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Feb 26, 2014

Kenne drinking

Trash Night at the Brattle is becoming quite more popular, lotsa hipsters out watching VHS from '80s. tonight was "The Dirt Bike Kid" with that kid from Christmas story or "Ralphie, you'll shoot your eye out"; kid's movie CAN be psychedelic as we got a talkin' dirt bike!
Gee Julie Highland has best quotes: "this is the WIERDEST movie I've ever seen! so saccharine, so insipid, you have the bad banker, the kid who believes in magic".....ok, paraphrasing her but it WAS sappy and weird! they "found" the VHS at a store, then it became a cult call-in to the Brattle; young hipsters: "i saw that as a kid! are you REALLY gonna show it"....wasn't MY bag in 1985 (and the synth-pop soundtrack; SO cheesy, so '80s!) The Reagan years to these kids is like the Eisenhower years to 'my GENERATION"; REPULICAN RULE, lotta conforming complacency and other socio-political jive that i'm not sure i know about what i'm not talkin' 'bout! (sic-editor 1978). Reason to see this grade-Z film: over bad Casio synth-pop, Rocky the Dog gets a credit; ALWAYS credit the animals!"......

Feb 27, 2014

Wednesday night medium class at First Spiritualist Church, West Quincy keeps gittin' more better; I read a lady, she said I have good visuals. Saw a Norman Rockwell looking granny in a cabin in the woods and that visitor: started out as a grandmother or that generation in a park; Miss Lyn been to the Blodgett farm in Clarkson NY, ain't no park there! so the "city-slicker" side of the family, Dad and west Detroit (according to Smitty from Fireking)....the letter W came in but my great-grandfather Highland had Maxine and Margaret, so "Hung Upside Down"! Then,"genetically linked to Chloe....does that mean anything"....oh, yeah, Sam McAfee was in that band man....AND my great-great-grandmother Highland's granny was Chloe Hotchkiss! clincher: "someone died....she's devastated....sittin' there crying"....may '67, my granny Maxine Highland McCutcheon was at 99 state street, Brockport NY, sittin' at Ma's kitchen tables cryin' about her only begotten son, dead from Search and Destroy mission in 'Nam (mix the Bible AND Iggy-"Jesus Loves the Stooges". Dad was from Detroit; play record backwards! message there!) I still picture Grandma cryin' and ashtray OVERFLOWING with cigarette butts and that is why I don't, as for Doug Allen's Steven comic in Boston Rock with E.T. smokin' a cigarette......"......

Feb 28, 2014

Had supper at Tavern at the End of the World with Gee Julie and Miss Lyn; once Natalie Flanagan arrived, I speaketh: "MacBeth had 3 witches!" whilst wearing ancient MacBheath tartan, know ye thusly...."Second Cousin" by Flaming Groovies came on the cd jukebox and does it EVER sound like a "Jailbait Janet"-era Kenne song plus those lyrics: "gonna make mah second cuzzin mah first bride!" Natalie Flanagan was awesome as usual,Trick Wallace on guitar and Anthony Kacynski on bass. Gee Julie gave him a whoopee pie for his birthday.
Natalie covered Rod Stewart's "True Blue"; wicked rare! didn't quite stay for Gary Shane, who had country cds for sale coz the Vikings wuz on the TV Eye, but this is ALWAYS a fun Thursday night with good people! And Fireking and Moto for Tony Kacynski's birthday tonight at Tavern at end of world!

March 1, 2014

Fatigue caused me and Gee Julie to miss MOTO/Fireking, Tony Kaciznky birthday at tavern at end of the world BUT wuz lissenin' to college hockey on 1330 AM, woke up about 11 pm and heard some GREAT vintage. So obscure i didn't know it. And it was on 78s comin' out of a mono radio! check the WRCA website, has a "Rockin at Night" show with Peter Sheinfeld on Friday nights: GREAT shit!
then, after Coast to Coast and other alien conspiracy theories, tuned into a "memories" station (might be 1400, Dedham) and JUST for Miss Lyn: "September Morn" by Neil Diamond! Tonight Gee Julie wants to drive to Beverly, catch Pop Gun and Classic Ruins. Gotta skip the Nervous Eaters, drive back to Cantab and catch her cuzzin's Iron Maiden cover band, Maiden New England; female singer from Argentina whose vocals REALLY project plus her cuzzin was in 2 Million BC! (WICKED rare! saw 'em at Rat '82; SO heavy....).....Fun, Fun, Fun til Popou takes the hybrid (car) away...(and Ma's a kin to the Beach Boys TWICE!)....."

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