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Monday February 22, 2015

"STILL writin' 'bout my valentine's day at the "thon (sci-fi marathon Somerville theatre): THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH! 1040 pm, release 18 march 76, paul kosoff of free dies 19 march, gizmos record first e.p. 20 march 76. Never saw this as a Marine ('76-'80) but this reprise was awesome! (did I fall asleep at the Brattle...well....)....STARMAN (1984) had a similar theme; alien falls in love with human BUT this is Bowie/Starman and Oklahoma-born Candy Clark is BRILLIANT as an Okie! Wikipedia has the most facts; let's just say alien ends up with white trash gurl as JIM REEVES plays in background! I never been to New Mexico but my brother "Herbie" of "cavewoman" fame (and candy clark was in American Graffiti! which I saw at Brockport NY's strand theatre January '74) lives in Colorado and even I feel like an alien in that cowboy culture! either way, dig this movie, and Light Dawns Over Marblehead, Bowie dies, let's give him tribute at sci-fi a soundtrack geek, please note that MICK TAYLOR does the James Burton solo on "hello mary Lou"! I should track down candy clark's other films, damn gud actress!"....

Tuesday February 23, 2015

"Monday 15 feb 16, 0100, 'Thon: IDIOCRACY, release 1 September 2006 about the tyme Skippy White was tellin' me 'bout mah new digs in Eggeslton square in da 'Bury, yo! pentagon does a hibernation project, puts a soldier and a 'ho (played by Minnie Ripperton's daughter!) (Maya Rudolph) and they wake up in 2500 AD to overflowing land fills, crass commercialism and a SERIOUS dumbing-down of society (WORSE than now and "I don't see how things could get any worse"!)..FUNNIER'N HELL, there's a neo-JACKASS show called "ooh my balls" (painful!), putting gaterade on soil is causing a draught but it's become water in 500 years, a pimp name UPGRADE is stereotypically funny and last but not least (soundtrack listed on IDMB): buck owen's 1965 "buckaroo"!! ok, so I was missin' coast to coast AM but I DID like this movie and this future COULD happen!".....

Thursday February 24, 2015

"0225 ides of February 'Thon: Michael Schlesinger's THE BRIDE OF FINKELSTEIN (2015). Schlesinger born "disaster in Dayton" 1950 but this black and white is quite '30s! imagine Jay Gruberger and the 3 stooges doing a rocky horror film interspersed with all kinds of Yiddish! there's even a gorilla in the mad scientist's lab! since new DNA evidence says the Afrika Korps was 66.67% Jewish, THIS woulda been a funnier'n hell midnight movie to pass out to! as opposed to the Korps, stoned, watching lone ranger 0225 on the "Mean Screen"..."quick Tonto! back in the closet!"....

Pitch Black
Friday , February 25, 2016

"ides of February, 0250, the 'Thon: PITCH BLACK (2000). did I actually enjoy a Vin Diesel movie? action-packed, "when a space transport ship carrying 40 people crash lands on an isolated planet the survivors must contend with an imposing, amoral ex-con (VIN DIESEL!) in their midst and an unseen terror in the dark"...kinda a standard plot though coz everyone gets picked off one-by-one before they make their getaway (CF. SIGOURNEY and her cat in "alien") and "one of the survivors IS: VIN DIESEL! maybe I slept through the crash landing but action picked up later on..remember, this was 15 films for $75= $3 each!"......

Saturday February 26, 2016

" 0445 ides of Feb, the 'Thon: Never Let Me Go (2010); this British film was SO depressing! based on Kazuo Ishiguro novel, they raise kids up to become organ donors with "Short Life Line" to quote Black Oak Arkansas (LET'S!!!!)...also a Jules/Jim love triangle, so am glad the original gurl FINALLY hooks up with her schoolgirl crush/love years later as her rival "friend" (whom stole him) lays dying from donating too many organs. Lotsa great British scenery also and accents if you are an Anglophile, like my mother...more facts on Wikipedia etc. but yep, another good'un, ALWAYS plan your president's weekend over the 'Thon!"".....

Never say
"Justin Case I'm offline the weekend, saturday 5 march 16 up in Portland at The Bayside Bowl, the Hopelessly Obscure/Black Souls/Tiger Bomb, so it's a "1980-Floor show with members of afrika korps/prime movers and Brood (plus V and Figures on beach if we're talkin' '80s pedigrees!), "good rockin' tonight", and if we do "wild mouse" as if played by james Brown (since Bob Both DID produce many great JB sides on Polydor like "the big payback"!), I DO promise to execute my James Brown moves! or else it'll all sound like "the crunge"...."where's that confounded bridge?""....."take me to the bridge!"
Kenne at what was once Green Street station


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