings: tavern at end of world open mike every Sunday THO Frank Rowe wants to split a matinee with me; date to be booked. Club linehan-ago-go and cazbats at club bohemia. Leon Rich busker night outpost 186 valentine's day (14 feb 19) and last BUT not least: MJ Quirk birthday saturday matinee Miday cafe 9 feb 19!".

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