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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

"sunday 13 jan 19. tavern end of the world. ok, open mike was a supergroup; me and jonathon from butterscott, guitar/vocals, backed up by charles hanson (ROSS PHASOR!) electric guitar and Ohan Heghinian on keyboards. Since our lil jam had keyboards and ? of mysterians IS my facebook friend (and shares Willie Loco's birthday!), the Pa-Go-Go label original version of "69 tears" was in order! I basically KEnducted the band, hollering out chords as Jon kept medleying from one song to another, like the record collector he is! e.g. "elevator operator" by gene clark into "salesman" by monkees or sir doug's "she's about a mover" into beatles b-side "she's a woman". "Pushin' too hard" was done and I did the whole "reincarnation of Beethoven" rap. Humour was like Flo and Eddie. More mishegas EVERY Sunday 730 pm tavern at end of world; Frank Rowe wants to split a matinee with me soon! ALSO, checked out African Nights, EVERY Sunday 10 pm-0100, sally o'brien's. SaMBA lolo hosted by boubacar diabate and sambalolo. basically, dancing, lively afro-pop with some slowed down reggae overtones; one of the guys is from mali and I DO recommend it also! (plus cantab blues jam sunday night too!)".....

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Til Tuesday, ANY Tuesday but thank you facebook for reminder: WHRB, hah-vahd radio ten pm til midnight is Our Little Rendezvous with Dinos Mekios. Met him in 2000, I was first guest, Gizmos reissue; he told me the Hopelessly Obscure e.p. was in a shoppe in Athens; "twin cities of Athens and Sparta?"...either way, in my slumber, I heard records so obscure I didnt know who they were! Dinos plays a lot of European garage 45s that I REALLY havent heard; seen him in action; he's like year 2000 man Dave Bass! favourite drug: "Hopelessly Obscure 45s!" will clue you in any further excitement!" .....

Thursday, January 24, 2019

day of Thor. 17 jan 19. outpost 186. charlie kohlhase explorers club. Been meaning to catch him and glad I did ($10 donation!); four hours, guitar,bass, drums playing circa 1957 NYC "hard bop" "(this is ten years after Kerouac and Birth of the Cool). Talking between sets with Charlie (nice guy!) he's also in either/orchestra with Russ Gershon (Sex Execs!), does "fantasy jazz band" ("kinda nerdy" says he but I do it with rock bands, i.e. "what if so and so played with so and so"; sometymes i use real humans!). We discussed the Riverside label (maybe I had some Wes Montgomery albums on that label; I was buying everything Jimi listed as an infleunce about eigth grade, pre-Kent State). We also both have NEVER been on major labels! indie punk; indie-folk; indie-jazz, i dig it all.... "I dig a Pygmy ....."(best Let THAT Be!).... lastly, after discussing country blues, he DID know who I was (WMBR research and develepmont mondays 2-4 pm!) and his next gig is 1 feb 19 and i said "oh, i have a gig....i have a sax player"...CK: "who? maybe he was one of my students"....when I mentioned OUR John Keegan, it was decided by ME that true punk, like Stooges/MC5, needs MORE free jazz influence saxophones! (Keegan on MC5's "black to comm"....."and then my mind split open"...) lastly when charlie mentioned Ornette Coleman et al., I got into them through early '70s Yoko Ono albums like Fly etc. more jazz/punk rock! (like Gizmos "hey beat mon"!)"......

Friday, January 25, 2019

"saturday 19 jan 19; big-ass blizzard but met Gee Julie park plaza hotel; last time I's there was Rolling Stones Steel Wheels tour, riding with the roadie in a jeep versus the rock star limos. ARISIA is a kind of fantasy group https://corp.arisia.ORG/MENTOR and in every room was discusssion groups but "open jam" was one for me. acoustic guitars, violins, a harp, middle east drums....i plugged in i phone five and belted out/sang along with "house of rising sun", "ripple" and "friend of the devil' (grateful dead) and "mister tambourine man"....everyone sat in a circle like string band jam open mike asheville NC 2010 jack o' the wood....a nice jam with folks in medival costumes, SO week ended right for two reasons; one lady who played with Brookline symphony orchestra thanked me for singing; trained versus untrained (and she had trouble JAMMING; too much goddam book learnin'!) and the Medieval middle eastern drummers are in a "Ren" (reneaisance group) knowing a guy from Mr. Curt's Exis who drummed with Carl Biancucci in high school! also in "Ren" group is a Joe Coughlin ex; I borrowed her clothes halloween 1990 (?) for alice highland at midway cafe; the previous night i had been to a Freemason meeting in Bedford mass! (coulda been 1989 even I'm not sure!)....a small world to be sure, rock connections at a fantasy convention.....and wait'll til i write about this week next week! one last plug: club linehan-ago-go at cantab friday 1 feb 19!".....

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