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Kenne being very serious about recording



Tom Hamilton
"saturday 14 Jan 2023. 1100, LAFF channel "TV Eye". after four hours of Beverly Hillbillies, drummer Al Hendry picked me up during ALF. Drove past John Proctor's house to macDonalds and ready to rock , Lt Larry Newman already establishing beachhead at Mr peabody's (um- that would be Tom Hamilton-ed) studio.

Five songs in two hours, power trio of Kenne Highland Experience, me using house les Paul and house marshall amp. started with a Derek and Dominos-ish "whats the ugliest part of your body' (mothers of invention; we are Zappa fans to a MAN!), "goin down"-tribute to Jeff Beck off orange album; Larry's bass was Grand Funk, my guitar was Nugent-cum-cactus. "John the revelator' by Son House coulda been on led Zeppelin II ; vocals kinda Rusty Day of cactus. "God dont want me in hebbin (and de debbil doan want me in hell)" is a rousing gospel number that mentions "the debbil house", the Tasmanian Devil and the gecko in the Geico commercial; Larry Newman HAD recorded with Cub Koda and said "this is Cub's "Martian Boogie"! Lastly, "the family", pretty hendrix-ian and Al hendry channeling Mitch Mitchell; great stuff all around on my youtube channel soon!"......


Al Hendry
Larry Newman

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2022
"Freitag der 13! 2023. bevis Frond show The Scene WMBR, ALWAYS some obscure British psychedlia, Hopelessly and Trackblaster says 0751 they played "Road to Nowhere' by White Trash. this HEAVY Scottish band from 1969 was on Apple, though all i bought on that label "then' in brockport NY was "Come together". discogs says "genre: rock; style; power pop" AND it's a Goffin-King song done kinda Joe Cocker's "little help from my friends' style. A UK no 35 followup was "Golden Slumbers"/"carry that weight" in '69, coinciding with Abbey road release. Just to tell you how gritty these guys are, wikipedia gives them a "Glasga" (Glasgow) point of origin, which is the Scottish version of Detroit! "kick out the fookin' jams, ye moddafookers!"".......


Thursday, Jan. 19, 2022

"Saturday 14 Jan 2022 0400. go to coast to coast AM and hit 'shows' to show you what you missed. Ian Punnett was filling in for George Noory and his knowledge of music is kenne-like! So, with recent jeff beck death, hearin' "I aint superstitous" at 0400, wrko 680 AM In MONO...decided after watching ALF at `1100 to cover "Goin Down" with Mr peabody. Beck bumper music! 0430 on, how COULD I sleep? "Aerosmith kept a rollin' (HAVE you heard the Royal Guardsmen version of "I'm a mensch"?), "Rice Puddin'" off Beck Ola (riffed on later that day in the studio!) AND good ole "heart full of soul" (covered by Afrika korps, on Gulcher records!)...what wuz da ballz was Ian said "they wanted to use a sitar but beck said "I can make that sound on my guitar!" Heard in '65 by me, first guitar XMAS '70 and I been tryin to perfect that sitar on guitar sound, like, Forever! Rest in peace jeff Beck, So great hearing radio tributes!".....


Friday, Jan. 20, 2022

Kenne Kalendar: Freitag 20 jan 2020 and it's Kenne Kalendar with three bands. Freitag 27 Jan 2022 Mad painter practice. Some saturday in february Johnny and the Jumper cables will practice. BUT, mucho importante, Kenne Highland's Air Force sings "I'm in love" off the second Asa tribute; this is Sunday 5 march 2023, the Burren 7-10 pm; get your tickets early, looking like a sold-out show! OR, to quote ray davies "all of my friends were there"".......



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