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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

"valentine's day, day of THOR,14 feb 19. Leon Rich whom hosts the Outpost 186 busker's night monthly threw a birthday party for Sharon Crumrine of Ginger Ibex. That lil space was packed! A lot of good music, let ME promote ME, as I am wont to do.....put together an ad hoc band of Captain Easychords on upright piano (he and I have many Cal CAli gigs this year) and Birthday Gurl on flute and did "My first wife done left me" and "driftin and driftin" off John Lee Hooker/Canned Heat Hooker and Heat. Since the Outpost LOOKS like a store front church, Leon hollered for some gospel! (well, I WUZ playin' the devil's music....) so I decided on "aint nobody can do me like jesus" by reverend James Cleveland and BIG kudos to the Captain and the birthday gurl for following me! A friend of Leon's thought I sang like Leon Russell (born 2 april!) BUT at the LAST out of the blue benefit, I heard same comment from Glider's guitarist Al! I try to sing Mississippi and come out Okie.....End of night always a big beatle jam so "come Together"; EASY CHORDS as front man, me-guitar, Leon-piano, birthday girl-flute. We had NEVER played together but again, level of musicianship; a jam that worked (twice!)...Next Leon Busker night at Outpost; Thor's Day, 14 March 19! see you there!"....

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

friday ides of february 2019. WATD FM, the South Shore's Radio 95.9 FM which I can get on my phone: The Alternative with Chris Atwood 615-11 pm on fridays. He auditioned for Man Ray once, didnt make the grade but knows DJ Chris Ewen of Heroes et al and even played Figures on a Beach on his radio show! You get the drift; '80s show BUT! hey! Joy Division into the Ramones "I just wanna have something to do"....almost like '80s WFNX if i say so micelf! And like "we all" used to listen to the Demi- Monde before becoming Rat bound, I micelf would listen to this show and THEN go to Heroes! in my 1988 Bobby Smith hairdo" ( photo by Wayne)"...

Thursday, February 21, 2019

"saturday 16 Feb 19, Mad Painter practice for friday 3 may 19 c-note in Hull mass. learned a couple new Alex Gitlin toons and his "guides" were great for playing bass: "Kenne, think of what Gary Thain was playing on "Stealin" by Uriah Heep"....."this one is similar to Deep Purple's "Pictures of Home" so I was totally Roger Glover on guitarist Paul shaping up well, Flynn Young drummer out sick unfortunately.....we loved Hull and glad to be going back in May!"....

Friday, February 15, 2019

sunday/monday 17-18 Feb 19 sci fi marathon. $100,13 films, highlights: dr. cyclops 1940, mad scientist cant see well but has a "shrinking ray"; rollerball: roller derby in "2018" (the future!) turned into a gladiator-like game. 1975. James Caan. 1929 silent fritz lang woman in the moon. star trek VI "last ride for original cast" (1991); i slept midnight to four in seat 13 in balcony. bought THE last coffee mug had THREE FREE cups of coffee.....out limits- "Soldier", 19 sept 64, ALL those shows were classic. destination moon 1950 is GEORGE PAL, cant go wrong.... lastly sunshine (1987) and escape from new york (1981), apocalypse films set in 2057 (i'll be 101) and 1997....and Isaac Hayes at the bad guy in escape from NY is brilliant! that's it til next year !".....


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