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Tuesday February 16, 2015
Orson Wells

Saturday night the oldies WERE rockin'; Jimmy Jay, WMEX and "time wont let me" outsiders, then WRKO 8-11 pm and I heard human beinz "nobody but me"! but lemme Right On about 41st sci-fi marathon, started 15 Feb 76, orson welles theatre ($4.75!) and "muff divin'" by Gizmos written two weeks later (though early '76 IU, eddie flowers and I saw lotsa "hip" midnight movies)...maybe I will review some of these later in week in depth, but here's 15 films, $75, 24 hours, somerville theatre: gremlins (1984); starman (1984); ALIEN-DEFECTING HELET DEVICE CONTEST!- himmelskibet-a trip to mars (1918!); blade runner-the final cut (1982), quantum singularity(think I stepped out for supper); high treason (1929); ex machina (2015); the man who fell to earth (Bowie '76! and lotsa Ziggy music in between movies!); idiocracy (2006); the bride of finkelstein (2015); pitch black (2000); never let me go (2010); big ass spider! (2013); Donovan's brain (1953) (met Gee Julie for breakfast at blue shirt café); They live (1988;Gee Julie REALLY liked this! I also bought her a ray gun!); invasion of bodysnatchers (1956). On way to supper was greeted by punk/goth kid singing :"amerika first" to me, so like FUNERAL CONE, his band; it was Attack of the Big Headed Kenne when I was introduced to his bandmates as "Kenne Highland of the Gizmos!""....

Wednesday February 17, 2015
Gizmo the Gremlin

"STILL recovering from THE 'THON; let me geek out in a moonage daydream on facts about 1984's GREMLINS, wikipedia being "where it's at". released 8 June 84 (youtube footage of Hopelessly Obscure at Rat maybe two weeks later opening for Plan 9's record release; I recited "dealin' with Dead" poem and didn't even know great-grandma Highland's great-grandfather Gardiner was from South County, RI! so "beware the savage jaw of 1984" (though I preferred the Spirit toon vs. Bowie!): I DID have that lil furry guy hangin' off my leather jacket plus had a sticker on amp all probably c/o Captain PJ of course! there's a Geffen soundtrack, Jerry Goldsmith, maybe, doin' toons like "No Gizmo" etc. PLUS the dad was Hoyt Axton ("Joy to the Pusher" and his ma wrote "heartbreak hotel"!) AND Phoebe Cates as girlfriend: she wuz in fast tymes at ridgemont high, also a classic that I finally saw at some brattle '80s night. missed a lotta '80s films coz good gigs, good clubs...where's my cuzin's 45 of "where have all the good tymes gone"? (and again, sorry to say, preferred Kinks to Bowie on that 'un)"....


'Thon 2pm; Starman-14 December 1984. Hopelessly Obscure had opened for Plan Nine at Jumpin' Jack Flash the previous month, but no didn't see it BUT it was good! (I stayed awake!) "stranded alien…assumes form of a grieving young widow's recently deceased husband", played by Lloyd Bridge's son and I DID watch Sea Hunt as a young lad in Jacksonville NC! (1962 maybe?). trying to get from Wisconsin to Arizona (read Wikipedia) in 3 days before the alien dies has a lot of mishaps with mid-America i.e. the run-in with the redneck hunter at the truck stop after the alien brings back a dead deer to life (audience applauds, this is a no-kill Cambridge crowd, of course!). otherwise, alien and human gurl= Mork and Mindy but the whole reincarnation thang could=GHOST (movie with "unchain melody I aint seen). and (SPOILER!) when he leaves for his planet and impregnates earth gurl and "I gave you a son, he will be a teacher"; Biblical overtones of course....Allegory...weren't he the president o' vice a-talkin' 'bout Climate Change?"...

Thursday February 18, 2015

"405 pm from the "thon: Himmelskibet-a trip to mars (1918); silent, live musical accompaniment by jeff rapsis. watching an almost century-old silent is surely a "trip" with Danish subtitles, but my one semester college German (and my family tree DNA claim of 17% Scandinavian ancestry!) made this easy to "grok". it means "heaven ship", like der deutsch : "Mein Gott in Himmel!". dig THIS blurb: "tale of earth travelers welcomed by the people of Mars-pacifists and VEGETARIANS evolved well past their visitr's warlike ways". the Earth is NOT evolved vs. more highly evolved alien is a common theme and how we're messin' up this planet etc. But 1918?! My granddaddy John Wilbur McBee was soon to go Over There" for 11/11 and WWI! (along with the grandfathers of Ken Kaiser AND Miss Lyn! did we fight the Hun or with each other? hahahahaha, a THIRTY-NINE year old joke!) more fact (cue up sabbath's title track, first lp where Ozzy goes "oh no! PLEASE GOD HELP ME!"; Oz mighta pissed on the Alamo, but THAT is the sound of one of my gassing victims from eating ROUGHAGE!!!!!)...ok, all jokes aside, this 80 minute 1918 Danish silent has a wiki entry and IS on youtube, so check it out and as they say in Flensburg, Deutschland with their Korps album: "MOIN WORLD!""(ok, so Pierre le Coutre taught me ONE word of Danish..think i'll EAT ONE NOW! DIABETES BE DAMNED!!!!!!!".....


1982 Bladerunner seen more tymes'n I care to mention BUT now this movie, set in November 2019 is almost current! Dossier on the androids and the Daryl Hannah one was born/started 14 Feb 16 which was when I saw it at the 'Thon! groundling crowd goes "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"...Wikipedia has ALL Kindsa info including list of characters, so this is/was PRIS. otherwise, will LA REALLY look like that in three years? I always got a kick out of "in the future" movies as a young '60s child, but we aint quite the Jetsons yet...oh, yes, this was a di-rector cut, which attempted to see last year at Brattle maybe and was sold out! either way, brilliant film, Harrison Ford pre-Indiana Jones; that summer of '82 composed a lotta toons on the Hopelessly Obscure Majestic e.p. and I was still playing VINYL AND 8-tracks!!!!".....

Friday , February 19, 2016

"Ida May: Eugene Chadbourne accepted my facebook request! mid-80s, jumpin' jack flash in fenway (which used to be Mister McNasty's!)...ok, lemme review another film from the 'Thon; valentine's day 735 pm: High Treason 1929-united kingdom film and it's on youtube! blurb: "set in the then-imagine future of 1940-planes land atop skyscrapers, a channel tunnel links England with the continent (all the more easier for a Saxon invasion!) (me!);and TELEVISION HAS REPLACED PRINT JOURNALISM"..."international peace league attempt to stop two governments from destroying the world"...This Brit was Nostrodamus, man! again, 1929, black and white, but SO many thangs come true, "chickens comin' home to roost", watch the fucken youtube, "Write Me" in your comments OR lissen to first Aerosmith album (and I saw a band at IU in '75 cover this! Johnny and Jumper Cables just WAITIN' to happen!)".....

"Justin Case I'm not online the weekend after jammin' on Lou Reed toons with the Count at the Cantab, lemme review another "Thon movie, 845 pm valentine's day: ex machina 2015. "a young programmer at an internet search giant wins a competition to visit his reclusive CEO's mountain estate. once arrived, he's charged with evaluating the human qualities of "Ava", a breathtakingly beautiful experiment in artificial intelligence." another human/android love story ala Blade Runner with twist ending; Wikipedia facts of course so....(family tree DNA shows Miss Lyn has more Scandinavian matches than my Viking lookin' ass), SO "reclusive mountain estate" is in Norway and "breathtakingly beautiful Ava" is 75% swede, 25% finn....great mountain scenery, makes me wanna cover Edvard Grieg and be like David Byron of Uriah Heep "falling off of a fjord" (Melissa Mills, rolling stone "if this band makes it, i'll kill micelf!")".....

Saturday February 20, 2016

"actually coz this WILL = sunday deadline, Gy. Sgt. Byron Grant Highland KIA vietnam 21 feb 67 430 pm and youtube has last reflections on a war on youtube; there's an explosion seven minutes in, that is my dad and Fall exploding from a Bouncing Betty. ALL this is google-able since 'Nam vets are writin' memoirs etc. but lettuce say, i was10 and at my cuzzin's house, watched this on the Mean Screen and "it was all over in a flash/all my chips, you know they had been cashed/there was nuthin' left to do or say/then the choppers came and took me away"...moral is, whatever the fuck you wanna do, DO IT NOW! i.e. my legacy Gizmos and afrika korps reunions..and national security of course! ("what are you nuts? civil defence"!)".....


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