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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

"another week of staycation so before we do the highlights, Miguel D'Amour, Hopelessly Obscure needs roommate by 31 march 18;617-470-7422. and Scott Morgan of the Rationals ALWAYS needs a go fund me.

saturday 24 Feb 18 Providence Rhode Island highlight was a cool Rodney's Central Square, cambridge-type book and record store Symposium Books. Lotsa good hippie 60s vinyl albums like quicksilver/buffalo springfield etc. cool Top 40 hits like Turtles et al on 45 AND: "Dead on it (parts one and two!)": engineered by (on label!) BOB BOTH! Polydor 1975. Two years later, same credit on "I love you laurie" b/w "joyce" (kleen-kut); good GOD y'all!!! Bob Both only works with the GodFather of Soul and the GodMutha For ya! (that be my cuz Martha Hull on "I wanna burnout"!). also, a 33 and 1/3 lil book of the Velvets banana lp gave Jon Richman by Jay Dobis and wrote by Joe Harvard! Glad to see people I know in Providence record/book stores! made Miss Lyn buy some Cure book; if you ever saw the Outer Limits where Blieb Alien skimmed through a book and could recite it (quite impressionable on lil Kenny Highland's Total Destruction to your mind! (that's Swampp Dogg y'all!) SO....Big Bobby Smith a Hendrix fan! as was Steve Jones, Sex Pistols hearing "purple haze" on some lil record player....back in boston

kenne Kenne Kenne

sunday 25 feb 18, doin' me laundry, pourin' rain, BBC radio's an interview wi' Van Morrison! (that's SIR Van to you!) and his new jazz album "album of the year" declares me! UlsterMan NO Surrender quote that explains me AND Van on covers: "ef yih dint dew a sahng yer oon way whot's thih pint?" translated from Ulster Scots and our editor descends from Hugh Maxwell, born county Tyrone, norn ireland, fell off a horse, buried old bedford mass cemetery: "what's the point?" those fucken note-fur-note cover bands, i mean each note's in place but soul is LACKING and would Bob Both produce THEM? (hmm...Bob Both producing Them....maybe Van should cover "have a lark"!)."......

"monday 26 feb 18, "day tripper yeah"....first train outta town was Lowell so i went to WOBURN! "MY city was gone"! they moved the train station, library in a non-T location, took a $10 cab ride to Count Rumford's birthplace (distant cuzzin and photos!) and once I got on 134 bus, I was happy...used to be a buncha cool antique stores 20-30 years to the square, lotsa good, cheap ethnic restaurants and my cuzzin Count Rumford still stands majestic as they work on i went to...Medford? Patti Smith's mother has colonial ancestry all up and down this bus route, so she has FIVE books at Medford library and (Dead People Facts!) she descends from TUFTS! (I DEMAND Brian Young play her on crash course for the ravers; she built that city on rocknroll!). never saw Woburn (a past observed) but since Ma's Blodgetts arrived there in 1640s, there was a republican Blodgett mayor 1907-1908; my granfather Spencer Blodgett, dairy farmer, clarkson NY got married in '08 coz uncle Howard SPENCER Blodgett born '09...I KNOW they's kin! and lastly to fill out my "Lazy Day" (Left Banke!) read Woody Woodmansey's book; drummer/Spider/mars et al. THE RATS! Mick Ronson Jeff beck-ish power trio! Woody's musical roots besides Beatles/Stones (born 1950!) was "limey metal blues"; he could play ANY Ginger baker lick but was Alex harvey's drummer taught him the rudiments! recording Man Who Sold the World, Tony Visconti wondering how to play the bass: 'play like Jack Bruce as much as possible!" (reasons I love the jam in "she shook me cold!"); lastly, "star" off ziggy: "oi wuz doin' wot mitch mitchell did on Jimi's "i dont live today"....moral: there's a Jay Gruberger classically rockin' in EVERY good glam/punk band! Now as long as Ronno dont think "amerika first" intro sounds like "hang on to yourself"".....

Count Rumford

Woburn book

diner in Woburn

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

"Idle hands are an Asa Brebner band and devil's workshoppe, so I spent a lovely afternoon on and as usual (why?) decided to research GG Allin....who DID make history coz he's on there! marriage certificate, 6 oct 78; I coulda worn my Marine uniform (picture) like I did to Miss Lyn's brother's wedding! Merle Colby Allin SENIOR: first wife was a Blodgett! yes, cuzzins to Ma but it gets better...on the Colby ("Do the Boob"?) side is a Blodgett grandmother and I almost shit (wasnt on stage, sorry) when I saw Brimfield Mass. listed. SO let me bore Blowfish with this: Joseph Blodgett left Lexington mass (corner of North and Adams, terry-actyl-ville) 1729, wife was a Stone, distant cuzzin to Miss lyn and Carl Biancucci. first white man in Brimfield mass. (Nipmuck hunting ground and glad he didnt have a Hekawi guide!). drew lot 14 of Blodgett Mountain; I've seen Brimfield history book MORE rare than a Rising Storm album!) Joseph's second wife was a Springfield mass Ingersoll, GG and merle's ancestor born 1748, mine born 1751: elijah blodgett, green mountain boy, bought second piece of property in clarkson NY where in 1971 Kevin Allin writes me from Lunenberg Vermont! as George Noory says, there are no coincidences, so whilst our Blodgett ancestors were in the revolution, Merle and I met at cantone's 1978; this is after Lt Matthew Allin was at Bunker Hill. moral of tail: our ancestors were in revolution, in Bi-centennial, O. rex and malpractice in rock scene opposite pages revolutionizing music. I told Merle he's about my sixth cousin and he "liked" that....I like him too!"....

Thursday, March 1, 2018

"what better way to spend Tooth Fairy day AND Tony Kazcynski's birthday than a club linehan-ago-go practice? (one Rat beach party he played guitar on MC5's "black to comm"....ok thass yer prisent, lad, ye played wi' me for naught....actually another tyme tavern end of world....fook, ah oo 'im money)....So highlights are "midnight to six man"-pretty things; a buncha Peter Green-era Fleetwood mac like "somebody gonna get their head kicked in tonight" (earl vince and valiants and inspiration for "we're gonna rumble" Gizmos, tack on "hot rod lincoln" riff; not bad for a 16 year old brockport High pupil!)...I sing "TV Eye" and "burnin' love", so frontin' the band channeling Iggy and Elvis! showed Kev Linehan how to drum like scott asheton since i DID see Stooges 31 dec 73...I forgot what song it was but John Keegan and I were riffin' on stone's 'cant you hear me knockin'" before we're Exiled on Granite Street (next week cantab, john cale's birthday friday 9 march 18 club linehan at 9 pm, then Billy Connors, then Stigmatics and drummer Randall Gibson the XIII and I were on nobody gets on the guest list comp, so PAY, you cheap fucks!)....I forgot what other covers MJ Quirk came up with but it rivals the handymen! oh wait! a song from Syd Barrett's second solo album (Hopelesly Obscure to me!) into animals "i'm mad again", this tyme I went E-9 to F-9 like Jimi on "still rainin' still dreamin'", Keegan blowin' that sax part like whoever's on electric ladyland, this is reading like Keroauc, BUZZED ON CAFFEINE!!!!!! Bassist Joe "The Mighty" Quinn, like Slade, got to "Take ME Back 'ome" and on sirius: Metallica with "seek and destroy"!!!! yeah!!!! THAT'S what i call a good practice!"....

Friday, March 2, 2018

friday 2 march 18, Lou Reed's birthday and my father was interred in arlington cemetery but it was SUNNY that day not a Nor'easter! So sipping coffee this morn caught REGRESA (wikipedia). 2010 Mexican romantic comedy about past life regressions; one lady gets "stuck" as a basque-speaking princess in 15th century Navarre, noone speaks basque except for this fine dining was funnier'n hell! followed by Sephardic Medieval music which is quite soothing; played a bit of guitar to it, some drone in D; you can add yardbirds licks to it...and since Geezer's Garage Night was canceled due to Nor'easter, that was the ONLY playing I did today, last day of stay-cation"....

Saturday, March 3, 2018

How to survive a Nor'easter on Lou Reed's birthday: watch Witchhammer. I'd spent my vacation day during the Nor'easter researching the Portuguese Inquisition but looking on youtube came acrost WITCHHAMMER, 1970 czech movie (wikipedia) about the Northern Moravia witch trials of 1670s, ironic coz dad just got a DNA match from that area kinda, but it's more Austria bordering on Bavaria. "after its completion the film was banned in Czechoslovakia"; also "allegory substituting the inquisition for show trials in communist regimes". Besides full-frontal black and white female nudity as the ladies get inspected for "witchdom", if you saw Ken Russell's the Devils, you, like the Pretty Things, Get the Picture. otherwise and I SHOULD expound on this in Radio On! Ken Highland and Boston AM radio for Vulcher; WRKO 680 AM on Jim Bohannon, there was some dude talking about artificial intelligence and mating it with humans like DemonSeed and another caller talkin' 'bout a Twilight Zone where a dude's wife was a robot. "I had too much to dream last night"! and of course, my favourite, coast to coast AM, George Noory had a guest playing Lee Harvey Oswald talkin' backwards "the three men are walking away"; Noory thinks Oswald was a patsy! "and i shouted out who killed the kennedys"....from coast to coast app and you NEED it; "david john oates is the founder and developer of reverse speech technologies".....this was more fun than playing Beatles records backwards in '69! there was a JFK speech three years previous to assassination where if you play tape backwards he talks about getting shot in the head....I bolted outta bed for that!!!!! well at least by 0100 there was no more wind and Nor'easter! Just Noory....."......

Kenne Kenne


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