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Tuesday, January 26, 2020
Mr Grooves with BGN pin

every day is a Saturday" 23 Jan 21. Drummer Al Hendry has Alice Highland "Under His Wheels" and bassist Larry Newman joins us. First order of business at Lowell Street Studio is "Tolga's Toon", me jammin' with Reptilians From Andromeda guitarist. I'm adding a lot of licks I learnt off my mono copy of Over Under Sideways Down ($20: Somerville Grooves! day previous, Larry and I dropped off three Asa cds plus BGN merch). Next up "Alter Cocker Rockers"; turns out Larry Newman, like the Gruberger brothers heard Yiddish in der haus so for you messugah goyim, an alter cocker is an elder gentleman. I tossed EVERY '70s rock guitar cliché in there ("Kenne! That sounds like Humble Pie's "C'mon Everybody"!- Larry) and the intro which is "Gimme Shelter" meets the Nuge's "call of the wild" has MORE COWBELL by Alan Hendry. After riffin' on Cactus's "Evil", "you fatalistic fuck" is recorded; Al/Larry: "we sound like Hendrix towards the end!" (sic) meaning band of Gizmos-cum-Red House. The Vatican Sex Kitten joins up us on lap steel for "everybody's a lyre" (recorded circa 1987 by...Tom Hamilton! became a flexi-disc in Britain, it did). Gee Julie sang some "Fist City" vocals; "Talk to Loretta" meets Loretta Lynn! "North Shore gurl that's gonna love you forever" sings "wilkie southern"! "Pizza Delivery Move" and another great/ FUN Gizmos 20 march 76 session!


Wednesday, January 27, 2020

Sonntag 24 jan 20. Mad Painter session Lowell Street studios. Drummer Al Hendry pulls up in front of Groupie Towers II with Palmyra Del Ran on Sirius radio. Earlier my "Uncool Niece" Unclean Justine had mentioned that Little Stevens Underground Garage played"She's Not Just Another Girl (She's A Darling)". R. U. Sirius? Bubble Puppy's "Hot Smoke and Sassafrass' was even better! Randy Pie's "Highway Driver", which is German rock-disco, was recorded along with "Party Line" (a Status Quo-type british boogie), "The moon" (has a '20s "alice's restaurant' feel) and "I live for Love" (Procol Harum playing Aphrodite's Child's "rain and Tears"). Al Hendry nailed the drums parts, I had trouble with the bass parts ("Too many Creeps"? "Too many notes"!), Alex Gitlin was doing his mid-70s melodic side (I thought "I live for Love" could be a mid-70s solo John Lennon ballad) and LASTLY: Gee Julie's vocals! (icing on cake). VERY ethereal, like the "tales of brave ulysesses/ how his naked ears were tortured, sirens sweetly singing".very ethereal like Enya maybe. Gee Julie and I departed as Schmel Herbie Hind laid some guitar After Shopping at Saver's (better than bathing at baxter's!). Picked up the Popgun cd wicked cheap. More recording next month and it WILL be a cd!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Til Tuesday 26 jan 20. SUPPER at the Independent, union Square, Somerville, Massachusetts in the snow. Music to eat By: "The fairest of the Seasons' off Nico's Chelsea Girls album release October 1967 (did NOT sell as much as Sgt pepper). Wikipedia quotes: "chamber folk. '60s pop. Jackson Browne on electric guitar' (first song, side one!) (AND on youtube!). Aint nuthin' better than eatin' fish AND chips (NO cole slaw!) and lissenin' to Nico on a shitty (Johnny) Winter night!

Friday, January 29, 2021

day of Thor 27 jan 20. Got my vaccination for COVID but not JOE VIG, so took a listen to Varulven #21. Dalia Davis is artist I "grokked". "11 and a half' is the song and she's on twitter @DaliaDavisMusic. Seems to be young Berklee lass but has some heavy hitters on her recordings! Bird mancini, Macgregor MacGehee of Fate MacCobb plus had worked with Did Stewart (Girl's Night Out), Human Sexual Response and Mister Curt of pastiche. "11 and a half" is off her album Keep a Clean Engine on Teal Power; she's also recorded Beatles/Dylan tributes, so good taste there, for me, "still back at 'ome wi' me Beatles and me Stones"..."11 and a half" lyrically is kinda like Childhood Lost ala Janis Ian's 'at 17' only younger than that. Musically, I think it has more in common with melanie's "Brand New Key". When I was 11 and a half, Nico released Chelsea Girls but I was more into Top 40 WBBF Rochester NY. Every cut on this comp is a nice sampler of Hopelessly Obscure bands I never heard of and I shall certainly follow Dalia Davis in the "twilight" of my career! (Not dead YET tho; neither Covid nor Joe Vig gonna kill mah ass!)

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Freitag 28 Jan 21. As Gee Julie and I dined at Istanbulu (Teele Square, Somerville), I kept getting facebook alerts that Hilton Valentine of the Animals had died. I bought all my Animals albums about 1970; maybe 1974 Solomon Gruberger and I AGREED Hilton was an underrated guitarist (we even agreed on the Animals!) and Nancy Neon booked me somewhere in Greenwich Village and Hilton Valentine WAS in audience, hearing me cover an Animals song! "sounded gud' 'e said in 'is Geordie accent. Most touching memoir now is Jim McCarty YARDBIRDS (Facebook friend!) saying Hilton was a great guy and this ANIMAL would come to YARDBIRDS shows! Of course back when I was hearing "house of rising sun" and "heart full of soul" little did I realise I'd be Facebook friends that even Donna Gaines woulda heard "On the radio". Otherwise, today Saturday, it's Turkish psychedelic music on youtube and a mad painter practice tonight, studio 20 feb AND Ma turns 90! (I read in a French fanzine in French; "la mere" "guitarre" "$9 acoustic Sears and Robuck"".....


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