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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Kenne at Large
"first off Miguel D'Amour, Hopelessly Obscure STILL needs a roommate, so contact him at 617-470-7422. Highlights of my rainy, damp staycation in Boston: read Procol Harum's bio Beyond the Pale by Claes Johansen one rainy afternoon. British book, Danish FANatic! well-written, record geek facts etc. WRKO 680 AM, Jim Bohannen mixes libertarian talk with baby boomer rocknroll but Tuesday night's guest was Doctor Demento! Demento putting out new record Covered in Punk and the William Shatner song was great! AM radio, Demento.....dr. he says! lastly a 0530 lissen to BBC radio ulster (1030 over there): Little richard's "by the light of the silvery moon"! a 1958 London a-side, British pressing; specialty 660 45 in the states and track two, side one off his second album right after "jailbait janet kept a-knockin""! what a way to start Sad Song Wednesday! though Dusty Springfield "i just dont know what to do with myself" on BBC Wales 0600 was excellent too!"....


Thursday, January 25, 2018

"what better day to spend Wodin's Day than a club linehan-ago-go practice! Gig offers lining up will list at end. "midnight to six man" by pretty things practiced; i had to work on that dick taylor lick in E. "venus"-shocking Dutch; love that B-suspension chord stolen from the rock opry KENNE, a lotta minor chords otherwise and lastly "brand new cadillac"; Slickee Boys sang it in B coz of me cuzzin Martha Hull's voice; Clash do it in E; Vince Taylor (BEST versiion!) is in C and as i taught the riff to bassist Joe Quinn, I go "it's kinda like "peter gunn"; fucken Brian Stray Cat mixes a "combination of the two"! ("cadillac"/"peter gunn")...whilst weer singin' boot CADILLACS how 'bout that Kinks Bo Diddley kover first album? whether it's Davies or Page-y, i can almost ape that intro! John Keegan, sax/BGN, has on Lil Steven SIRIUS radio in car; fucken "wham bam thank you maam" by small faces!!! when Marriot sings "she...." you CAN sing "waaaantttsss the kielbasaaaaa" Solomon Gruberger always said "I know who they're ripping off"!

ok gigs:
saturday 10 feb 18 cantab MJ Quirk birthday. 8 pm set i hear.
friday 16 feb 18, sally o brien's: Kenne Highland Clan has stop calling me frank (middle) and Jittery jack opens; am I supposed to list micelf last?
Saving best for last! TRIO!!!! Fiddy years of Blue Cheer!!! DO I dare?!?!?. LOU REED'S birthday, granite street cafe, quincy, club linehan-ago-go; people are flying in from atlanta for this! ($96; such a deal!).
9 march 18 cantab: club linehan-ago-go/billy connors/Thee Flying Fish; Andy Excuse fronts this and Bob Roos from Stigmatics on lead guitar, one of my favourites!

i think that's it. drummer Kev Linehan explaining county CORK roots of his fine Irish name, so DEAD PEOPLE FACTS: Cork:birthplace of Rory Gallagher AND Ted's Nugent ancestor! sounds like a good reason to cover taste and amboy dukes! lastly, from that rockabilly Yob Stenson eddie flowers, whom, like sonny boy williamson, got "eyesight to the blind", Vulcher coming out soon, my columns Dead People facts and AM radio in Boston....dont worry i'm formulating a buncha Blodgett reunion (Ma's folks) verbal diarrhea for this ish. there's a photo of us Highlands in south lyon after grandma's funeral may 75; Ma dropped me to the greyhound with my guitar singing "bye bye Kenne" and i left motor city for the gulch (bloomington indiana) and five years later: Motor Oil met Dirty Water! (Smitt E. Smitty, 13 points for FEZ in scrabble!)"......(I believe it's actually 16 points for Fez-ed)

Friday, January 26, 2018

"I moost minchin, Sean Coyle (wikipedia). oi loove 'is show on BBC Radio Ulster ("ool-stir") 0530 til 7 pm in the states vs. 1030 til noon (time to go the pub then for dinner!). he has SAD SONG WEDNESDAY and SINGALONG FRIDAY, so, 1030 bill-fist toim, fucken "San Bernandino" by Christie! ye moit remember, in thi' stats, "yellow river", 1970 but this was the followup! (UK #7! and christie has a splendid wiki page!). Jeff Christie, bass, first came out of his mum LIVE AT LEEDS and originally offered this song to the Tremelos! "considering it too pop-oriented for their future direction" but, dig this, Christie's drummer was mike blakely, brother of Alan Blakely, Tremeloes drummer and no relation to Nick Blakey of Shiny Beast! (though could ewe imagine them doin' cat stevens "here comes my baby"?). Vic Elmes, guitar, from Dagenham, Essex, BUT that's "easier said than done" (Blakely drum roll! we got a choice of THREE!). Vic had been in the Acid Gallery and the Epics; if that aint a Spinal Tap flower-pop song waitin' to happen;"Gimme your money"!...Jeff christie had HIS O. Rex/Malpractice/before they were rock stars in The Outer Limits, a bluidy Leeds band with a wiki entry whom are Hopelessly Obscure to me! a 45 on Deram april 67 and one on immediate may '68; hey, same label as Moodies and Small Faces, this stuff must sound good! (youtube?) there's some comp called The Immediate Alternative: a collection of immediate label rarities. none of the other Katz are mention as playin' further; must be drivin' lorrys and playin' down the pub...'ey white! oi do that! rain in spain fallin' wherever the fook it wants! half of what i say is meaningless, but i say it just to read you....Julie....andrews....E-liza....doo little....see ya at the pub mate!"

Saturday, January 27, 2018

"Alex Gitlin of Mad Painter needs a guitarist and bassist; when I played with them, I said "you remind me of aphrodite's children" and his knowledge of European '70s progressive rock has me and Pierre le Coutre stumped! he even knew about the Hungarian bands I only recently discovered through hip hop samples! ok if he DOES read this, word is out!"....

Dr Demento


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