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Kenne Highland at Large
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Feb 11, 2014

Kenne at Large

a wee anecdote; Ken and Gee Julie, Brigham Circle station, Mission Hill paradise (to riff on the Kinks); we eatin' at Flann O'Brien's irish pub, me havin' bangers'n'mash'n'BEANS coz that's what Ringo eats. they're playin' buncha classic rock and some college-age kid goes "I'll guzzle this beer if you can tell me the name of the song AND the artist"; it was "Get it On"! besides explainin' to Gee Julie how i stole the chorus for "that's Cool", the kids guess title and NO ONE remembered T. Rex! I holler "T.Rex! flip side was "Raw Ramp"! bought it on VINYL when it came out"; gud thing i din't have kids...."today's music aint got the same soul"....

Feb 13, 2014

"FINALLY attended a medium class at Quincy's First Spiritualist Church; it's actually kinda like the service; meditation,then the mediums get up. Miss Lyn should lissen to THIS mantra from a guy who championed masterbation vs. meditation Back in '72 (Bob Seger album and song was "Pumpin' to Playboy"!); "forget the stresses of the day....the week...the month.....the year....forget the stresses of THE LIFETYME"....."they believe in reincarnation; hey!hey!" what I saw, meditation, "nothin' is real, nothin' to git hung about"....Solomon (Grueberger) 's SPECTRE kept creepin' up (O. Rex photo in late '76 Rock Scene); VERY shadowy my Dad on "Landmine" picture sleeve, then outta NOWHERE: "Sweet Home Alabama" and pictures of Lynyrd Skynyrd! "Dreams i'll never see'(Allmans)....swelling in leg gone down "feel the white light on your crown" (didnt i think of Lou Reed?)...yes I WILL go back and if "you wanna be in my gang, OH YEAH!"; COME ALONG! 40 west street, quincy!"....

Feb 15, 2014

storm on Thursday, so Natalie Flanagan Tavern of World gig cancelled, BUT listened to my cd of Best of Grin,which I got from drummer Bob Berberich; not only did he drum on THE HANGMEN'S "what a Boy cant do" but he then went on to play with Nils Lofgren AND marry my cuzzin Martha Hull! Great guy,great stories, he's on Facebook! Valentine's Day took Gee Julie to Lilly's Gourmet Pasta Express, 1528 Tremont street, Mission Hill; good pasta and canoli which we DIDNT need, but it was Valen-Taz Day....

so here's some rock I wanna promote a-fore it happen!:

Thursday next (feb 20) is Natalie Flanagan residency at the Tavern at the End of the World:

Friday (feb 21): Drew Towsen, Johnstone clan, is hostin' a honky-tonk at Granite Rail, Quincy and ah'm sangin' sum Hank!

Saturday next (feb 22): The Cantab Item A: Gravedancers, Cd release has been moved to this night (Feb 22) ! I'm sure I'm singin' somethin' but NOT "Something"! (prefer the flip side, "Come Together"!)
Greg Allen 10 pm and
AFRIKA KORPS reunion 11 pm;two Kennes plus MJ Quirk/James Matthew Burns rhythm section and I dont even know the set list yet! But figger,"best" of both Korps albums plus Hoplessley Obscure e.p. played some Moose gigs with der kaiser, realised, like Atomic Rooster "Death Walks Behind You" and glad someone had foresight ("Gimme Back My"...) to videotape Kennes/Carl Biancucci/Solomon Gruberger THE LAST TYME! So you will see Afrika Korps reunions til death! Gizmos too, but everyone is in four differnt states....

das ist alles and review of gigs AS they happen!.....

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