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Monday, February 6, 2022

"Saturday 5 Feb 22. Singing the "old man bladder blues" from Lee Mass to almost Natick Mass, Al Nahabedian AFTER we (Gee Julie) drove through his and Carl Biancucci's hometown of Wayland, pulled into the SAVERS in Natick Mass. right next to Shopper's World where in 1978, my distant cuzzin Art Cardinal (RIP) picked up me off a Greyhound from Charleston SC where I was stationed. Al and I were Schmeling out the $1.99 cds; I bought nil as I still have unlistened stuff BUT Mott's Greatest Hits, Sgt pepper and Yellow Submarine ARE still there BUT, from the Al stash: Retrospective, best of Buffalo Springfield (a 1970 paper route money purchase for me, still love it); Blind Faith with the nekkid gurl, original cover, cd version, as I said; The Yes album (AND, a post tangle fest Russkie compliment: "you play like Chris Squire" ; ghost of Jay Gruberger at work! "you fumble in a key til you find it; you make mad painter sound like Art rock!" "Fumbling in key" is me being neo-Carl Biancucci; it's a treble string thing. lastly, I DID find the first Johnny Winter on Columbia (1969 paper route money; all these cds were GREAT jr. high classic rock for me) which I told Al: "buy it man". Since he probably reading this, I performed "I'm yours and i'm here" untuned in front of my uncle and stepfather whom said (latter): "that doesn't sound like anything" and (former) "I thought you were going to play classical music" (My cool uncle had played me a Christopher Parkening record and I even THOUGHT if I learned flamenco, I'd play the Doors "Spanish Caravan")….moving HAPPILY onward (if I could stand on one leg without Ken Tipping, I'd pretend to be ian Anderson of Jethro Dull), Cub Koda raved about this album in Goldmine and at the OLD Plough, I had discussed this album with local bluesman Kenny HOLLADAY (when he busked, he'd do my Bo Carter requests; Bo being the 1920s version of the Gizmos with "please warm my weiner"...hmmm..."kielbasa"? I told Richard F Coffee I wanted the Gizmos to have a "Big ten inch" double entendre coz we were nutz for Aeroshit's Toys in the Attic; Rich: "Kenne the Gizmos had NO entendre!" Do shoppe at Savers, cool books too! All I care about is books, records and Moby Grape "Naked if I want to" walkin' down the streets before bassist Bob Mosely wanted to be me, quit successful rock band, join USMC...or was I him? or was I the Grape throwing "the bird" on album cover? "Who am I?"-navy vet Country Joe macDonald!"....


Tuesday, February 7, 2022
"Sonntag Morgen 6 Feb 22. 0500 or so. The Darker Side on WHRB, playing black music since September '75! (I was IU). Anyway, let's say 0600, a coed said "I love samples so I'm playing old school originals of songs sampled by...."; WHO CARES! Hearing all that classic '70s r and b wuz da ballz! A lot of isley Brothers...speaking of which I DID hear the Fight the Powers that Be Isleys album at IU fall '75; Dictators had came out, Patti was later, ramones was at least six months after...ALSO on WHRB blues song, I'm hearin' Big mama thornton, lissenin' to words and..."holy scheiss! It's "Ball and Chain", that "janis' toon...took fiddy-odd years but FINALLY heard the original! "BABY im for REAL!"".....


Wednesday, February 8, 2022

Monntag 7 feb 22. eight pm. Ken and Gee Julie drive past old graveyard at Somerville's Market basket and I say: "hey! Goth lady is on!" (that means Bats in the Belfry WMBR 88.1). La Reverdie Ensemble started off at 8 pm with Gee Julie remarking "They're chanting now"? GREAT chants on a great show! Fell asleep though with maybe The Surrealist show at ten pm. Whichever they played "Birdland" from Weather Report's Heavy Weather album, released march 1977, same tyme as Live at the Rat, THOUGH there were some refugees from Miles Davis Bitches Brew in band, that Miles album I bought 4 July 70. "Birdland" release 19 apr 77; Saturday 16 april 77 cheetah chrome and I smoked a joint, then Dead Boys onstage at Rat and I first heard "Sonic Reducer". Speaking of jazz/fusion to punk (Wikipedia), in 1976, Bad brains were MIND POWER 'in mold of return to Forever and mahavishnu".In 1977, band's friend Sid McCray "introduced them to punk rock"; other sources: first damned album, thus becoming "Afro-punk". Either way, glad THEY can dig both genres as can I and I,mon".....


Thursday, February 9, 2022

day of Wodin 9 feb 22. my texts on that Apple phone I'm still paying off wuz busy: Unclean Justine: "checking to see if sunday 20 mar 22 4-6 pm works for a rescheduled Mess Around date for you and crew?" Saturday 20 march 76 AT THAT TIME, my Krewe (Gizmos) was recording "that's cool (I respect you more)"; GIZtory MUST repeat itself! (Musically, I AM Punksatwaney Phil (Milstein)!". max boras also texting AND happening! 8 march 22 Jungle Somerville Mass. 20 march 22 "in Rhode island at Pub on Park" and "26 march 22 charleez Hill in Maine". Max is bad/ he's nationwide and 8 March I SHALL "Bungle in the Jungle"! ("Jethro Dull"; Solomon gruberger, O. rextasy, early '70s, pre-punk, probably '74"......

Friday, February 11, 2022
day of Wodin 9 Feb 22. Moonfall. Somerville Thee-ate-er 720 pm eight dollar senior discount. only three people in the cinema for this "Halle Berry bomb" that I DID dig coz Ebert wrote Beyond the valley of the Dolls starring my eight cuzzin Michael Blodgett (and since ma's father, my cuzzin, were a dairy farmer j'adour le formage! (his mother, she was French)). Opening scene; Lost in Space discussing the lyrics of Toto's "Africa"; NOT Afrika Korps but I wuz still digging the cultural refernce from Earth! This Artifical Intelligence force is out to destoy humand-kind, causes Tsunamis of Sound, inside the moon is a advanced civilsation and I hear "DNA',"We're all in Klone" (is that how Tommy Clarke was borned?), "our ancestors were aliens'...KENspiracies abounding but dudes: Coast to Coast AM is 0100-0500 with George Noory….halle berry is as badass as Alien lady (was that Sigounrey Weaver, ending the movie with a cat on her shoulder?)….special effects will make you feel like you had "LSD for breakfast" end, ANY Somerville thee-ate-er movie $8.00 senior price worth it....Gee Julie stayed home (tired) but me: "I feel like "Bustin' Loose"! (I want a Go-Go music orgy on WHRB!)"..

Saturday, February 12, 2022

day of Thor 10 feb 22. I sez after arbeit to Gee Julie: "new almodovar at kendall square thee-ate-er"; "She Said Yeah"! senior discount, $12.50 for the 640 pm Parallel Mothers. A archeologist is looking for graves of folks Franco shot in '37 and meet a great-granddaughter, played by Penelope Cruz, who becomes 'with child". She meets a underage pregnant young lady, they have babies together and, in TRUE Almodovar fashion the babies get switched in hospital. "Holy Billy Jean Jackman!" (Michael Jackson meets Batman? gotta quit gettin' stoned with Toots Hibbert/Cheetah Chrome and Creamatorium!"). Besides finding Senorita Cruz's great-grandfather's grave with DNA (plus who's the baby's real madre), I SHALL mention the rocknroll section of film. Young lady says to Cruz's character "who's that hippie" (re: photo of hippie and unclean Justine's "I was a hippie baby"); "oh that's my mother; she named me Janis after Janis Joplin; that's who we're lissenin' to'". re: my cuzzin Janis (YES! My great-great-grandmother highland and her has a mutual Plymouth ancestor who lived next door to JOHN ALDEN!); "Summertime" off Cheap Thrills, probably bought by I and I (lissenin' to a Deutsche reggae radio station as I type on three kups of Kerouac kafe) with paper route money about 1969, Brockport NY from Columbia record Club. And since I used to put DATES on my 45 sleeves, of purchase, maybe 21 sept 68 I bought "piece of my heart"/"turtle blues" after reading about Janis in the 1968 Life (?) mag, Airplane on the cover about all the "heavy" groups, all of whom I still love dearly...and 54 years later that's IT til the next week; mad painter might be going for some Tiny oak fill-in gigs, that I shall post when "only you know and I know"".....


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