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Monday February 29, 2016

"ides of February 0630, sci-fi marathon: Big Ass Spider released 18 October 2013, which woulda been one month after first Rat Beach Party; this movie kinda "typical", mutant spider runs amok, Army caint stop it and an exterminator with Spanish sidekick saves the day AND exterminator gets the gurl! (hot Army officer; "I love a gal in a uniform"!) here we go "suspenseful, campy buddy comedy"...grade-Z, straight to cable, bad camp...I dig the black-n-white '50s stuff, but watchin' Scy-Fy channel trash = 500 years in the future when we all drink Gatorade and elect a professional wrestler to office! (plot of IDIOCRACY)!"....

Tuesday March 1, 2016

"0755 Donovan's Brain, still THE 'THON BUT met GEE JULIE for a lovely brekkie at blue shirt diner, then bought a t-shirt (me) and a RAYGUN! (her!). this is MY kinda movie! "ruthless millionaire's disembodied brain kept alive in a scientist's lab", release, 30 sept 53; my folks met St. John's Day and ma got her engagement ring 10 nov 53. married 6 april 55, me born 2 april 56. love the whole black and white '50s EVERYTHING ("illusions of my childhood"-the vanilla fudge) AND GEE JULIE said: 'that's Nancy Reagan!" (She was davis then..)...again, even if we missed the first half, a 1953 movie on a 1914 screen; bring back the 1900s!" I'm a 20th century man and I don' wanna DIE here"...


Wednesday March 2, 2016

0925, ides of February, 'Thon, They Live (1988). Gee Julie REALLY enjoyed this: "a drifter arrives in LA to discover its consumerist society is being manipulated using subliminal messages. ...SATIRE ON REAGANOMICS STILL RESONATES MORE THAN 25 YEARS LATER!" (my caps). release date 4 November 88, Johnny and the Jumper Cables were HAPPNIN' and I wuz homeless, sleepin' on a floor in Mission Hill as Reagan switched to Bush...but yeah, those subliminal messages! some of these sci-fi films DO predict the future! Stars: Rowdy Roddy Piper! and blind preacher played on Raymond St. Jacques; he was in Rawhide and all kindsa blaxplotation films! $75 divided by 15 films= $3 each...hoots mon, it was a deal, already!"...

Thursday , March 3, 2016

1045, The 'Thon: INVASION OF THE BODYSNATCHERS! 5 Feb 56, I was In Utero in a northern Virginny trailer park! we've all seen it, "parasitic pod aliens", black and white, BIG SCREEN, but check the cast: Carolyn Jones pre-Morticia Addams! (SO hot...); King Donovan! (played JAKE CLAMPETT, a cuzzin tried to mooch off mah favourite TV Eye fambly!); "additional dialogue by sam peckinpah (uncredited)"; Wikipedia says he had a role too! Gee Julie happy, me happy, the "Thon started 15 feb 76, "muff divin" written 29 Feb 76, TWO Amerika First institutions! see y'all next year!"....


Friday March 4, 2016

"Bored Shitless on a President's Holiday after watching the Sci-Fi Marathon (based on a title by R. Meltzer called "takin' a shit in the rainbow theatre and watchin' Blue Oyster Cult"):

IDA MAY: take the skinheads bowling! Ken and Gee Julie at that candlepins place next to RedBone's BUT it was packed with REAL Kids and no free lanes til 9 pm!

Item B: Porter Square books! cool events and I read John Fogarty's bio Outer Limits style (SKIMMING and remembering EVERYTHING!) so lotsa useful facts on his Army career AND Golliwogs 45s; Gizmos/Golliwogs; Army/Marines...hmmmm.....I DO detect a conspiracy PLUS John IS an avid Coast to Coast fan but found no reference of it;

ITEM C: Ken, Gee Julie, Miss Lyn at the RISING Inman Square, owned by a Phoenix Landing Hibernian, who knows I always cheer fur Scootland in Worl' Cup football. a nice SUPPER but I DO miss the previous CRICKET-themed restaurant, mostly coz I dinna know shite aboot the game, my last ancestor sailing from England 1855 (that's Ma's mother, the 'Armers nee Harmer: "we dropped our h'ach in the h'ocean" ole uncle Charlie usedta say but he was born in Clarkson NY north of Brockport! still, an immigrant family HERE BEFORE Trump's Drumpf's!) so cheap fun CAN be had, it's in my DNA, just ask Ken Kaiser!".....

"Before I head Down East for black souls/hopelessly obscure/Tiger Bomb, Thursday next (10 march 16) is club linehan-a-go-go at the cantab; this year calendar = same dates as 1977, so Saturday 12 march 77, oedipus debuted live at rat on WTBS, Real Kids at Rat and Third Rail/Sea King at the Club and I met the kids from DIRT. so MAYBE Saturday 5 march 77, Ken Kaiser and I were doing vocals on "jailbait janet" and my toons on afrika korps album and 39 years later, have gig in Maine...."long, strange trip" and GRATEFUL am not DEAD!".....

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