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Monday, February 13, 2022

"Babe-ra-ham Lincoln's birthday Saturday 12 Feb 22; facebook told me John LINCOLN Coughlin ("Preacher jack") WOULD have been 80, like "saint Paul" this year...BUT, after Tastee Burger in Harvard Square (yes it was!) and walking past where my Spencer and my Blodgett ancestors were in the 1630s, Puritan Newtowne, Gee Julie and I went to the Brattle Thee-ate-er, Harold and Maude 915 pm. My Brattle membership STILL had free admissions ("that's a bargain"- Carl Biancucci, O. Rextasy, 1974) BUT they don't take cash, only cards, so add some interest to that coffee and popcorn (oi'm payin' moin on thuh never-never, ole chap!). Ok we all seen this dang movie umpty-nine tymes BUT finally there IS a soundtrack with all those Cat Stevens songs off Mona Boke jakon and Tea for Tillerman, my two Cat fave albums before I bought Funhouse. Funhouse bought $3.49 Vince's record store, Brockport NY Main Street but before I "turned" punk, Vince was playing this Cat Stevens bootleg, SO good, I even purchased it THEN back in da day when I could only afford ONE record (well, the bargain bins were excellent, but..)...As I sat with two cups of coffee listening to WHRB jazz, I googled the Cat Stevens album CATNIP. Discogs says one for sale $8.00, lowest; $4.99, highest $20! lists "all kindsa facts, all kindsa facts" about this album in exact record collector talk, so Miss Lyn WILL take her excedrin….let's just say set list is those two cat lps also in Harold and maude great Nixon-era 'nam music!"....


Wednesday, February 14, 2022
"Dienstag ides of February 2022. time to review another track from I am Not Gone volume two, Asa brebner cd. "you wont know me" by Fireking. Tony kacynski does all the instruments except drums and even plays a CHAMBERLIN (Wikipedia says was prototype of the mellotron). ok my notes and this tune has MANY pop references which is Tony's forte, not mine. 'intro: Cheap Trick playing "Heroes and Villians". a I-IV-V like "born to run". melodic Ted Niemiec (Gizmos) vocals; more Cheap Trick. Beatles ending". If I were Seymour Stein, I would call this guy at the Rat and sign him to Sire!".....


Thursday, February 15, 2022

"day of Wodin 16 feb 22. STILL lissenin' to my six-song 12 inch VINYL of Sugar Hill label GREAT RAP HITS. song five is "SuperWolf Can do it" (youtube). recorded at Ardent studios, where my cuzzin Linda garreau and I went by in '98 Memphis and Big Star recorded first album (I got a 1972 fanzine mag promo copy, probably c/o Jon Tiven, whom I met the once in '74). "Super wolf can do it", 1980 release, highest bid: $75! all for male braggadocio echoing Bo Diddley's "I'm a man" or Johnny and the Jumper cables "I'm a Giz". http://musicrareobscure, has all kindsa info,all kindsa info. (a blog called RARE AND OBSCURE MUSIC; my alley,cat!). So "who sampled" always fun and that is "I'm so hot" by denise lasalle, who also happen to be MARRIED to "Wolf"; share them royalties! Lastly, a gaze at discogs shows denise Lasalle doing a 1966 soul 45 "A love reputation" on Chicago label Tarpon whilst "James A. Wolf" was kinda a early rap "one-hit wonder'...NOW you see why I had a TWO part Ugly Things interview! Details,man, details".....


Friday, February 16, 2022

"Dienstag ides of February 2022. 0500-0800 Rick Biskit Roth does a spectacular show name If Six was Nine (which ALWAYS sounds awesome, if,like me, you've been watching easy Rider since "early 1970"). trackblaster sayd I musta woke up 0600 that day and....AFTER 0612 I tuned into that GREAT Nazz b-side "Under the Ice" which maybe I bought circa 1973 AND almost fiddy years later is awesome with all of it's neo-Who drumming....0617: "Winter Song" by Nico off Chelsea Girl with John Cale on viola,organ and guitar...the viola AND the melancholy vocal MAKES it; 'Nuff said! (when the velvets banana album first came out I was still reading marvel Comics; why change?!) 0637: "Snowblind' from Black Sabbath volume four! Solomon gruberger and I saw Sabbath, February '74, Rochester NY war memorial (a hockey rink) with Bedlam opening up and THEN hitchhiked back to Brockport NY! Who DID give a ride to those O.Rex members? There's a 1978 youtube of this song and Ozzy still wearing the California jam fringe jacket and throwing the peace sign "A Sky Saxon for the '70s",I quipped (had I heard Future Seeds by then? It's "out of the question"!)….0653, Moby grape live at Monterey 6 June 67 doin' "Sittin by the window"; again Solomon gruberger traded me ALL FIVE Moby Grape 45s circa 1973,which is three years before I joined "The marines, Him?"; bassist Bob Mosely quit the Grape after four albums and did nine months in the Korps...I mean Corps!...well THAT was a great hour of coffee before shower and work AND you can even listen to the archives for up to two weeks!"...


Saturday, February 18, 2022

"Saturn's Day 19 feb 22. ok, let's do a concert report. Max Boras-Jungle 8 march 22. kenne highland's air force plough and stars 4-6 pm messaround sunday 20 march 22. Captain easychord-Midway 27 march 22. I think there's some Stigmatics and/or cazbats gigs also (yes you can find them on the BGN gig listing!! thank you Tiny oak booking. mad Painter will play O's Bar 4 June 22; what better way to celebrate ken Kaiser's birthday than playing bass like jay Gruberger! There's a mad Painter public group (Moin! Join!) and the publicity Alex Gitlin is getting rivals me and the Gizmos in 1976. High (land) Lights: Ida May, my On the Road (to Russia festival) BGN/KH at large is re-printed; "I just got out the Little red Book the moment you said gudbuy (t'jane!)". French rock and metal fanzine 'is featuring our video for "Illusion"; a "friend in France" indeed! ditto "Illusion" video with Metal Devastation radio/ metal Devastation PR. a 731 area code is western Tennesee excluding Memphis; Heavy Mental Hillbillies from Hell! ("I'm just talkin to the man in the mere"....) FRONTVIEW-MAGAZINE.BE "Mad painter releases "Splashed" (Hard Rock)'.. These Belgians reprinted the Russia promoters bio so as long as it says "Kenne Highland/ Gizmos", Gulcher records may sell more product...
Since I believe I am the only one in the band with Belgian ancestry (Dad's Eno line started in Mons), mein schaudenfreud says "run my Hugenot ancestor ass outta Europe to Threadneedle Street, London; I have now established the beachhead at Normandy and will meet the Russkies at the Elbe!" ) (or Kingston NY at least!). ("that patton/ Highland is insane; he talks to ghosts and believes in reincarnation"...some Afrika Korps general whom aint yet met general Insanity!)…(for which I deserve either an iron or upside Down Cross!)...and lastly, shekel and jeckel (AND Hyde/Highland!) say donate to a go fund me; https://gofundme/15a89cfb I THINK that's it and remember; tomorrow is another week! (you'll read yesterday's news next week since the week start Sonntag; I gotta KENsplain these here things to Miss Lyn with my Southern 12th grade education; I went K-3 in virginny/North Carolina FOUR tymes and I oughta challenge ole Jethro to a eatin' contest!" Pekkaboo will be the judge!  (four cup of coffee..."she's like harrowing to me""..."..


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