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Kene at Large

Monday, February 12, 2018

Junk Head
"friday 9 feb 18 what better way to spend MJ Quirk's 13 squared birthday than at the Burren in davis square, somerville! then, as nobel prize winning Zimmeran sez "most likely you'll go your way and i'll go mine" coz 7 pm, beginning of boston sci-fi festival was JUNK HEAD, from Japan, animation. taking back the train i discovered a facebook page and Takahide Hori put in YEARS on this "post apocalyptic dystopian world; a being sent to earth's depths to clone its ancestors." also, reason i rave: "incredible stop motion animation". you cant help but love that lil guy with his big white head stuck in a futuristic fucked up world that makes bladerunner look like the garden of eden! (I'm prone to exaggeration being scots-irish but i like that one!). what else will i see this week? depends maybe but weekend plans include: friday sally obriens, jittery jack/stop calling me frank/stop calling me Krazee Ken coz i get jittery, then sunday next 18 feb 18 til noon Monday: 24 hour sci-fi marathon!!!!! happier'n a pig in shit during it, especially when you see the '50s version of the future! we're not quite the ZZJetsons, I only lissen to 'em (on Gulcher!)...."genetically stupid"! (it's a hoosier thing, you wouldnt understand".....

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

"saturday 10 feb 18, club bohemia, cantab. mickey bliss was late so i met i was awake/west meets west/apple ashes/deep leap; one band from burlington vermont, another from montreal. MJ Quirk birthday gig with Al Hendry on drums since Kevin Linehan was dog-sledding and John Keegan was at Ian Hunter. used the house solid state fender which had a lotta rex reverb to it; Miguel D'Amour who STILL needs roommate (617-470-7422) liked my rockabilly licks; back in '73 i was a REAL rockabilly Yob;'50s purist too! so highlights that i remember: Joe Quinn always starts off chuck berry's 'it wasnt me' with a mighty A string and with Al Hendry on drums it was like kev linehan mushin' them huskies! (or else it's me 'canadian mounted baby police force at work/red and black, it's their colour scheme") (Blue oyster kenne!). chuck berry's 'round and round" i sang, Al was "stompin' at the savoy" like Gene Krupa or something big band (need to lissen to Ma's records more!) stones "citadel' always good AND rare! "brand new cadillac" i try to play like Vince Taylor (Golden Earring b-sde!), thence rockabily licks and closer was me singin' "dizzy miss lizzy" then we brought it down and Mike thanked the crowd (Alex Piandes WMFO!). met a chap whom liked my playing and his DAD turnt him onto rocknroll; said Dad went to to high school with Frank Rowe, classic ruins and young dude went to high school with Frank's daughter Susan! speaking of cross generation, fucken hardcore version of elvis's 'burnin' love' was like afrika korps playin' "all kindsa gurls" on dunkin' donuts! woulda 'made grandma feel like she's 21' whoo!!!! the next band was Blue Cheer heavy; their producer had just friended me THAT day so i KNEW would be a gud gig. So the band that followed; imagine Randy Holden (side two New! Improved! Blue Cheer) jammin' with Kill Slug on "Black hole sun"....THAT heavy!...and they rejected me from Creem back in '74, mofos....after, "we left in three separate cars" only I took the MTA, got home in tyme for coast to coast AM and even heard Bowie's "life on mars" as bumper music! what a fun night!".....

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

"practice for friday's sally o'brien's gig. 12 toons: time machine/high falootin' woman/rocknroll soul (Grand Funk). personality crisis/lookin for a kiss (NY Dolls). ramblin rose/looking at you (MC5). (NY Dolls and MC5 two-fers! Classic Punk!). strutter (kiss); smokin' in boy's room (brownsville station), "scorpio queen" (Nobel-prize winning lyrics by me!) and, just so you know my "Head's in '71!", the Different Strokes album, columbia sampler of the slower. funkier Johnny Winter And version of "rocknroll hoochie coo"! and coz WFMU DID play O. Rex's version of the Grand Funk cover of "Gimme shelter" (sunday 3 june 73, O.Rex! on Gulcher), the Gruberger Brothers replace by MJ Quirk on bass and Matt Burns drums.....this set list of Pin Ups is what I fucken BEGGED Solomon gruberger to play back in O. Rex so now I am "winner by elimination"! John Keegan made an appearance so he Mike and Matt all heard my "personality crisis" ripoff of "I married a monster from outer space", sung in David Johanson baritone. once Ken Kaiser hears it this'll sound SO Ny Dolls like "juvenile delinquent" should have. and to promote, next gig is 2 march 18 granite street cafe, quincy, club linehan-ago-go (MJ Quirk, take note: be more'n happy to use THESE toons if i'm singin' in Linehan tho nothin' gonna touch "Burnin' Love"!) and that's 11 pm on Lou Reed's birthday!"......

Thursday, February 15, 2018

I would be remiss if i didnt mention that the Korps met O. Rex on 11 Feb 77 BUT since "my head's in '73", that was the year i reviewed my Rationals 45s in Rock On #5 (Grand Funk and Stooges on the cover....I NEVER change!) and ironically 11 Feb is singer Scott Morgan's birthday! wicked nice guy johnny and jumper cables opened for scott in '88 maybe, scott asheton of stooges on drums! both facebook friends and scott has hit on hard tymes; his oldsmobile even broke down! Mitch Ryder watched this blue-eyed soul singer in AWE, so "legend" etc.! ALSO Midwest music but different genre, there's a Figures on a Beach group on facebook where they all reminiscce; I was CLUELESS in the '80s coz i didnt own a TV Eye!!! but photos occur of them in exotic locations (Sire records! signed by seymour stein!) shooting videos etc. There's the Detroit years then they were living in Brookline in '86 same year I was! "will the circle remain unbroken"-a 13th floor elevators 45 i had back in.....'73!!!!!!"......

Si FI Fest

Friday, February 16, 2018

Brother Ray
"before long weekend and sci-fi MARATHON!!!! only other exciting news is BBC radio ulster 0530-0700 before i leave for work: "night of fear" by the Move (Sean Coyle, BBC radio Ulster plays SO much damn Move i cant believe it! They actually had HITS in UK, NEVER hear them on amerika first radio)....also on Thor's Day, ides of Feb.;fucken "Jean genie"! STILL a great song and "My head's in '73" bought the UK 45 import from some place in Toms River NJ plus all my UK T. rex albums (who needs TV? I HAD T. rex!!!!).....and today friday 16 feb 1`8, BBC radio ulster Ray Charles 1963 hit "Busted"; my father owned a Ray Charles greatest hits album which we gained custody of after divorce and Dad's death, so after Ma lost her allotment from gummint to dad's second wife, i could relate to "I'm busted.....I'm bread...." at the Ray was SO fucken cool! Read his book and his view on hippies which i dont follow: "Now I believe a man should wash his own ass"...Brother Ray preachin' that to GG Allin RIGHT FUCKEN NOW!!!!!!!".......



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