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Monday, January 31, 2022

"Monntag 31 jan 22. ok, Mother nature lost me a couple gigs and on the Sunday 30 Jan 31, my mother was born in a snowstorm four score and eleven hence BUT: "Hear Me Greeks!" (Liam Neeson as Alexandros Magos, as improbable as me portraying Alexander the great though I CAN proclaim in my big ass booming voice)...Alexandros Anesiadis (known as "A. Alex" to "Gee Julie") has published a book We can be the New Wind (LIKE it on facebook!) The '80s "undergound' scene, as it were and the Hopelessly Obscure is in it (?) (!) well, that Majestic e.p. WAS in a record store in Athens near some CLASSIC RUINS....shit, at this point I'm moddafockin' ZEUS!!!!! Coz there's also an interview with me! ("tell me what I say"...)...I usually cringe til I read my answers but hey: I make more cents than Trump's Tweets. eh? "I wanna be elected"! ok like the rascals "I'm So happy now" (Rino Tonelli copy!) so DO buy this book or be Abbie Highland and STEAL THIS BOOK! and Pete Townsend Altamont yo' ass at Woodstock,mannnnnn……"......

Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Monntag 31 jan 22. Ken and Gee Julie listen to bats in the belfry WMBR 8-10 pm. For TRUE geeks there's a archived recording bit on the MBR website. As I was dozing off, let's look at "playlist". Gothic Voices. Uk ensemble. If you stayed in your room at 85 Turner Road, Holliston mass. WITHOUT watching Biggie Ratt and listened instead to the Gregorian Chants album, this is for YOU! (Black not required) (HAHAHAHA!!!! I was lissenin to Gregorian Chants before there was Goth!- ed - ed). Goth Lady (Laura B Wilson-ed) be DOWN with some serious world-wide Goth, lemme eye the artists, yo and "tell it like it is"! (hip-hop Goth?). Blind Dreams: St Petersburg Russia (does NOT sound like mad painter!). rakta: Brazil!!! Suspiria, Whitby England (with a myspace page???-ed) . Diavol Strain; Chile! (Goth AND metal from South America it seems! Huevos!). Anna Von Hausswolff: Sweden! (Goth AND death-metal from Viking land?!?!). lamia Vox; st. Petersburg, Russia, currently in Prague! They even re-print the comments! Big Goth show is/was Saturday 5 Feb 22, Middle East...I nodded out after an hour but what GREAT international Goth music!".....

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

"Dienstag 1 Feb 22. six pm. giving a lissen to WAJR Morgantown west virginny 740 AM sports palace report! A month from march madness and west virginia basketball news. "Late Game turns on Taz concussion"....I been slightly outta the loop but Tajzmel "Taz" Sherman born 19 July 99 (height: six feet four inches!) recorded a career high 29 points the Monday against Baylor, three minutes left in game and hit in jaw..."after the game, Sherman tweeted a thumbs up GIZ moji"; jerry West would NOT have. Sports palace kept saying "will Taz be ready for next game?" Funny, in the Bill Clinton '90s, I had a Georgetown Hoyas hoodie with the Warner Brothers Taz on, prolly don; fit no mo'"...


Thursday, February 3, 2022

"day of Wodin, ground Hog day began in Bavaria of which I decend six generations back. Leaving Freitag for mad painter at Tangle Festival in upstate NY ("Alta Kaka rocka"; I forgot what city! "Hello Cleveland"!). Lastly, gee Julie cooked up some jerk chicken wings and some facebook website I had was of Crosby (my cuzzin!) Still nash Young live at Woodstock; we THINK we heard a Hammond organ on Neil Young's "Sea of madness"; 1969 SUCH a great year for Hammond organ sounds! Gee Julie DANCES IN THE AISLES as she shops at Whole Paycheck and the other earthy crunchy veggie place BOTH of which have played Deep Purple's "Hush", another 1968 Hammond organ fave. And THAT is why I'm in my fourth year with mad painter! (The Hammond versus farfisa MASS debate could go on forever but that would be 1966 versus 1968 so, like, whatever, man….the Fudge,man……….)

Sunday, February 6, 2022
Kenne Gizmo
The Orange Bassist
"Freitag 4 Feb 22. Da! mad Painter drove to Kingston NY in Brockport NY weather to play Tangle Festival (like them on facebook), a Russian-American music fest which happens often yearly. Held in the function room of Best Western Plus Kingston hotel, the Russkies partied like greeks! Opa! we did soundcheck and ate in the hotel restaurant ($16 pork chops for your favourite ham! Wine for Gee Julie whom was splendidly dressed in silver lame trousers and silver platform sandals). Vlada Brofman just friend requested me and as I told Miss Lyn last night; "today she performs a diverse program dedicated to, for example, French chanson, the hits of world music in 7-8 languages'...well "if my memory serves me well", "La Vie en Rose" was sang in better French than my great-great-great grandmere Sophie Leduc Veilleux woulda sang! (Je suis un Quebecois, her French, perfect it was as she threw down the stairs to me my hat). Followed by Mother/daughter tag team Marina and tasya sarkisov (on facebook!) Tasya sang some jazz standards in perfect English (better'n me) and Mom's guitar "In held Twas I"! kinda flamenco and drummer Al Hendry Berklee '79 told me she did a song in 5/8 time which he explained but let's say I am more fluent in Greek. I went to the loo and a lady saw my kaftan and went "wow" gets better! IF ONLY Pierre le Coutre, Flensburg Groupie news coulda seen a dance floor filled with Russian frauleins dancing to "Highway Driver" by Deutschland's randy Pie..."I'm bad I'm World-wide"! aL Hendry "he;s got the beat", Al nahabedian (Schmel) on guitar, even tuned the bass for me (if I wasn't wearing my bifocals is that GLASS NOT?) Gee Julie sang/looked great and Alex Gitlin worked that crowd on keyboards in red trousers and white platforms...a couple ladies jumped onto the stage wanting to kiss me and/or "Santa...I vant you to make me rich and healthy"...the promoter loved us; a good sign! other comments "where'd you get the orange bassist"? "you made me feel young' lady started talking at me in Russian and I had to tell her I wasn't fluent but animals are adept to body language..."you were were great'..."I never saw Abba but this is how I envision it" (Bjorn and Kenne?) Party going til 0300 AND then starting at noon...hey, Gizmos at Gonerfest WAS the American experience (sure... a Latvian in a cowboy hat: 'you look like Roky Erikson")...but last BUT not least, again via Alex; "Julie, Kenneth has met a real Russian celebrity" from Krematorij (Wikipedia!) an '80s Russian band formed 1983 'when rock music in USSR was censored and banned"; well, Hopelessly Obscure DID get banned in '83 from Storyville ("Dead Boston Club"!)...there was "sorry for my poor English", "you gave me goosebumps" (I figgered out that "hand jive"!); as a regular Henry Kiss My Ass, when proffered a pipe wid da ganga,mon I even took a couple hits of "Fresh Air"! So from Jamaica, mon wid Toots to Alex from "Creamatorium"; ja mon! Music/party/gurls….there WOULD be peace in this world "If I ruled the world"!"....See more pics on the Mad Painter Facebook Page.


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