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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

"Saturday 19 Feb 22. 8 pm . KENdall Cinema; Drive My Car. Gee Julie picked this one coz "oh! it's from japan". They're doing a version of Chekhov's Uncle vanya in Japanese; I went with my last wife to see louis malle's Vanya on 42nd street (1994). Wikipedia will tell you the confusing plot; it IS a very surreal three-hour movie BUT recommended! What I DID learn was there was a Korean actor whom could read Japanese and subtitles said "Japanese and Korean have the same grammer"....and the director of the play has a young lady drive him around thus "drive my car"...I no no, you have to see it, senior price $12.50!"....


Wednesday, February 23, 2022
"Sonntag 20 feb 22. Asa I Am Not Gone Volume Two; this week I review "Idle hands" by George Hall and Friends. and what friends! George and Archbishop Enema Fetish played Jumping Jack flash ("Dead boston club"), Tim Jackson drummed in the band that tyme forgot and Russ Gershon played sax in Sex execs whom I saw at "Dead Boston Club", Storyville (banned in '83! maybe my first banned club...)...ok, sorry, I been a guitar player since Gizmas '70 and George hall iz George Ballz on dis! Intro is Paul Kosoff playing "you shook me all right Now" in G and touches of Beatles "Rain"; I LOVE the I-IV-VII chorus! (kinda Stones-y). George's solo he uses the whammy bar on his Strat and then it goes into Kaptain Kopter Whirley Byrds version of Beatles "Rain" (I THINK Randy California did some whammy bar Beatles song; either way, you get my drift). Also some traces of early '70s Ritchie Blackmore, but again, a Strat (versus "before the Kiss,a red cap"). Cub's Koda at end is Russ gershon on a baritone sax echoing the ass end of T. rex's "Rip off"....this is some DAMN gut scheiss! Ich hast sprechen!"....(lissen here)

Thursday, February 24, 2022

'day of Wodin 24 feb 22. song six of The Great Rap Hits on Sugar Hill, five dollar 12 inch 45 at Somerville Grooves, that's .83333 cents per song! try buying 45s like that! (I usually get the quarter ones). So we got "Rapper's Delight" by Sugar Hill Gang WHICH I heard on the WNTN disco show the Tuesday or the Wednesday (I forget)...a mention of "kay-o-pectate' right after Grecian Echoes! ok, so they stole the riff from Chic's "Good Times" BUT Chic claim they were "inspired' by Kool and the gang's "Hollywood Swinging", released Saturday 6 april 74; that particular night I was watching the Dictators at the Coventry in Queena!".....


Friday, February 25, 2022

"Monntag 21 Feb 22. 1100 WNTN radio 1550M. The Armenian Hour! heard a I-II-III-II-1 riff kinda like "beck's Bolero" on oud which I gladly played along with (B-C-D-C-B second istring; try it!) Then, "lazing on a Sunny Afternoon" ken and Gee Julie went to High Energy Vintage "vintage store" 429 Somerville Avenue, like them on Facebook! (and watch their video!)it's ALMOST Store 54 sans Wayne Podworthy! Clothes...I'd rather buy a Moby Grape album with "naked if I want to' cant wear records BUT if I could....4/$10 classic rock albums, one dollar Chilean pop singer casettes (SOOOOOO tempted) but what "Really Got Me": $14 hank Williams e.p.s with picture sleeves! And other collectible 45s....Good stuff TOO numerous to's Somerville grooves BUT TWO used record stores in the 02143 zip code? Like Cheap trick sing "do you want to go to Heaven Tonight?"....and LAST: Arax Market in Watertown, mass.....yes I DID have early Watertown settlers here BUT this Armenian store has all kinda great food from Armenia/Greece/ Lebanon/ middle east in general; even Brttish candies! A "import store' if you will....BUT amidst the Armenian "merch" is the Mali 'evil eye' pendant! I got one from Aybike Celik, so mine is a TURKISH evil eye, but I guess its all the same that part of the world...what a fun "Holiday....such a holiday..."....


Saturday, February 26, 2022

KH Airforce
"Saturday 26 feb 22. My lil concert report is gigs AND movies! Til Tuesday 1 March 2022: Max Boras at the Jungle OR a 730 pm showing Somerville Thee-ate-er of Carrie! OR one COULD do both, just different Somerville zip codes! Sonntag 20 march 22; kenne Highland Air Force at Plough mess around 4-6 pm. AND (thanks to gee Julie!): the Harvard Film Archives reopens on 21 march 22! In the '90s, my cuzzin Linda garreau went there coz Billy Ruane (RIP) had as guest DORIS WISHMAN whom did Nude on the Moon! (we actually bought a VHS!) Doris: "I coulda been Russ meyer if I weren't a woman!" She were Wright, brother! hey! Captain easychord Midway sunday 27 march 2022; Tiny oak Booking DOES love him! ok: mad painter news from facebook site: Buzz Slayers Blog is one "fine review" (quote from mad Painter public group, but c'mon; that's the Stevie Winwood of the band: Alex Gitlin! vocals/keys/songs; I am merely T. B. player). BUT 'success is the best revenge" is Marinerfm in Athens Greece! #webradio. "for fans of Uriah heep, faces, Sweet, Mott the Hoople, Slade, Status Quo'...yes "Kenne Highland ex-Gizmos" is BACK in O. rex, "Head in '73"....Gee Julie commented to the greek djs "Opa!" and I am tuning back to WNTN 1550 AM Grecian Echoes After Hours "top 15 songs of the week" many tymes DO they "sag-a-po"? You'd THINK the world'd had enuff of "Silly love songs"".....


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