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Monday, February 6, 2017

"friday night or saturday morn 4 feb 17, satanic ritual abuse/open lines on coast to coast AM. Ordained minister Dizdar about satanic ritual abuse and new world order and George Noory plays "sympathy for the devil", Beggars Banquet version. story is/was escaped Nazi scientists went to US and made these "Rosemary's Baby's" whom are soldiers in the New World Order...I stayed awake for this! Gee Julie was illin', so after saturday errands, got back and discovered WMEX has oldies on from 2pm to 11 pm! LOTS of great stuff but especially "one fine morning" by Lighthouse, a Toronto band whom got Rochester airplay! 6pm to 11 pm tuned in WMEX, 50 years of music and they played 1967 etc. such GREAT oldies! Dylan's "everybody must get stoned", cream's "sunshine of your love" album version and Boxtops "sweet cream ladies"! and, "radio on", another Coast to Coast about ETs in the "shadow government" etc., more great indoor entertainment!.....

Mia Farrow That movie poster

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Alec Boldwin
met Gee Julie in Coolidge Corner Sunday 4 Feb 17 or whatever date was (two days ago (that was the 5th- ed)) and went to Upper Crust Pizza where I got my cuzzin George W. Bush reelected in 2004; now I see the father and Ma's cuzzin Barbara Pierce Bush come out for SuperBowl coin toss. Everything was SuperBowl but Gee Julie, at Coolidge Corner picture show picked out the James Baldwin film (I Am Not Your Negro) which was excellent! Lots of black history photos that were offensive, confederate flags/swastikas during Little Rock '57, James Baldwin talkin' 'bout black actors from '30s I never knew of before. Soundtrack: Lightnin' Hopkins and other country blues and Buddy Guy's "damn right I got the blues". FANTASTIC movie and when we left and Civil Rights in America goin' BACKWARDS, my app said atlanta 28-patriots 3, third quarter. WEEI was lissened to Tom Brady is now "Tom Terrific" and more people know of him than has read James Baldwin. Though I did cross picket lines this morning in Copley Square wearing my Bills hat and no one said SHIT! "I'm a Brockport NY punk and i don't take shit from no one!"

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bowie 45
another stellar Club Linehan-A-Go-Go practice for Out of the Blue Gallery Too MJ Quirk birthday gig; Tom Tipton needs a go fund me or this space, like "Nature's Disappearin'" (John Mayall) WILL! so dont be cheap....Next Club Linehan or Club Kenne gig is friday 3 march 17 C-Note HULL, RAT Beach Party presents. And, song of note IS our version of "seasons in the sun"; when we hit the F#, it's like the F# Ken Kaiser showed me in Kaiser Stadium, Teaneck NJ, "here today gone tomorrow" when it was a new album. And since I'd rather read Goldmine than watch my dad get blown up by a landmine (50 years ago, 'Nam, Search and Destroy mission), here are some JOHN STEWART facts! He was in the Kingston Trio '64, Beatlemania all acrost the USA and they covered "seasons in the sun" which Terry Jacks heard up Canada (it was a Jacques Brel toon rewrote by Rod McKuen and when Terry Jacks had the hit, I got into Jacques Brel via Bowie's b-side "Amsterdam", flip of "Sorrow" probably the ONLY copy sold in Brockport NY, though I'm certain Greg Lunch/Lydia Provost had copies). John Stewart also wrote "daydream believer" but actually really had a hit with "Gold" in '79 which outsold Hello World but IS covered by Club Linehan "joined him", "that's Mike, John, Joe and Kev" to be sang like "Ballad of the Gizmos" "Cerebrus joined them, that's Rich, Rick, Dave and Jim"....moral of tail: Club Linehan covers TWO toons John Stewart (RIP) played on, so "daydream believer" is next?!? (if those Katz read this kolumn and I AM friends with Steve Katz of blues project/BST on facebook!""....

Friday February 1, 2017

Kingston Trio
"what to do during a badass storm? lissen to the Kingston Trio's version of "seasons in the sun" with Gee Julie! Seems Terry Jacks "heard it on a Kingston Trio album" and that album is.....Time to Think released december 1963. Capital label then released Meet the Beatles 20 Jan 64 which sold more copies than Meet the Korps (1000 pressed). "seasons in the sun" 45 released 20 april 64, but Beatles second album was 10 april 64 and obviously "cant buy me love" at the tyme was a bigger hit. Still, to be HOPELESSLY Obscure, lissenin' to that Kingston Trio album NOW, all their "message" songs STILL have meaning! "the patriot game" (how many countries go to war over whose country is Amerika First?) and woodrow wilson guthrie's "deportee" which even NOW (give it a lissen, hit the link) touches on that wall in Mexico not built yet etc. I always eschewed Brothers Four/Peter Paul Mary and other records Ma had coz they were TOO fucken clean-cut (I obviously preferred the Freewheelin' Ken Highland and in the "babe" dept. Gee Julie could BE Suzi Rotolo!) but the Kingston Trio are fucken SUBVERSIVE! dressing collegiate but preaching liberal politics! NO records of theirs on Capitol were burnt vs. those Satan/commie Beatles and to think John Stewart went from this to "daydream believer" to "Gold"....and I haven't even STARTED on Herman's Hermits Hold On movie, another way for "ridin' the storm out"! (REO Speedwagon reference ONLY coz "the Midwest can be alright"!)".....


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