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Madame Bovary

Monday, January 15, 2018

Blue Cheer
'highlights of MLK weekend: eleven hours of sleep, Paddington 2, meeting Raggs the cat, watching FOUR Lifetyme dramas, football at Phoenix Landing and also new Star Wars movie. BUT let's not forget ole Hopelessly Obscure guitarist Miguel D'Amour, still needin' a roomate: 617-470-7422. and while he IS still near central square, need to remind him of sally o briens/cantabs gigs; i have ten new messenger messages, booking scheduling! and lastly, 16 jan 68 = FIDDY years of blue cheer releasing Vincebus Eruptum; x-blank-x goin' on a Great Lakes tour so if they cover "summertime blues' b-side "out of focus' in buffalo NY, it'll make up for the Bills playoff loss. oh, yeah, go pats. (half heartedly)"....


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

"how COULD i forget? (but age 62 2 april i did): Link Wray's daughter facebook friended me! Lotsa vintage photos on her page of "Dad"; when my cuzzin Miss Lyn left the trailer in charleston south caroliny, loaded up the Pinto and moved to Boston town, goin' up I-95, we all DID stop by Dunn, NC, where I got my 175 pound former marine ass out the Pinto and fucken BOWED to the town limits sign raving "BIRTHPLACE OF LINK WRAY!!!"....almost as rabid as Pete Townshend going ape when he met Link, but he's got a more , majestic nose than me; and can jump higher coz he's got a better guitar!"....

Rumble Sign

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

"before i start my one week stay-cation, let's list off the gig calendar whilst i can remember, also juxtapose to BGN listings, every band i'm playing with is AWESOME!!! (make that payola czech to alan freed c/o Kenneth E. Highland, PO Box 300817, jamaica plain, mass. 02130).

friday 16 feb 18, sally o briens: those rockabilly yobs jittery jack open, then stop calling me frank, then Ken, Mike and Matt headline (maybe even doing some mark, Don and Mel; kaiser/keegan busy so it's power trio tyme!!!!! 50 years of first Blue Cheer album?!?!??!?!?!?!)..

Lou reed's birthday friday 2 march 18, granite street cafe, quincy, mass., club linehan-ago-go, the ole Granite Rail, Quincy krew.

John Cale's birthday, friday 9 march 18 cantab, mass. Ave.: MJ Quirk's one month late birthday, 9 pm club linehan-a-go-go, 10 pm, Billy Connors, 11 pm and the guy we got from the gig, Andy Excuse, whom was bass in Black Mosettes, now fronting Thee Flying Fish; Stigmatics guitarist on lead, Bob Roos, whose style I enjoy coz he plays country/rock like his "Head's in '73!" Kinda like how i play in the Gizmos whom lastly through mein Neu fruend Willi Wilder, got offered a gig in hamburg, Deutschland. A nice dream, but the three cambridge/somerville/quincy gigs are kenfirmed and hope to see y'all there!".....


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