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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Sonntag 19 JAN 20. MAD PAINTER practice. Next gig: The Jungle 8 march 20. Alex Gitlin has some very British-invasion sounding ballads that he wrote on piano (on the holiday I listen to my $2.99 Deep Purple made in Japan vinyl and damn; we DO sound like Deep Purple with his Hammond). Gee Julie hit the Rubber Soul harmonies and I attempted McCartney-esque bass lines ala Butterscott (channeling Joel Simches!). Flynn Young has a new All Out of Lives lineup; same bass and him on drums but NEW front guy has them covering BLITZKRIEG! (1981 British New Wave of Metal; I'm partial to the old '70s wave, but hey, it's all music....)....plans to record and also Heavy Leather Topless 8 april! Stay tuned to this column!"......

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Kenne at Large
Til Tuesday 21 Jan 20. brattle theater. TRASH NIGHT! Hard Ticket to Hawaii. "A man with a bazooka helps air-freighters Donna and Taryn against drug smugglers and a snake"....It gets better.... Gee Julie was in both disbelief and laughing, so ida May: PLAN NINE (the movie) level! "Bazooka Joe" had been the bassist in Player with "Baby Come back" released 13 Oct 77, thus knocking Ken kaiser's Million Cellar ("(i got a million in my cellar!") "I love you laurie" off the charts causing bassist Jay Gruberger to drink himself to death with Mother Goldstein wine. BUTT "and i do say that with two T's": Ted Niemiec, Gizmos, it gets BETTER John Keegan. An ad hoc Charlie's Angels fights the bad guys but spend half the tyme topless! ("Silicone Grown" are those Bristols, roit?)....High Def Digest> blog >crazy-eighties REALLY tells all on Andy Sidaris (an Ed Wood-level Russ Meyer) with his Bullets, Bombs and Babes IS on youtube and Sidaris made MORE films (shown at 0300 in '80s on late night cable!). Release date: march 1987. Kill Slug played Huntington West Virginny that THAT woulda been a film! Larry Lifeless and his Brood starring in Children of the Ken"......

Thursday, January 23, 2020

day of Wodin 22 jan 20. Besides Primitive Sound with DJ Easy Ed, from 6-8 pm was vintage cartoons with a Western theme. Flashbacks to my pre-beatle life as Southern military brat. Tom and jerry, Huckleberry Hound, Snagglepuss, Mister Peabody, Commander McBragg, the lone Ranger....i used to watch all these in Dad's $1000 house in Manassas, Virginny when the Beatles were to me sound unseen and only on bubblegum cards. Easy Ed: "ought to be a fun night tonight. cartoons and records"....yep, that WAS my life (STILL!) both ends of the when you get the invite for cocktail hour cartoons: GO! Otherwise, you can always dance to Bo Diddley 45s"...visits to London and/or SPIT OR Flynn Young's House of Glamour! (plug)"

Friday, January 24, 2020

Kenne At Large
day of Thor 23 jan 20. Somerville Theater gift certificate from BGN for WBCN and the American Revolution. BGN pays for BCN! I'm a paid writer! Gee Julie interned there but this is From the Beginning (ides of March 68 playing Cream's "I feel free") to Nixon's impeachment August 74 (I met CARL BIANCUCCI 48 hours later and Thundertrain formed 1 Aug 74,i think). lotsa of vintage late 60s Boston history; college riots, the Common, just the "freak" scene in general....musical highlights: Jerry Garcia and Duane Allman playing unplugged (Allmans opened for the velvets at Tea Party in 69!) plus master Blaster was hangin' with with Alvin Lee on the Common and Alvin was jammin' through a portable amp; Blaster carried it from Common, down Newbury Street to BCN! Last "local colour" I saw was that dude that used to play a battery operated guitar in public garden while whirring around on roller blades....Longass movie, but I'll give away the ending: Patti Smith covers "My Generation" with John Cale on bass and I believe us O. rex boys listened to that 45 back in '76! didnt know my Future/Now was with boston".....

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Freitag 24 Jan 20. Harvard Film Archives. The Films of Angela Schanelec, 17 jan-10 Feb 20. Tonight: Schone Gelbe Farbe (Lovely Yellow Colour), Weit Entfernt (Far Away) and Princip text, all 5-9 minute shorts followed by Ich Bin Den Sommer Uber in Berlin Geblieben (I Stayed in Berlin all summer). She stars unemotionally in her own films and they all seem to be about humdrum west german life, tho "Berlin" is 1994 and the wall had already fallen. memorable scene: a couple whom seem to be breaking up, eat on a two-legged table that they end up flipping around another way using legless end to prop on winder- sill.....if you're as KEnfused as me, there's still more and i may check out more of her films since I have no gigs til Mad Painter Sunday 8 march 20. remember! Sci-fi 24 hour marathon President's weekend Somerville Theater!"


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